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Reusable Diapers: 4 Things That Will Interest You the Most

Reusable diapers have been used for a long time, but they seem to have lost their popularity when disposable diapers have appeared, which according to many are more hygienic and practical.

The modern world is in a constant attempt to protect the environment and also because the health of your baby should be a priority, diapers made from canvas appear to be a more suitable choice.Reusable Diaper

What Are Reusable Diapers Made From?

As it was mentioned above, they are usually made from canvas, but they also include several layers of materials having their main role to keep the baby`s skin safe and to absorb all liquids. In their interior there is an important layer made from cotton (most often organic), then another layer that will absorb moisture, and a last one which is waterproof and protects the skin.

Not all diapers have all these 3 layers, most of them having only 2 of them.

How to Use a Reusable Diaper?

These days there are several different types of diapers made from canvas, depending on their number of layers or their model. Each type has a distinct set of guidelines on how it is to be used as well as a distinct locking system, although many of them are rather similar, generally speaking.

  • Traditional – which have 2 layers and require manual folding.
  • Pantyhose type – similar to disposable diapers, include only 2 layers – the one made from cotton and the one used for absorbing moisture.
  • Pre-foldedsimilar to traditional diapers, but they are easier to fold because they don`t include the last layer.

The pre-folded diaper is the most easy to use because it doesn`t require too many skills and it`s practical. The traditional and pantyhose diapers need a bit more skills because they have more layers and are harder to grip. However, once you get the hang of it, they seem quite easy to use.

A lot of these diapers come with a lot of accessories, which usually facilitates their locking system and the way you can use them again. For instance, there is a special piece of paper, usually made from cellulose, which is attached on the diaper and helps protect the infant`s skin. This piece of paper can be removed and changed when needed and this way the diaper can be cleaned much easier.

Even though you don`t need to buy entire boxes of diapers as required with disposable diapers, you still need to have at least 2 washable diapers. One you`ll always need to have as back-up, and the other one you need it when the first one needs to be washed.

Used diapers should be placed in a special basket to be washed away from all the other clothes. They need to be washed at low temperatures and using only hypoallergenic detergents.

Advantages for This Type of Diapers

There are plenty of benefits for which these diapers are recommended. However, you have to choose the right model to benefit of all its advantages. For instance, not all washable diapers are environmentally friendly or made from cotton. Their main benefits are:

  • They are cheap in general – even though they are a bit more expensive taken as a single item, they don`t require any additional costs and they don`t get daamaged too often. They can even be used in the future if you should have a second baby because they are resistant.
  • Environmentally friendly – most of them are quite “friendly” when it comes to the environment.
  • They avoid irritationsthis type of diaper helps a lot in preventing irritations of your baby`s skin.
  • Favors the transition to the potty – your baby will be more eager to use the potty because of the moisture which will be felt more easily and which will make him want to use the potty to get rid of it.

Disadvantages of Reusable Diapers

  • There are a few disadvantages related to the fact that they aren`t always so practical as the disposable ones are, especially when you are on a trip or on a vacation and you don`t have a washing machine near you.
  • Although some of them are eco-friendly because of the materials from which they are made, specialists claim that because detergents and electric power are required to wash them, this would be against the environment.
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