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Sex During Pregnancy: 10 Reasons Why This Is A Great Idea!

There are so many myths regarding sex during pregnancy that you can hardly know what to think anymore. What`s actually true and what`s not? Can we have sex while expecting a baby or not? Is it safe or harmful to have sex while pregnant? Beyond the medical issues in which the doctor may recommend you to avoid sexual contacts while pregnant, there are a lot more reasons why sex while pregnant is beneficial.

Sex During Pregnancy

Some couples give up sex while pregnant, either due to some superstitions or myths. If the doctor hasn`t forbidden you to have sex, then what reason do you have to quit sex? Sex while pregnant is quite beneficial for you as well as your baby, not to mention your partner or the relationship. Here are a few reasons why your sex life should be very much alive during pregnancy.

Sex Reduces the Effects of Stress

The effects of the stress hormone, cortisol, are reduced quite a lot due to the regular touches and intimate contacts. Cortisol represents the cause of many side effects of pregnancy, including the unwanted toxins and fat deposits, lacking of sexual desire, sleep and bio-rhythm disturbances, decreasing the tolerance to pain, increasing the discomfort of pregnancy and feeling more tired. A remnant of times when our ancestors needed to hunt and gather fruits for survival, cortisol has the main role of preparing our body for stress, like physical fights or starvation. None of the above stress causes are present now, but our organism hasn`t yet realized this. Do yourself a favor and try to take advantage of sex to mitigate the side effects of cortisol on your body and your baby.

Benefits of Orgasm

A bath in the hormones of love, oxytocin and endorphin, offers a sense of well-being and this is all due to orgasm. Why shouldn`t you or your baby benefit from this? Regular sexual activity may transform you in a better and more relaxed person, with positive feelings about yourself, your baby or your life partner. Sex may induce the sensation of calm or personal satisfaction, may inspire success, creativity and love. The benefits of sexual intercourse in terms of yourself and your relationship are undeniable.

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Sex Contacts You to Your Boyfriend or Husband

Regular sexual intercourse aids partners to have stronger relationships, keeping them connected to each other and offering them a sensation of closeness, synchronization of their desires, thoughts and actions. The whole basis of a healthy parental partnership is strongly rooted in the relationship of the 2 future parents as a couple, in the intimacy and communication of the couple. Try to touch yourself gently at least once a day, no matter if sometimes you don`t feel like it. Such touches will remind you that there`s more between the 2 of you during pregnancy than planning the birth, arranging the baby`s room or the child`s education. The love that unties a family comes from all these intimate moments, not from endless planning and aesthetic details. Couples which focus on sexual intimacy and gentle touches communicate a lot better and argue more efficiently all the choices they need to make in life as a family.

Sex Is the Perfect Physical Exercise

Do you want to practice some physical exercises to get rid of the cakes you ate last night? Sex is considered among the most enjoyable and healthiest exercises, but also among the most efficient. A woman who weighs 60 kg may burn almost 100 calories in only 20 minutes of sex. So, what do you think? Do you need do more sex or quit cakes?

Sex Helps You Enjoy Your New Shapes More

If you`ll learn to associate your body with pleasure, you and your partner will be able to enjoy this wonderful period in your life. Enjoy each part of your body and you`ll develop a better relationship between your mind and body. Your relationship will gain a lot: the intimate part of your relationship will strengthen and you`ll be on the same wavelength regarding your sex life. If you`ll try enjoying your sexual energy more profoundly and you`ll be more careful to the touches between the 2 of you, you`ll be able to enjoy great orgasms. Scientists claim that a lot of women experience orgasm and even multiple orgasms for their first time while expecting a baby. This is also because of the increased levels of hormones, pressure exerted on nerves that are responsible for sexual pleasure around the genital area and dilation of blood vessels.

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Sex Helps You Sleep a Lot Better

Do you want to sleep better, feel more restful and have a deeper sleep? You should try to have sex before going to bed. Each pregnant woman knows how important is to rest, for both her and her baby who develops in her womb. During pregnancy, sleeping is very important, especially if the hormones start going crazy, the legs swell, various spots occur on the skin, the back starts to hurt and the weight starts to add. A good and satisfying sex match may help you not feel so overwhelmed by all of this and rest a lot better.

Sex Increases Immunity to the Organism

A healthy and regular sexual activity will increase the level of immunoglobulin A by 30% to 35%. It`s true that this key component in the defense system of the organism against illnesses can be improved by regular sex, meaning at least once or twice each week. Having regular sex, you`ll decrease the risk of myocardial infarction, cancer or stroke quite a lot, and you`ll also have a natural cure for flu or colds. What do you think? Will you try to take advantage of all of these benefits?

Sex Increases Tolerance to Pain

No matter if you choose to take the matter in your own hands or ask your partner to help you in this very pleasant issue, you should know that vaginal stimulation increases the tolerance of the body to pain and acts as an easy analgesic. This is actually wonderful news if you`re thinking about some reasons of physical discomfort that appears while pregnant.

Sex Will Prepare You for your Birth

No matter if you choose to take the matter in your own hands or ask your partner to help you in this very pleasant issue, you should know that vaginal stimulation increases the tolerance of the body to pain and acts as an easy analgesic. This is actually wonderful news if you`re thinking about some reasons of physical discomfort that appears while pregnant.

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Sex Gives You a Good Mood

So, as a conclusion, sex can be a factor of good mood for both the couple`s members. Here we aren`t referring to any of the advantages that have been listed above. We are mostly talking about the fact that in the third trimester of pregnancy sex can be a fun challenge. Think about it for a second how funny would be to find a comfortable sex position so you can avoid the increased belly. Don`t stubborn yourself to be romantic every time you are doing sex! On occasion, trying to have fun might be a lot more enjoyable than the discovery of a new erogenous area or a passionate kiss.

If you are expecting a baby, it`s recommended to talk to a doctor to supervise your pregnancy before having sex. Try to avoid including yourself in all those statistics that say that 70% of pregnant women don`t talk to a doctor before having sex. It would be best if you`ll be among the 30% who open this subject in the doctor`s office and who know for sure if it`s a good idea or not to have sex during pregnancy.

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