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Sex While Pregnant: Man`s Frustrations, Myths & Sexual Positions!

There are some couples that are afraid that by doing sex while pregnant might affect the development of the baby, but generally speaking, he`s more than safe.

Sex While Pregnant

It`s impossible from the physical point of view the man`s penis to come in contact with the baby, who is perfectly safe inside the amniotic sac.

So don`t let that unreasonable care disturb your sexual life.

If you want to know how safe your sexual contacts are during pregnancy, talk to your doctor. Specialists might suggest that you don`t have sex (or they might recommend limits) while pregnant if a woman has experienced bleeding in the first 12 pregnancy weeks or in some situations if the woman has lost a pregnancy.

How Does Pregnancy Change Sexual Desire?

The hormonal changes which a pregnancy woman will experience may affect her lust for sex. All the motional factors that are involved play a specific role as well. The appetite of some women decreases in the first trimester, and the side effects are completely understandable if she feels nauseous or tired.

Some women abstain from having sex because they may think it`s not “suitable” to have sex with a baby in the womb. This issue might disappear in time, as the woman is attempting to adapt for the new stage of her life.

Becoming a mother doesn`t really meant to give up all the other joys and pleasant things of womanhood. You`re a sensual and beautiful woman no matter if you are a future mother. Actually, sexual attract might increase during the second trimester of pregnancy, so you may take advantage of the pleasures you most definitely deserve.

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On the other hand, there are some couples that discover the freedom of making love without needing to concern for contraception is an amazing aphrodisiac.

A lot of women who are at the beginning of their pregnancy feel satisfied with their voluptuous images which might make them feel more sexier than they ever been. More blood flow to the vulva will make things easier in terms of excitement, and women may have orgasms more frequently and easily.

The last 3 months of pregnancy may test the sexual intimacy of any couple out there. The pregnant woman`s developed body makes most sexual position a burden. A lot of women feel now penetration as a feeling of discomfort and uncomfortable pressure. Deep penetration might result in vaginal bleeding because a lot of blood vessels from the cervix irritate.

Orgasms produce contractions which aren’t harmful and studies have found that they don`t cause labor, however, they might be rather uncomfortable.

Towards the end of pregnancy, breasts may release colostrums during sexual contacts. Colostrum represents a transparent liquid which will feed the infant a few days after birth, before the “real” milk is formed.

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Finally, because a lot of women concentrate more the birth of the baby than other things, they might lose their interest regarding sex.

If you are one of those couples who find that they don`t really want or was recommended not to have sexual contacts during pregnancy, you shouldn`t give up the opportunity provided by pregnancy to improve intimacy from other points of view.

This may be the ideal opportunity for you to learn again how to give and receive pleasure by other means.

No matter the pregnancy stage, mutual masturbation can be quite satisfying and shouldn`t be overlooked. Masturbation will allow both partners of the couple to reach orgasm from distinct sexual positions and allow physical intimacy even if sexual contacts have to be avoided.

The Right Sexual Positions at the Right Time

In pregnancy, the couple needs to experience those sexual positions which are more comfortable for both partners, but especially for you. It`s becoming more and more difficult to have sex in the missionary position. The man`s body will press too hard on the woman`s belly. Starting with the 4th or even earlier, it`s more pleasant for both partners to attempt trying new positions. Here are a few examples:

The Woman on Top

Ladies, if you feel more comfortable on top, you`ll perhaps need to kneel or stretch over the man, with your feet surrounding his.

Women, who have a more prominent bust and who have more sensitive breasts while pregnant, might take into consideration to wear their bra while having sex on top. Therefore, the breasts will hurt less if they don`t move during the penetration initiated by it.

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From Behind

If you adopt this position, the belly shouldn`t bother you. In this specific position, the man may stand on the knees behind the woman who always stays bend over on her knees. The weight of the child is supported by the abdomen in the position “from behind.” If you are one of those women who suffer from back pain, it might be the best position for you, as it will allow your partner to stimulate your clitoris much more easily.

On One Side

Standing on one side, the man is behind the woman, and his penis will of course penetrate her from behind. The woman is free to move as she pleases while her partner will stimulate her breasts. There`s no pressure whatsoever to be exerted on her abdomen or back.

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Lateral Penetration

The woman will stand on her back, while the man is on one side to penetrate her from one side. The angle formed by the back can be adjusted by using pillows under the back and shoulders.

Seated Position

The man is seated, while the woman is faced towards him to be penetrated from the front. Although the position might seem more difficult later during pregnancy, it will offer you the advantage of standing in front of each other.

What You Should Do & What You Should Avoid While Having Sex during Pregnancy

When talking about sex in general, the rules are generally counterproductive and can often do more wrong than good. Still, regarding sex while pregnant, there`s this list of things you should do and things you should avoid.

What You Should Do?

  • Men should try to accept the changes that occur inside your partner`s body, without making her feel offended by how she looks or her attitude towards her sexuality.
  • Touch yourselves on every part of your bodies and enjoy all the alternatives during penetration.
  • Experiment while having sex, so you can find new ways that can apply during pregnancy.
  • Prepare her nipples for breastfeeding by stimulating them orally.
  • Enjoy sex while being aware of the changes and limits because of the pregnancy.

What You Should Avoid?

  • Don`t be afraid to change your attitude towards the body of your pregnant girlfriend or wife. It`s perfectly normal to try and adapt to this change.
  • You shouldn`t consider that the absence of penetration means that you aren`t having sex. If penetration isn`t recommended or desires by your partner, you can always use other alternatives.
  • Don`t let all the weight of the man`s body on your abdomen or your sensitive breasts when you are having sex.
  • If you are doing oral sex to your partner, don`t blow air in her vagina. It may cause health issues to both your partner and your baby.
  • You shouldn`t consider that she feels bad if she doesn`t have sex.

Men`s View on Sex while Pregnant

Although a woman has a special glow during pregnancy, the partner might not feel as so excited about having sex during this period. Often, the emotions of the partners of a couple may change during early pregnancy.

Now, feelings may go from moments of excitement to fears of losing sexuality as the woman starts to enter the new stage of her life that involves being a parent.

In the later pregnancy stages, especially in the third trimester of pregnancy, the man may not think is such a good idea to have sex with his partner. It`s pretty common for a man to start looking at his partner as a mother and not as his girlfriend. It`s often believed that some men go through the Oedipus`s complex in such cases – the fear of wanting to have sex with their mother.

On the other hand, for a man who still wants to have sex, he might miss some sexual position that he knows he has to avoid to protect his partner.

Finally, after the child`s birth, the man might need to adjust to even more changes than he originally thought. A man who saw the birth of his child might feel embarrassed when he`s having sex again as he may think to her partner`s vagina as the area where his child came out.

Still, it`s great for men to have their partner pregnant. Some men will feel proud that their “strong” sperm left their partner pregnant. This masculine pride is sometime enough to make them excited.

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