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8 Physical Signs Of Being Sexually Active

It does not really matter whether were an adolescent when you began having sex, someone who matured later and didn`t really chose on their own to lose the virginity, or you waited to begin experiencing sex until after being married – being sexually active may come with lots of new staff.

Signs Of Being Sexually Active

Sex isn`t the same for 2 people, so what sex may have felt for me for the first time probably doesn`t seem the same for you when you first started. Most women experience different symptoms when they become sexually active.

Your Brain Is Now Full of Happy Hormones

As you may already know, orgasms release lots of oxytocin, a hormone that makes us feel happy and so connected with our partner, especially after sex. Research has shown that the brain of a woman is able of releasing a bigger oxytocin amount than men.

As the very same time, you are also like to find that sexual contacts release dopamine, a hormone that encourages social behavior and increase confidence, and testosterone, another hormone which encourages us to speak for ourselves in other areas of our own life.

Your self-esteem is probably at high rates right now after experiencing the pleasures of having sex. This usually happens when have recently gone through a period of time where you have been experiencing sex regularly. For women, this translates into feelings of joy or confidence.

Mood Swings

A woman may sometimes take longer to be excited, not to mention reaching an orgasm. The man has to coordinate, and this isn`t easy for those with less experience. Premature ejaculation may also be an issue when it comes to men nowadays. All this might lead to various mood swings.

There`s a study conducted a while back which proved that certain women haven`t even been aware that female orgasms exist. The human body is “manufactured” in such a way that it should be able to achieve an orgasm at the final stage. So, if you are left out repeatedly and you aren`t getting any sense of pleasure, mood swings represent the next logical step.

These can be discussed with the life partner and come to some sort of an agreement.

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Vaginal Swelling

Like with all things in life, not everything is great and beautiful, even after sex.

As you may already know, the vagina tends to experience lots of frictional rubbing while having sex. This may lead to swelling and reddening of that particular area. Generally, it`s not really painful, but it`s not some pleasant either.

If you may experience a bit of pain, it`s not something to alarm yourself that much. However, if you feel a pain inside the vagina for a longer period of time, this may indicate the presence of a yeast infection.

Obviously, you should call the doctor, especially if you experience signs after sex for over 3 days. Additionally, you can also use a mirror to carefully check the vaginal cavity.

Cervical Mucus

Did you notice that sometimes cervical mucus changes after sex? Some women may notice an increased gooey discharge production, while other ones may experience dessert dryness.

Among the most frequent conditions is the one when the vagina feels stretched and really dry after sex. After a while, cervical mucus will get back to the normal “routine.” It`s color may sometimes be red, yellowish-pinkish, or something similar.

The woman`s hygiene and intensity when sexual activity is involved will have some sort of importance as well. Oral sex usually produces low levels of mucus.

Burning during Urination

A burning feeling when you urinate after sex is a very common sign. This will be more obvious if your sexual partner didn`t figure it out the proper place to stick his “thing.”

The vagina has some sort of a support for the urethra. The close-by tissues suffer lots of friction. So, you might feel a bit of burning when peeing after intercourse for the first 2 or 3 times. However, if you continue experiencing this sign, you should see a doctor.

Breasts Become Firmer for a While

When you go all excited about sex, the nervous system gets excited as well, leading to your blood vessels dilating and your breast`s tissue swelling up. During intercourse and after, they may in fact enlarge up to 25% times bigger than the usual size.

Still, don`t get too happy too soon – you won`t walk around with your new superbly firm breasts for the rest of your life. The size of your breasts fluctuate along with your arousal, which means they won`t be this big when you go to the grocery store later.

Elasticity of your Vagina Changes

Yes, your vagina adjusts to its new “activities” by becoming more “stretchy.” When you are excited enough, the vaginal walls open up little by little to welcome what your partner has to offer. Also, the body will put these particular movements into its memory for later usage.

Contrary to everyone`s belief, the hymen doesn`t break the first time you are having sex all of the sudden; it rather wears down step-by-step in a gradual motion. With repeated sexual intercourse, the penetration will start to feel comfortable pretty soon.

Your Nipples Become more Sensitive

When you start kicking off your new sexual activities, the body begins to experience a lot of different reactions that are rather new, which include increased muscular tension or blood flow in areas of your body you didn`t experienced yet by now, such as the areola or nipples.

This particular process is known as “vasocongestion.” Practically, when being sexually excited, you start feeling goosebumps, the areola starts swelling, and your nipples become a lot harder at touch. And the best part is yet to come – all of these things may contribute to achieving orgasm.

What is fascinating is that these physical reactions have reprogrammed the nipples to generally be more sensitive, even if you aren`t getting sexy. Now, they are ready to handle any sexual situation that it may appear, and you may even depend on them to help you determine what is necessary to make you reach that particular arousal level you need to achieve orgasm.

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