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5 Skin Problems That Can Be Experienced During Pregnancy & After Birth

The problems of the skin during pregnancy or after birth are caused by hormonal imbalances during these periods. Probably before you become pregnant you also heard everyone talking about how beautiful is the skin of a pregnant woman and you thought you would experience the same benefits while pregnant. What you didn`t imagined were all those skin issues that you could have while expecting, and whether they`ll go away or not after birth.

Skin Problems

During pregnancy, skin problems occur as a natural consequence of hormonal changes, but also due to other changes that occur inside your body. You shouldn`t worry about the spots on your skin or the changes of the skin`s texture; generally, these changes are reversible. We present to you some common skin issues that may occur during pregnancy and after you give birth.

1. Acne

The hormonal imbalance that occurs while expecting a baby, but also the change of the food habits during this period can be responsible for one of the most unpleasant issues of the skin during pregnancy: the acne. Even if you may have imagined that the period of adolescence has passed, some issues from that period may still occur now. However, be patient – acne will disappear a few weeks after birth. You need to be very careful what products for personal hygiene you use: medication and local creams against acne contain substances, such as retinoic acid or accutane, which aren`t recommended during pregnancy. Unfortunately, during pregnancy dermatologists don`t recommend exfoliating and abrasive gels or creams because the skin is very sensitive during this period, and these creams contain severe formulas of substances that may worsen acne even more. It`s recommended during this period to use natural remedies, such as scrubs based on oats or tars.

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2. Melasma (Mask of Pregnancy)

During the second trimester of pregnancy, it`s possible to have another unpleasant surprise when you look yourself in the mirror. You may find a few yellowish, grayish or brownish spots on your face. Also known as chloasma or mask of pregnancy, melasma may occur anywhere on your face, but generally it takes the shape of a butterfly, occurring most often on the chin, cheekbones, forehead or nose. The cause of these specific spots is represented by the hormonal imbalance, which during this period makes the melanin production to increase (which is the reason for skin pigmentation). The bad news is that you aren`t able to prevent its occurrence, but you may diminish its accentuation by avoiding sun exposure. The good news is that after birth, melasma will disappear after a few months.

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3. Stretch marks

Stretch marks are small pink striations which occur when you suddenly gain weight and also, while pregnant; and when they reach maturity, they become whitish. Stretch marks actually represent small lesions of the skin (we can also name them scars) which occur after the rupture of the elastic fibers from in the dermis (the second layer of the skin), due to a strong stretching of the skin, but also due to hormonal imbalances. They are often located on the abdomen (especially during pregnancy), breasts, thighs and buttocks. Unfortunately, stretch marks are permanent – they don`t ever disappear naturally, not only with the help of all those creams that promise you wonders. Their occurrence during pregnancy is favored by several factors, such as skin texture or genetic predisposition. You can try to limit their occurrence by drinking more water (a hydrate skin is an elastic skin), avoiding to gain too much weight (the normal rhythm of gaining weight while pregnant is around 0.5 kg per week) and massage your skin with fat creams or lotions after every shower or bath.

4. Pregnancy “Glow”

The “glow” of a pregnant woman isn`t a metaphor used to describe the woman`s beauty during the 9 months or a myth. The pregnancy “glow” really exists and has a medical explanation, being caused by hormonal changes through the body goes during pregnancy. The explanation of this particular “glow” is pretty simple: during pregnancy, the volume of your blood increases with around 50%, and this fact has the tendency of giving a specific color to your skin, especially around your face. Also, during this particular period your hormones stimulate the production of sebum, which your skin to be better “fed” and look brighter. In some cases, the pregnancy “glow” isn`t really a blessing, especially for women with pink spots on their face, which now may become anesthetic.  Therefore, this “glow” is actually a pregnancy symptom, a temporary change of the quality and texture of your skin, which in some situations fades and disappears a few months after giving birth.

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5. Linea Nigra

This is exactly what its Latin name suggests, meaning a dark line which units the navel with the pubic area during pregnancy. This pigmentation issue is rather frequent around pregnant women, if you`ll notice hyperpigmentation of this line, you should worry yourself too much. Linea nigra occurs during the second trimester of pregnancy and is produced, just as melasma, due to hormonal imbalance by the excessive production of melanin. You cannot avoid its occurrence, but again, it will disappear on its own after a few months.

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