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Baths during Pregnancy: 6 Advices to Consider!

A lot of new mothers are wondering if it`s good or not to take baths, not just showers, during pregnancy.Baths during Pregnancy

For a lot of pregnant women, a hot bath represents a great way to relax and an easy method of diminishing muscle pains. It`s important to be careful when doing a hot bath, because this may lead to hyperthermia.

Some studies show that pregnant women that had an increased body temperature during the first trimester of pregnancy show an increased risk of having a baby with birth defects. So, it`s not really recommended doing hot baths during pregnancy, but rather it`s better if the water is neither too warm or too hot.

If the temperature is a comfortable one, around 37° – 38° Celsius, taking a bath can be a great way to relax. In the bathtub, the upper part of the body remains pretty much at the water`s surface, so it`s unlikely to become too hot. In addition, in time, the water in the bathtub will become colder.

How do you know when the water is too hot? A relaxing bath during a healthy pregnancy is always welcome with 2 main conditions that will show you if the water has the proper temperature:

  • You shouldn`t have a redden skin.
  • You shouldn`t be sweating.

6 Advices to Consider when Taking Baths during Pregnancy

1. To figure it out if the water has the right temperature, start practicing from now on and you`ll also know how to deal with the hot water when your baby will need a bath. Place your hand`s wrist in the water (the opposite side from where the clock is usually kept). This is a very sensitive area and you`ll immediately feel if the water is too hot. – More info!

2. A bath that is too hot can increase your body`s temperature immediately and this may be dangerous for your baby. More than that, studies show that if the mother`s body overheats from taking hot baths, especially during the 1st few months of pregnancy, this may lead to her experiencing various health problems or birth defects to the baby. Some of the risks are:

  • Congenital malformations to the fetus.
  • A high risk of miscarriage or even pregnancy loss in an advanced stage, even during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy.
  • The blood pressure may decrease and this may stop the oxygen and other important nutrients from reaching the baby.
  • Dizziness and thermal discomfort that you can feel may even cause unconsciousness.

3. Another risk which may appear when taking a hot bath is to become dizzy or sick because the heat decreases your blood pressure. This could affect the amount of blood that reaches the baby.

4. You don`t have to concern yourself and give up from taking baths completely, especially if this is something that relaxes you. The human body cannot be overheated that easily. This will be more likely to happen if you take a sauna. The water in the bathtub, even if it`s warmer, will become colder little by little and the temperature of your body will be decreasing as well. The temperature of the water won`t remain constantly higher like it would be in a sauna for example. – Read this!

5. A lot of women like to take relaxing and aromatic baths, but latest research show that it isn`t recommended to add this type of substances, bath salt or oils in your bath if you are pregnant. They may change the PH-ul of your vagina and the risk to get a vaginal infection may increase. This won`t only be a discomfort for you, but also may reach the baby if they are untreated.

6. To make your bath more relaxing, you may enjoy some relaxing scented candles.

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