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Advantages & Challenges of Using Baby Formula

Although doctors recommend breast milk as the main source of feeding an infant, there are women who from various reasons aren`t able to breastfeed and they choose to use baby formula. Additionally, the decision to feed an infant by breastfeeding or with milk from a bottle is usually related to the mother`s level of comfort, as well as to her lifestyle or any treatment that she might take.Baby Formula

In the case of women who avoid breastfeeding, using baby formula is a good option. So, before deciding on a specific product is best if to be certain that your decision is strongly related to the nutritional needs of your infant. Regarding the connection between the mother and the baby, this won`t be affected if you`ll choose to feed him from a bottle.

Advantages of Using Baby Formula

Although breast milk is seen as the most efficient way to feed an infant, and this is mostly because of the nutritional value it contains, breastfeeding isn`t the best option for all mothers. Feeding the infant with baby formula is a good option to ensure all the necessary nutritional value required for the development of the baby. Created in sterile conditions, all formulas that are currently found on the market is an attempt to duplicate breast milk through the usage of complex combinations of protein, sugar, vitamins and fats, impossible to make at home.

Here there are a few reasons for which some mothers choose to feed their babies this way:

Is More Practical

– Feeding your baby with milk from a bottle can be made by any other member of the family, not only the mother. This will allow her to share this great moment with her life partner or another child, creating an emotional bond between him and the infant.


– Once the bottles are ready, the infant can remain with the other member of the family while you are free to occupy your time with other things. This way, mothers aren`t really required to schedule everything else according to the infant`s meals.

Time and Frequency of Feeding the Baby with the Bottle

– Because the organism of the infants will found it more difficult to digest the milk coming from a bottle, the number of daily meals is smaller than those of the infants who are fed through breastfeeding.


– Women who choose to feed their babies this way don`t have to worry about their own diet affecting the baby.

Challenges of Using Baby Formula

Feeding the infant with milk from a bottle might create certain inconveniencies that need to be taken into consideration:

Preparing the Milk

– Mothers who choose to feed their infants this way need to always have a bottle around. Additionally, the milk needs to be prepared in sterile conditions, while doctors advise boiling the bottles if the infant is less than 6 months old. Also, the pacifiers also need to be boiled and cleaned carefully until the baby reaches 6 months old. Otherwise, there could be is a risk of infections through various bacteria that could be transmitted to the baby`s organism.

The milk left more than 1 hour at the room`s temperature as well as the milk that the baby didn`t drink at his last meal should be thrown away. Additionally, the milk prepared in advance doesn`t need to be stored more than 24 to 48 hours.

When you warm the milk, it`s necessary that the bottle to be submerged for a few minutes in a recipient with warm water. Before starting to feed the baby, it`s recommended to test the milk`s temperature by dropping a few drops on your wrist.

Lack of Antibodies

– Although doctors have put a lot of effort in duplicating breast milk, there isn`t any formula that contains the antibodies offered through breastfeeding.

Much More Expensive

– This is a much more expensive way of feeding your baby on the long run. So, it`s very important to take this into consideration before deciding what method you use to feed your infant.

Risk for Constipation

– Choosing to feed your baby with milk from a bottle might increase the risk for constipation.

Not as Complex as Breast Milk

– Although many attempts were made, baby formula still isn`t as complex as breast milk.

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