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How to Tell Which Are the Right Diapers for Your Baby

In a world that is moving constantly, parents are able to find a large variety of products for their babies. Because they have so many different options to make, they are sometimes put in difficulties when trying to choose the right items for their baby`s care.

Diapers, as common as they are, still manage to represent a challenge when parents walk to the store to buy them. They usually aren`t exactly sure which kind to buy: disposable diapers, reusable or environmentally friendly. There are a few things they could consider through before choosing which type of diaper they should buy.

Their baby`s skin needs to always be clean, dry and without any irritations. Choosing the right kind of diapers can make a lot of difference when the baby`s health is concerned. Before following any current trends, take a look at what the diaper`s label and check out the material from which is made or its ability to maintain a skin smooth and dry.

Disposable Diapers

Obviously that your first attempt when considering what kind of diapers to buy is to get the ones that you can dispose of. It`s practical, efficient, comfortable and you don`t even need to measure your baby`s size to get it. This type of diaper will most definitely fit your baby no matter his size. You don`t have to wash them and they are comfortable enough for your baby to move as he feels.

Why wouldn`t you choose them?

  • Because they are designed based on unrefined oil
  • They contain various chemicals that might irritate your baby`s skin
  • They are more expensive

Reusable Diapers

Unlike disposable diapers, reusable diapers doesn`t affect your baby`s health when it comes to the material from which they are made. They are made from natural fibers and allow a natural ventilation for the baby`s skin. Besides this, they don`t contain any kind of chemicals, so irritations or allergies are avoided. They are also much cheaper and they are environmentally friendly.

Howver, keep in mind that not all reusable diapers are environmentally friendly. Only the ones made from natural fibers and without any chemical substances can be included into this category.

Their disadvantages are:

  • They aren`t very practical
  • They need to be washed often
  • They need to be checked for their sizes because they don`t generally fit as the disposable diapers do
  • They don`t absorb just as well

Materials Used in Designing Diapers

Generally speaking, parents have to choose between 2 types of materials:

  • Natural, made from organic cotton or bamboo
  • Synthetic, mostly latex

The Composition of Diapers

Chemicals (Disposable Diapers) – The absorbers which are brought in the attention of parents as being the greatest advantage of disposable diapers are also the main risk when it comes to the baby`s health. These are:

  • Absorbent gel, polymer type
  • Dioxin
  • Tributyl-tin
  • Poliacrit sodium
  • Synthetic fragrances

Dioxin is one of those substances classified by WHO as being very dangerous. Most common diapers are bleached with chlorine, a process from which it could result exactly this dioxin which is extremely toxic.

100% Organic Composition (Reusable Diapers) – Eco diapers, which are designed from natural fibers and in which there aren`t any chemical agents, are the safest for the skin of the baby. Their absorption ability is smaller than in the case of those that use chemicals, but the fact that they represent no risk for the baby`s health helps parents go over this small inconvenient.

The Right Diaper Size – This is one of the issues mothers confront with when choosing diapers for their babies. Even though some diapers are recommended for a particular category of age in which your baby may be included, his body form might still make the diapers unsuitable for him. So how do you pick the right diaper?

  • Disposable diapers have this big advantage that they fit on almost any baby size
  • When the other type of diapers is concerned, parents need to try them all until they find a right fit
  • To be adjusted more efficiently, look for diapers that have a resistant locking system so it won`t loosen when your baby moves and to avoid any possible irritations

Air Circulation

This is a detail you need to take into consideration when you choose to buy a diaper. Your baby`s skin needs air to avoid irritations. Not all diapers will allow this so you`ll need to choose those that have this ability, mainly eco diapers made from organic cotton because it will keep your baby`s skin dry and smooth.The Right Diapers for Your Baby

Absorption Ability

From this point of view, disposable diapers are more able to retain liquids than reusable ones. This is mostly because of the chemicals from which they are made. These will allow liquids to be transformed in gel and will be kept inside without irritating the skin.

Be sure that the exterior part of the diaper is waterproof for more protection and safety.

How Can You Tell Which Diapers Are Safer?

There are plenty of replicas available on the market when it comes to baby diapers. Because the parents` desire to save money, they often choose products of low quality which are rather unsafe. When you choose a diaper, always look on the label to find out when were tested and approved.

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