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11 Pregnancy Things That Shouldn`t Be On Facebook

Expecting mothers who are overexcited over their tummy and proud to show it every chance they get will probably hate this article. But remember that we aren`t all the same, and it`s far better to look at any situation with a little humor every once in a while.

Pregnancy Things That Shouldn`t Be On Facebook

Each future mother is different about the way she discusses, on the contrary, doesn`t discuss about her pregnancy when talking about social websites. But we all agree that there are some things that if they are done in excess are harmful and it`s recommended in some cases to keep a low profile. If you really desire to share the big news with your close friends, you can always do it privately.

Positive Pregnancy Test

We can say here that posts on Facebook that include ultrasounds are outdates and most of the times they bore everyone. Not to talk about those pictures where you gently touch your belly that is still unformed in such a way that you would suggest a future pregnancy. But most of the times, not even a pregnancy test isn`t the best idea to let everyone know your family will increase with another member. Only the idea that the test was in direct contact with your urine might be nasty for some of your social friends and even distasteful for others. You can sure find other creative methods of announcing everyone that you are expecting a baby.

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Your Birth Plan

Everyone is probably glad about the fact that you decided to turn to water birth when delivering your baby, or maybe to use a labor ball before giving birth. But your 600 friends from Facebook don`t really want to know all the details of your birth plan. These are things that are intimate and should remain in your family. Whether you choose to give birth naturally or you decided on a Caesarean birth, keep it for yourself and your close ones. – Read more!

Your Extremely Indigestible Comments

We continue (although we should have probably start with this) with your possible comments on the abundant vaginal discharges that you recently confront yourself, the way you continuously eliminate gas while pregnant and the nipples that are now the size of a small cake plate. Maybe some of your close friends who may also be pregnant would prefer to hear things like this, but most definitely your boss or teenager nephew won`t be very pleased to hear something like this.

Excessive Praise about your Pregnancy

Praising online isn`t the smartest thing you can do. On one side, it`s great to share the idea that you`ll soon going to be a mother, but don`t forget about the fact that, although you are extremely happy and grateful about it, there may be people in your Facebook list that may confront themselves with infertility, and they try to conceive, but not succeed. People like them really don`t want to be reminded, again and again, that someone has managed to conceive, when they struggle so much and cannot accomplish this.

Selfies with your Belly with No Face

Do you have a friend who knows how to use a camera? Perfect! Now is the perfect moment to ask for her help. If you desire for an artistic side of your belly, talk to a professional photographer and organize a special photo session. There may be many people out there who may not appreciate looking at your prominent tummy without being able to see your face.

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Links to Articles with Infant Mortality

Now it`s probably the perfect time that all those mothers or future mothers who appreciated your many posts related to your pregnancy have or will have children. Therefore, show a bit of consideration and don`t frighten them with your ideas out of this world that you may have found online. If you are convinced that they may be true and might make you go crazy somehow, keep it to yourself or talk about it with your close friends on private. Don`t seed your paranoia in the souls of other people.

Your Infant`s Name Before Being Known about Your Family or Close Friends

Here`s an unconscionable gesture. It isn`t very polite that your best friend or mother-in-law find out the name of your baby from Facebook. This type of news needs to be shared personally, at least by telephone before sharing it on the internet.

Tell or Hint about a Friend`s Pregnancy before She Makes the Announcement

This rarely happens, but it`s quite possible to be taken away from the joy of the motherhood and make an allusion about the pregnancy of a close friend. This way you`ll force her to make the announcement before being ready. It`s best to keep such messages private and to talk about her pregnancy only with her on private. Actually, she the only one able to decide who and when she`ll share such details.

Pictures Posted Straight from the Place of Delivery

By no means, now it isn`t the best moment to take pictures. Besides, a lot of them will be horrible anyway. Even if you may omit indecisive details, nobody will want to see something like this, meaning you being transfigured after 5 hours of labor or your legs on the birth table. If you waited so much, you can wait a little longer until your baby will come out into this world, washed and cleaned, and then he`ll be able to show himself in all his splendor to everyone you know.

Posting News about a Baby without His Mother`s Permission

Maybe you are part of a large group of pregnant women and feel that you should post the big news about a new baby being born. However, only the child`s parent is able to decide about the way she wants to reveal any details about her baby. Even if she is your sister, you still shouldn`t assume that it`s ok to reveal the child`s sex or any other details without the mother`s consent.

Pictures in which your Fetus Is Compared to a Vegetable

Yes, such pictures when the fetus`s size is compared to the size of a fruit or a vegetable are quite funny. In fact, lots of doctors often appeal to such pictures to help you imagine the developmental stage of your baby. However, it isn`t a great idea to share this type of pictures with your Facebook friends. Some of your friends might be eating, while others might not even know the appearance of a litchi.

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In the end, keep in mind that this piece of article isn`t meant for criticism. It`s just that your friends may be part of different categories and have their own issues, and may not be interested in some of the things are outlined above. For many of them, your posts might really be at least distasteful, if not painful.

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