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16 Things You Probably Didn`t Know About Sperm

You probably have heard a lot of things about sperm during your life, but how many of them are actually true? Some of these things are more scientific, while others include our everyday lifestyle. Today you`ll find out which of these things are true and which are not.

Things You Didn`t Know About Sperm

Spermatozoids Were Discovered by a Dutch

Seminal cells were first observed in 1677 by Antony van Leeuwenhoek, a Dutch. He analyzed his own sperm at microscope. “Their body was round, swept over the top and continued with an elongated tail,” noted the Dutch scientist in his report. Later, it was found that at each ejaculation, a man can produce around 200.000.000 spermatozoids.

For a Long Time, the Role of Sperm Was Misunderstood

Although Antony van Leeuwenhoek discovered the sperm at the microscope, the misunderstood the way they fertilize. Actually, the fertilization process was correctly described later in 1879.

In the 17th century, scientists thought the man was born inside sperm or egg. Moreover, the experts at that time claimed to be able to observe in the heads of spermatozoids people of very small sizes. Also, in the 1600s, it was widely reported that the woman is just an incubator for the man`s sperm.

The Quality of Sperm Depends on How We Feed Ourselves

Recent research shows that certain nutrients in our foods help in improving the quality and quantity of sperm. According to experts, the most important nutrient is found in fish and is known as docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). It seems that this acid turns dysfunctional sperm cells in effective cells.

When older men are concerned, it can be as good as a diet based on foods rich in antioxidants or multivitamins. The effects of zinc, vitamin E or folic acid are similar to those of DHA.

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Cells of this Type Aren`t Uniform

The ideal spermatozoid has an oval shape and a long tail. It`s good to know that not all cells look the same, only 1/3 of them meet the criteria presented.

No matter how much we would want to believe that all the millions of spermatozoids are perfect, have the same size and abilities, The defects occur in all 3 areas of the body of a spermatozoid, either if it`s about the head, neck or scar. For instance, some spermatozoids have 2 heads, a tail that is too thin or even several tails.

Spermatozoids Have a Lot of Work

Actually, not all of them work hard, but from all of those who are able to “swim” straight to the ovule, only one lucky one (sometimes more than one) can dig “diligently” to fecundate it.

Sperm Contains Other Things, Not Just Spermatozoids

Spermatozoids are just one part of the sperm. Seminal fluid also contains fructose and proteolytic enzymes (which are capable of destroying proteins), elements which constitute the sperm survival mode and offer a means by which they can “swim.” – Read more!

Sperm May Taste Funny

Even if sperm has a strange taste, it doesn`t mean that your partner suffers from a STD. The semen`s taste is closely related to the food consumed by the person in question. Therefore, while celery and fruits have a positive effect on the taste and smell of semen, garlic or fish have exactly the opposite effect.

Semen May Affect Health

Seminal fluid has a high potential for impairment of women`s health, as this may cause a lot of STDs or oral diseases. Thus, it`s recommended to use a condom just in case. Otherwise, it`s required for both partners to have their analyzes taken to be certain they don`t put their health in jeopardy.

You Cannot Get Pregnant from Swallowing Semen

Sperm cannot fertilize the ovule through oral sex, because the gastric system has nothing to do with the genital system.

You Won`t Benefit from Nutritional Values from Sperm

Although it has been discovered that significant amounts of vitamins and calcium can be found in sperm, this won`t mean that if you choose to swallow it, you`ll benefit from nutritional values. So, myths about the healing power of semen have been abolished by most experts.

Sperm Can Improve Health

Still, researchers have discovered a few advantages from using sperm, which at first may seem shocking, but they are true.

First of all, sperm if it`s swallowed, it can decrease the blood glucose level. This way, diabetes will stay away. Secondly, due to its high content of protein, sperm can be used in the form of a face mask, leaving the skin on your face smooth.

Spermatozoids Are Assisted in the Fertilization Process

Did you know that although they are quite fast, sperm cells are helped by progesterone hormones as they penetrate the ovule? They impel sperm to be more active and penetrate the membrane of the ovule.

Spermatozoids Need Coolness

For the man to have a healthy sperm, the tests must be cooler than the rest of the body. Averagely, the testicles have 2 or 3 degrees Celsius less than the rest of the body. This is also one of the reasons why doctors recommend “boxers”, especially when it comes to conceiving babies.

The Process of Production Is Different

Women are born with all the ovules that will ever need during a lifetime. But men produce sperm consistently. It takes almost 2 months for a sperm to develop completely.

Spermatozoids Are “Boys” and “Girls”

There are “girls” (X) and “boys” (Y) spermatozoids. Male sperm tend to have a higher speed, but females are a lot stronger, so in their cases there`s a kind of gender equality.

Macho Men Aren`t As Fertile As They Think

Women tend to be attracted to men with serious voices. However, researchers have shown that they don`t have a better sperm than those with thin voices. More than that, the amount of male macho system has been shown to be lower than that of the others.

It`s possible that the serious voice of some of the men might provoke thrills for women because the notes produced are directly related to the high level of testosterone. However, there are cases where the high level of this hormone might limit the sperm production.

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