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Top 10 Things You Don`t Leave At Your Child`s Fingertips

There are lots of articles and books that teach parents how to protect their little ones from certain dangers and how to their home safe once their family welcomes a new member.

Things You Don`t Leave At Your Child`s Fingertips

Cover the sockets, hide the knives and get rid of the sills from your doors, because once the little one will be able to move on his own, there`ll be a “battle” in your house that you`ll barely be able to handle.

There`s no set of rules that can be applied universally. However, here are some of the main objects that it would be good to keep away from your little one.


Walls aren`t the only elements that the little ones may use instead of drawing sheets. Have you ever asked yourself have hard it is to get rid of ink from teeth? If you haven`t done this already, you may still have a chance to keep the danger away. However, you should still be careful.

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Toilet Paper

Even if you may have explained to your kid that he only needs 2 squares, you shouldn`t be surprised if he uses half of a roll. The little ones have a secret passion for toilet paper which seems to spread endlessly and you`ll have additional expenses from this point of view.


Domestic accidents happen pretty often, especially when the kids have curiosities related to various electronic devices and accessories. To avoid a tragedy, try to keep these away from them.

Occasional Shoes

The mix between the sticky hands and small legs can become fatal for your new pair of shoes that you just purchased. Little girls are especially drawn by most things of their mothers and they won`t hesitate to try them on from time to time.

Tablet & Smartphone

No matter how “smart” will your phone be, there are big chances for your little one to overtake it! If you don`t want to wake up calling persons with whom you don`t want to speak or downloading who knows what application, your best chance is to give him a few years until letting your little one try this kind of technology.

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Beauty Products

Cosmetics aren`t designed to protect the little ones from side effects, which means that your eyeliner needs to be hidden somewhere in your purse, and your body lotion in a drawer that cannot be reached by him.

Sports Equipment

Weights and other elements that you use at home to maintain your shape need to be deposited in a safe location. It`s the same as with your electronics. Your sports equipment may be responsible for a lot of domestic accidents from which you want to protect your little one.


If your child has barely started to be aware of the secrets of teeth brushing, don`t leave him alone when he does this. You may find that what it once used to be a full tube of toothpaste, after 5 minutes will become half empty. Additionally, there were cases of children who used to build towers of toothpaste in the sink and occasionally softened the toothbrush in them. Until you aren`t sure that your kid knows the rule of brushing his teeth, don`t risk yourself to leave him alone with it.


From the desire of understanding how some things work or from what they are made, the little ones have a tendency of breaking stuff. If you care about your glasses, don`t leave them in spots that can be reached by your children.

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Remote Control

Once your little one will take control of your remote, he`ll have free access to any program, even if it isn`t addressed to him. Keep him away from the impact of the images and keep your eyes on him when he wants to watch his favorite movie or cartoon. – Click this web page!


Don`t let your child be near the cooking stove or anything related to gas. There`ll be some time passing until your little one can understand the danger of fire. Until then, try to keep him away from anything that can burn him or set anything on fire.


If one of the parents work in the military or police personnel, there may be firearms in the house. These can never be left where children have access. You should always have any firearms you may have in your house kept locked away from your little ones. In addition, ammunition should be kept in separate places than any gun or rifle you may own.

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