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15 Things You Need “To-Do” Before You`re Due

Your life is about to change significant. Maybe you don`t think there`ll be days when you won`t have a bit of time for you to drink a tea or watch a magazine. Just wait and see! We advise you to take advantage of the last few free months and to do some things that you`ll not have the time and energy to enjoy, like pampering, sex or shopping.

To-Do Before You`re Due

If you are in your 3rd trimester of pregnancy, which will mean it`s not long until you`ll give birth, you shouldn`t also wait any longer and take some time off from your job. You have so many things to do and you will find at some point that time is against you, especially if you may not be sure when your due date will be.

1. Chose Where & How to Give Birth

If you didn`t do this by now, it`s time to make a decision about where and how you`ll give birth. This will mean to have some general knowledge about different types of birth and to pick a hospital where to give birth. Visit the hospital, talk to a few doctors, read the contract carefully, especially if it`s a private hospital. Ask as many questions as you need, don`t take anything for granted. – More info!

2. Find a Pediatrician

A pediatrician in who to trust it`s very important, and not really because you might have difficulties at birth. Actually, in the first few months of pregnancy, most mothers don`t really have any problems. You`ll need a pediatrician because soon you might start to find yourself irritated even by the smallest things without any real reason. He`ll be the person to which you can ask hundred of questions if you need to.

3. Decide Who Will to Help You the First Months after Giving Birth

Make a decision about the person who you want to stay by your side the first few months after childbirth. At first you may think you can handle it, but after a while you may find that even small tasks can be difficult to complete when you are still recovering after giving birth. On top of that, you`ll now also have a baby to take care of.

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4. Picking a Name for your Baby

Choosing a name for your future child is something that needs to be done sooner or later. If you haven`t done it already, do it now! You can choose your favorite name since childhood, or you can go online and find a name on one of those sites with thousands of names categorized alphabetically. Don`t forget to consider the personality that the new name suggests. Your child will use that name for the rest of his life.

5. Shopping for Baby Clothing & Other Items

You will need to buy your future baby at least a few clothes to wear on his first few days of life. You can buy the rest later. While you are shopping, you should also consider buying detergent that is baby safe and other related stuff that you think your baby might need. You won`t need a stroller now, you can do buy this later.

6. Do a General Cleaning in the House

It wouldn`t hurt you to do a general cleaning of the entire house, kind of like that you do before Christmas. It`s recommended that you let someone else do this and instead just pick anything you won`t need anymore, put them into plastic bags and throw them away. You`ll be able to use the extra space around the house now that a baby is on his way. – Read this!

7. Prepare the Baby`s Room

Have you prepared the baby`s room? If you didn`t, there are a few options that you can consider depending on how you see your life as a mother. He can sleep with you in the bed, he can have his own bed, or he can sleep in a small basket. You maybe you have another idea that you find interesting.

8. When Breastfeeding Isn`t an Option

Can you breastfeed? Because if you cannot, it`s best to be prepared. This doesn`t really mean that you need to buy everything now, but at least to choose them and know what to get from where. Or else, you`ll find yourself in the situation when you ask the father to buy everything and he`ll come home with all the wrong things. Basically, you`ll need a sterilizer, baby feeding bottles and breast pumps. – Read more!

9. A Book with Guidelines on How to Take Care of the Baby

Such a book is very important for any future mother because there are many details and small things you need to know. You need to learn how to breastfeed your baby, wash him, dress him or calm him down when he cries. The alternative is also to go online on various sites and read such useful articles.

10. You Need a Digital Camera

Memories are important. Even the smallest things that happen daily when you have a baby are more important than you think  You may not think so now, but in time with years passing, you`ll think differently. Having a digital camera to capture the moments and then store them on your computer is a must. Do it now before you forget!

11. Pampering Yourself

Soon you`ll struggle to find the necessary time to take a shower and get dressed every morning. Not to talk about manicure, pedicure or epilation. These will only be dreams at some point. So, why not to take advantage of the time you have left and pamper yourself a bit. Go to a beauty salon and try a new haircut (preferably one easy to maintain), epilate yourself and do a facial. Or, if it`s already a challenge to touch your toes, try a pedicure or a too massage. It will help you relax and your maternity will be fantastic after.

After you`ll give birth, lingering on the couch with a good book in your hands for hours, will only be a dream. Take advantage now of the peace around you and go to a bookstore or library and take a good book. You can use a good book, which you cannot let go, as training for those long nights that you`ll need to breastfeed 2 or 3 times per night.

12. Go on a Vacation!

Take advantage of the last few months when you and your partner can be by yourselves and go on a romantic vacation. This may be the last vacation for a long time, thinking about the baby that for now is sitting in your belly. A holiday in two will give you the opportunity to spend some quality time together, take long walks holding hands, kissing or hugging yourself. This vacation may be a great memory for both of you that could help you in the tough moments that are yet to come.

13. Have Fun with the Girls!

If your belly has grown so much that nothing fits and you`re tired to read all those books of how to take care of babies, what if you`ll invite your girlfriends in an evening at your place? Ok, you cannot drink wine anymore and you cannot go to the club, but you can still enjoy a nice evening having small talks, eating cookies and painting your nails or watching a movie. When the baby will come, such evenings will become a fantasy. – More details!

14. Disconnect the Alarm!

Who says that laziness in the morning with a cup of tea and a newspaper is only for Sundays? Before having breakfasts and newspapers in bed become a fantasy, take advantage of these last quiet mornings and sleep late, stay longer in bed, read the newspaper and have a croissant. You`ll miss these morning for sure!

15. Do Sex!

If you are feeling good and the doctor didn`t recommended it to avoid any sexual contacts during pregnancy, take advantage and do sex whenever you feel like it. In a short while, not only you won`t feel like it due to the constant tiredness, but you`ll have a baby that will change your entire schedule.

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Sex can help you sleep better, be more relaxed and connect with your partner. Don`t forget that soon you won`t be just a couple, but a family! Take advantage of these last few months of being just the two of you!

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