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Top 5 Questions After Birth!

You are expecting a child and you want to know as much as possible about your pregnancy and future baby. Most of the period of pregnancy has passed, so you are mostly interested now in what happens during and after birth.

Top 5 Questions After Birth

Here are 5 of the most common questions related to birth.

Who Can Sit with Me during Labor and Delivery?

Some hospitals allow the access of the husband in the waiting room, so he can be close to the mother. If you are interested in this, you should discuss it with your doctor in advance. – Read this!

Also, if you want someone to support you during labor, you should also inform if this is allowed.

What Happens during a Normal Labor & Natural Birth in your Hospital?

You should ask if there are given various drugs to speed up the birth, if epidural anesthesia is allowed during labor, or if simply the woman is allowed to follow the natural course of labor and delivery, without any intervention.

You may inform yourself how often is Caesarean birth practiced and in what conditions.

Below you can find a few percentages regarding various operations:

  • Birth shouldn`t be triggered to more than 1 out of 10 women.
  • There shouldn`t perform a episiotomy in more than 1 out of 5 women.
  • They shouldn`t perform C-sections to more than 1 out of 10 – 15 women.

Also, regarding the position that you should have during labor and birth, in case that there aren`t medical reasons for you to stay in a certain position during birth, ideally you should choose a position in which you feel comfortable and which can help you during birth. However, not all hospitals allow this. Also, there`s also the option of water birth. You need to talk with your doctor in good time and inform yourself about these aspects. Birth in the “lying on your back” position on the birth table should be your last option as it doesn`t help the mother during birth at all.

Some doctors practice triggering the birth as well, by forcing the rupture of membranes. However, this isn`t desirable!

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Below you have a few things that should raise questions in your mind.  They don`t help most of the times and may even harm the health of the mother or baby.

  • They shouldn`t monitor the baby`s heart beats In turn, a doctor or a nurse should listen from time to time the baby`s heart beats.
  • They shouldn`t attempt to break your water during labor.
  • They shouldn`t use IV (a needle placed in your vein to give you fluids).
  • They shouldn`t tell you that you shouldn`t eat or drink during labor.
  • They shouldn`t shave you.

All of the above are recommended only if there`s a medical reason.

How Do You See the Cultural & Religious Differences?

For instance, maybe in your culture/religion are allowed to assist at birth only women or maybe you should follow a certain ritual after birth. In this case, you should inform yourself and see what are your options.

Are Baby Boys Circumcised?

Medical research show that the boys` circumcision isn`t necessary. It`s a painful and dangerous intervention. This is usually practiced only for religious reasons.

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How Do You Help the Future Mother to Feel as Comfortable as Possible?

If those who monitor your pregnancy and labor take care of you, they should know how to handle pain during labor without necessarily prescribing drugs. They should know to suggest you to change your position, relax in a warm bath, do massage and listen to music. These are the so called comfort measures. Unfortunately, this doesn`t happen in all the hospitals! More than that, instead of comfort, women often receive harsh words and lack of patience.

How Do You Help the Mothers Who Want to Breastfeed?

  • You tell all the mothers how to breastfeed and why this is a good idea.
  • You help them to start breastfeeding their baby 1 hour after birth.
  • You should them how to breastfeed their baby properly. You teach them how to keep their milk even if they need to miss for a while from their baby.
  • You tell them that newborns need to be breastfeed (only in exceptional situations, when this isn`t possible, artificial feeding should be suggested).
  • Encourage mothers to stay at all times with their baby.
  • Encourage natural feeding at demand (when the baby wants to eat) or at certain intervals of time (from 3 to 3 hours).
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