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What Are Endorphins? 8 Simple Methods of Increasing Their Levels!

Endorphins are known among scientists as the molecules of happiness because they help people enjoy the benefits of life, be happy with everything that surrounds them and help them get rid of personal issues more easily without too much crying about it.

What Are Endorphins

Think of something that literally makes you happy, and when this thought will bring you a smile, you`ll know that endorphins start to act.

Skin nerves may release endorphins, that`s why warm shower, gentle massage, touches or exposure to the sun helps you feel better, like hugging, nice words or the company of your favorite animal.

What Are Endorphins?

Endorphins are chemical substances produced by the pituitary gland and hypothalamus to counteract the effects of pain or stress (acting very much like morphine, but without offering any addiction) on one hand, and to induce a relaxed state of the body, strengthening immunity, releasing sex hormones, helping transmit signals within the nervous system and helping in the learning process. They were discovered all the way back in 1975 and some of the effects of endorphins are still being discussed.

There are persons dependent of endorphins, who have a tendency of overreacting with the activities which induce them to produced endorphins. Endorphin metabolism disorders may lead to mental disorder as well.

Signs & Symptoms that Indicate Low Levels of Endorphins

If you find it hard to enjoy life, to find pleasure in everyday life and feel happy, or if you notice that even good news brings you joy only for a moment, it`s possible that your endorphin levels are low.

Actually, if we`ll deprive a person of endorphins completely, he`ll no longer feel pleasure for anything, from food, sexual activity, pleasant activities or seeing the persons he loves.

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People who have a low level of endorphins are usually sensitive, often affected by the life`s hardships and cannot overcome traumas and deception that easily, but rather they are influenced by them for long periods of time. They are persons complain quite often because they feel overwhelmed by most issues very easily. They often feel sad and had periods of sadness that may appear without reason. The inherent hits of life are felt very painful by these people because in most situations the don`t have sufficient endorphins in their organism to overcome and cope with these cases rapidly.

People with a low level of endorphins have a tendency of avoiding confrontation or intimacy because they are afraid of the pain which may affect them, and they often look for comfort from other sources like drugs, chocolate or alcohol, but which will only increase the endorphin levels in the body for short moments.

Various activities like meditation, prayer or sports practiced regularly help in the increase of endorphin levels in a healthy way. Regular walks in scenic landscapes of nature can also be very useful in increasing the levels of endorphins.

Why Can the Levels of Endorphins Be Decreased?

Food has a lot of influence when it comes to endorphins. For instance, if you don`t consume enough proteins, you won`t have sufficient amino acids for endorphins to be produced. – Visit this web page!

In other situations, excessive stress may exhaust your reserves of endorphins. They are used by the organism each time you feel scared, sick, distracted or scared, even if you may be a performance athlete who does a lot of physical effort. During an intense emotional or physical crisis, the levels of endorphins may increase to relieve pain and help calm you down after going through a negative experience.

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After a traumatic experience, like the loss of a beloved one, the endorphin levels increase and remain that way for a specific period of time that generally varies from one person to another. During this phase you don`t feel the pain of what happened. But after a certain amount of time, the endorphin levels decrease, and then the person in question is more prepared to face the pain of loss because he has enough endorphins to recover. However, when someone has low levels of endorphins, he feels a more intense emotional or physical pain, and it`s much harder for him to recover without this “emotional anesthetic” represented by endorphins.

How to Stimulate the Production of Endorphins?

Any of the activities below will help you increase the endorphin production.

  • Regular physical activities. Practicing sports relaxes the body and mind, besides the fact they will keep you healthy and in good shape.
  • The consumption of certain foods, such as fresh peppers or chocolate. In general, foods that are rich in sugars and fats.
  • Sexual activity.
  • Different types of massage.
  • Acupuncture, meditation.
  • The consumption of carrot, orange or apple juices.
  • Laughing.

The production of endorphins is different from one person to another. Therefore, at a certain stimulus of the same intensity, 2 people are able to produce different endorphin amounts.

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Phenylalanine, pretty much like most other amino acids, can be found in foods with high amounts of protein. Eating healthy vegetables and fats is also essential to have the required nutrients to synthesize endorphins. Good fats stimulate the endorphin release, so you have to follow diets that include low fat foods.

8 Simple Methods of Increasing Endorphin Levels

Without endorphins, our nervous central system would be totally dysfunctional. But there`s good news as well. Endorphins are produced and regulated in the organism, and this occurs when it functions in an adequate balance.

If you feel unbalanced and you need support, here are 8 ways to naturally lift the levels of endorphin.

  • Look for ways to laugh every day. It`s believed that laughter is the best possible medicine and research has proven that people who laugh more have a tendency to feel less anxious or stressed. Some have described it as a sort of “indoor jogging,” as it may help lower blood pressure, increase immune function, reduce stress hormones and trigger the release of endorphins, which are also considered the natural analgesics of the organism.
  • Smell some vanilla or lavender. There`s a recent research, performed by the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, which discovered that patients who breathed lavender or vanilla air experienced 63% less anxiety. Another research that involved students discovered that lavender essential oils aids reduce signs of depression and insomnia.
  • Do physical exercises with other people. Exercises appear on just about any list you can find that include ways to improve health and the state of well-being, but practically there`s nothing making endorphins flow like physical exercises do, especially those performed in groups. There`s one study made in 2009 which discovered that college teams which paddled together had a consistent overflow of endorphins compared to others who paddled on their own. It`s the same with other activities that involve aerobics, swimming, weight lifting or dancing, as well as other sports played in a team.
  • Touch and let yourself to be touched. From a romantic point of view, sexual intimacy is probably one of the most obvious ways, but platonic expressions that involve touch are essential to sustain a health endorphin level as well. These touches may involve things such as giving or receiving a back massage, offering someone a hug or kissing your boyfriend`s cheek.
  • Eat chocolate! More recently, this is also the case of current studies that involve health. Raw chocolate in fact contains beneficial antioxidants as well as other biochemical compounds which studies have proven that may help alleviate pain and improve mood. The purest, the better, as the usual chocolate bar from the supermarket isn`t really the same as an organic black chocolate that is made from real cocoa.
  • Ginseng supplements! There`s a well known herb in the traditional Chinese medicine known as ginseng that aids regulating the production of stress hormone by supporting the vitality and health of human organs which produced this type of hormones. In this situation, ginseng may aid a good function of the brain, which then may aid modulate the normal production of endorphins, without alleviating chronic fatigue or increasing the levels of energy.
  • Listen to music. No matter it may involve listing to your favorite song on your portable music device, singing in a bad or attending to a local symphonic concert, this is among the simplest ways to normalize the biochemistry of the brain and enhance the production of biochemical substances which make you have a state of well-being. There`s a study performed back in 2012 at the Oxford university found that especially interpreting music at instruments induces a leap of endorphins and might in fact increase tolerance to pain.
  • Eat spicy foods! If you might not believed, but there`s a scientific explanation for which spicy foods are enjoyable for a lot of people. Chilli or aromatic peppers consists of a chemical compound which is called capsaicin. This compound binds to receptors in nerve cells in the mouth or nose and sends special signals to your brain, triggering the release of endorphins. This also explains the euphoria a lot of people feel when consuming flavored foods which makes them most of the times to want more of such foods.
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