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When Should I Stop Sleeping On My Stomach While Pregnant?

Sooner or later, every future mother faces such problems – “How should I sleep during pregnancy?” or “When should I stop sleeping on my stomach while pregnant?” Regular sleeping positions in everyday life become inappropriate at a certain stage of pregnancy for the woman. On top of that, there are also the changes that occur due to hormonal changes taking place in the body as well as the essential changes in the figure of your future mom.When Should I Stop Sleeping on my Stomach while Pregnant

Drowsiness during pregnancy is quite an often encountered phenomenon. The only problems with sleep may occur at the end of pregnancy. The big tummy no longer allows the future mummy to find her comfortable position, and different worries about birth are starting to appear in her mind. Insomnia appears at night, and the pregnant woman wants to sleep during the day. And if drowsiness is not involved, insomnia may very well be.

For example, many pregnant women can have a full and quiet sleep with the help of: a walk in the open air before sleep, the window opened at night even during winter and the balcony door on the summer nights, soothing baths before sleep, tea with mint or hot milk with honey before sleep, proper daily diet and lifestyle.

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Sleeping Positions during Pregnancy

So, in the first trimester, a pregnant woman can sleep in any position she wants, her usual sleeping habits are allowed, and she feels comfortable. But if the woman already knows she is pregnant, she must gradually get used to sleeping in other positions, which are recommended for the last trimesters of pregnancy.

As soon as the stomach becomes visible (in some cases, this happens even from the week 13 of pregnancy, in others – in the week 20 or 25), she can no longer sleep on the belly and it`s no longer allowed. – Check this out!

Sleeping on the back is still physiologically possible, but starting with the week 28 of pregnancy – after all the medical indicators – it is no longer desirable neither for the mother nor for the baby.

Two positions remain – on the right and on the left. When the presentation of the fetus is wide, doctors recommend the pregnant woman to sleep on the baby’s head. However, in theory sleeping on the left side is more beneficial for both maternal and child health. However, only few women are able to sleep all night in one and the same position – this is quite difficult and also useless. Therefore, any doctor will recommend to his or her patient to change their position 3 – 5 times a night: from one side to the other. This is also possible in the pelvic presentation of the fetus.

How Should a Pregnant Woman Be Allowed to Sleep?

As it has already been mentioned, there are no restrictions in the first trimester of pregnancy regarding the sleeping positions. The future mom can sleep on her stomach and back, or in other positions – as she feels more comfortable.

In the second trimester, the pregnant woman is already advised to sleep on her left side, but she may still sleep on her back. However, it is unlikely that she can still sleep on her stomach at this stage – this position will be inconvenient to the mother and also harmful to the future baby. – More info!
In the third trimester of pregnancy, doctors strongly recommend pregnant women not to sleep on either their stomach or back. This can even be dangerous for the fetus and can lead to negative consequences.

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When Should I Stop Sleeping on my Stomach while Pregnant?

Until the tummy starts to become obvious and if it does not hurt the future mother, the pregnant woman can sleep on her stomach as long as she wants. But when the belly begins to grow, the fetus develops quite quickly, so the pregnant woman has to give up this habit. She has to choose another position for her sleep, because despite the fact that the fetus is protected by the amniotic fluid, there is a risk of traumatizing it. And in the end, this position becomes very uncomfortable.

Can Pregnant Women Sleep on their Back?

A pregnant woman can sleep on her back for a long time, but starting with the second trimester of pregnancy, this position is no longer recommended, and in the third trimester it`s definitely harmful. The uterus, which is constantly growing in size, and the fetus which grows more faster than ever, presses the intestine, the lumbar spine, and the pregnant women`s cava vein. And this can cause problems, such as blood circulation disorders and fetal hypoxia. Respectively, the following issues may occur:

  • Dizziness and frequent loss of acquaintance.
  • Narrow breathing.
  • Palpitations, tachycardia and arrhythmia.
  • The fall of tension.
  • Acute hemorrhoids.
  • Blood circulation disorders in the kidneys and placenta.
  • Narrow breathing.

Often, in such cases, the child signals the mother about being inconvenient and suffering from oxygen deficiency – he starts to push himself actively. If the pregnant woman changes the position, the baby will immediately calm down. – Click here!

What Is the Most Comfortable Sleeping Position during Pregnancy?

It has been demonstrated that the most comfortable and beneficial sleep position during pregnancy is on the left side, with the right leg bent from the knee and placed on a pillow. Namely in this position:

  • It improves blood flow to the placenta (meaning the fetus receives enough oxygen for its development).
  • The kidneys work better (which is especially important during the last months of pregnancy).
  • Reduces edema in the hands and feet.
  • The liver is no longer pressed.
  • Back pain disappears.
  • Maintains optimum activity of the mother’s heart.

If the presentation of the fetus is transverse and its head is on the right side of the mother, doctors recommend the pregnant woman to sleep on her right side to help her child position correctly before birth.

And pillows of different sizes will help you find a comfortable sleeping position. Pregnant women can even experiment with them: they can put them under the foot between the legs, under the back, etc – it all depends on the personal choice of the future mum.

It is important the pregnant woman during sleep to regain her strength and rest properly. Because it is expected during delivery to experience tough moments for which she will need all her energy. And after birth, few mothers manage to enjoy a deep and long sleep: because the baby has come to the world and needs permanent care.

Useful Tips for Pregnant Women in Terms of Proper Sleep

  • If you suffer of insomnia, under no circumstances you should take sleeping pills (they can only be prescribed by your doctor and only in critical situations). Keep in mind, any medicine has an impact not only on you but also on your child who has not yet managed to come into the world.
  • You should not drink beverages containing caffeine before your sleep. During pregnancy, you should give it up to reduce the volume of mineral water, coffee, and hard tea.
  • Try not to drink too many fluids or eat too much 2 – 3 hours before sleeping. If you suffer from morning or evening toxicology, you can eat some biscuits or drink a kefir glass.
  • Before going to sleep, you can go out to breathe fresh air, but you do not have to do any physical activity. – More info!
  • Try to set a clear sleep schedule: fall asleep and wake up at about the same time each day.
  • If you’ve woken up with leg cramps, you have to stand up for a while, and after that a relaxing massage should also help. Cramps are an indication that the body suffers from calcium deficiency. Increase the amount of food that contains calcium.
  • If your sleep is disturbed by fear and anxiety before birth, attend prenatal training, talk to friends who have already given birth, watch positive movies. The information you get and the good talks will help you stop being afraid, and that means nights of sweet sleeps.
  • And keep in mind, regardless of the sleep position you will choose, if your blanket will be too thin for the winter and too hot for the summer, if you sleep less than 8 hours, if you watch horror movies before sleep, or you will argue with your husband, you are unlikely to fall asleep and have a peaceful sleep.
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