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18 Reasons Why Your Partner Experiences Delayed Ejaculation

We expect men to ejaculate at each sexual contact, even on occasion, to ejaculate very rapidly. Under no circumstances we expect the man who we are having sex to not have an orgasm. But you should know that this situations aren`t as rare as you may think and you should also know the causes for which a man isn`t able to ejaculate, especially that a lot of times the women are an essential factor, in both finding the cause and treating the issue.

Why Your Partner Experiences Delayed Ejaculation

According to, if it takes too much time to ejaculate or doesn`t happen at all, although the erection is firm and the man receives enough physical stimulation during sexual intercourse, the man might suffer of delayed ejaculation (sometimes also known as impaired ejaculation).

Why Is the Man`s Partner an Important Factor?

Because a lot of times, delayed ejaculation is detected only in relation to sexual activity in which the couple is involved. In general, men who experience this sexual dysfunction may ejaculate without issues when masturbating. Ejaculation issues only happen when they are having sex with their partner.

Men who confront themselves with delayed ejaculation find this issue to be quite frustrating and feel even incompetent in bed. In turn, the woman next to him may go through anxiety, feel that is her fault, even suspects that her boyfriend cheats her, and things will quickly get a lot more difficult if the 2 try to conceive a baby. Lots of times, couples wait for years to ask for professional help, now even knowing that delayed ejaculation is actually the effect of a different issue and can be solved with treatment.

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Find out what are the causes for which your boyfriend has stopped ejaculating and seek for professional help! This first step might help you save your relationship for a possible break-up.

Ancestral Causes

A long time ago, our ancestors didn`t managed to ejaculate due to fear that for a few moments will loss control over what was happening around them. Aggression, fear and hostility are causes that are inherited by the men of our days who aren`t able to ejaculate or experience delayed ejaculation. Maybe he`s hesitating to completely blend in because he suffered a major disappointment in love and cannot trust women anymore. The orgasm may be triggered after a long period of time, arising from aggressive feelings, not romantic.

He Doesn`t Have a Sexual Appetite

Bernard Apfelbaum, a well known doctor who studied this medical condition, thinks that the most frequent cause of delayed ejaculation is lack of sexual desire. If your partner penetrates for long periods of time and he doesn`t experience any ejaculation, maybe he just doesn`t get horny! A man is able to have an erection out of obligation for his partner, but that`s just the physical desire, and without the mental desire to have sex, things may go wrong.

He Desperately Wants to Stay in Erection

Dr. Bernard Apfelbaum considers that a man who eagerly wants to satisfy his partner forgets to enjoy the moment, and the desire to stay in erection as much as possible may take away from his pleasure and may no longer ejaculate.

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Anticipation May Create Tension

When planning a romantic evening or you simply didn`t see each other for a long time and you want to spend the night together, your boyfriend may anticipate a hot sex party. Of course, his expectations will increase, and when he sees himself facing the fact he may not be able to reach the pleasure peak he was imagining.

He Doesn`t Find You Attractive

Unfortunately, among the reasons for which experience delayed ejaculation or don`t ejaculate at all is the lack of attraction between partners. Just because the woman is “available,” it doesn`t mean that the man can get excited and ejaculate immediately.

He Masturbates Too Often

If your boyfriend prefers to masturbate when watching a porn movie and does this each day, this may most definitely affect his performance. Your partner might have orgasm with you, but without being able to ejaculate. Even if he desires you, excessive ejaculation may change the sperm consistency or reduce the sperm amount.

You Don`t Touch Him As He Touches Himself

Another reason for which masturbation causes delayed ejaculation is the fact that the man gets used to a certain type of touches and no longer finds too much pleasure in having sex with his partner. Oral stimulation or vaginal penetration leaves him cold, if he got used with a certain style of masturbation.

Sex with/without Condom Stresses Him

Most men complain that the condom diminish the way they feel when having sex. Some of them lose their erection when putting on the condom, other ones get so frustrated about having sex with a condom that they induce themselves the idea of not being able to have orgasm. It may also happen for the man to panic when not using a condom. He knows that he needs to ejaculate outside the vagina, he`ll abstain himself as much as possible and will soon reach the conclusion that he`s no longer able to ejaculate.

Sex Doesn`t Satisfy His Fantasies

Sometimes men feel the need to have sex in an erotic manner to fulfill their fantasies. If sex doesn`t offer them anything from the mental point of view, they may consider that the penetration is something mechanical and may no longer feel the impulse of ejaculating. You should encourage your partner to share his fantasies, no matter how perverse they might be.

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Anxiety & Depression

If in the case of depression, the man is apathetic and the sexual activity doesn`t raise him any interest whatsoever, in the case of anxiety the sex itself may even be a stress cause. Both cases should be investigated by a psychologist.

Psychological Trauma

Another psychological cause for your partner experiencing delayed ejaculation may be the trauma he may have suffered. For instance, a man how went through a painful divorce or who discovered that his girlfriend cheats him may block his orgasm without even knowing when doing sex with another woman.

Antidepressant Medications

You may want to know that antidepressant medications may cause delayed ejaculation as well. They inhibit the serotonin release, a hormone which offers us the state of well being that we need to reach orgasm. – Check out this link!

Hypothyroidism & Hypogonadism

According to, these endocrine disorders tend to lead to a hormonal failure which may cause, among some other issues, a slight decrease in the man`s ability to ejaculate.

Neurological Issues

Multiple sclerosis and stroke are conditions which may inhibit the release of the orgasm. Diabets and Parkinson`s are also other important causes that may cause delayed ejaculation.

Physical Accidents

A trauma of the spinal cord or other severe injuries may affect the man ejaculates.

Prostate Illnesses

Infections related to the prostate or surgeries in the area of the pelvic might prevent a man`s ability to ejaculate.


Old age is another important factor which generally affect a man`s ejaculation. With time passing, the way a man manages to reach orgasm increase. If a young adult manages to ejaculate in 2 or 3 minutes, a man after 40 years old may struggle for 2 or 3 hours to ejaculate. Experts claim that delayed ejaculation is among the most important effects of aging.

Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol usually reduces the ability of a man to reach erection as well as ejaculate. Alcohol reduces sensations and inhibitions as well. That is why a man who drinks won`t have a lot of benefits in bed. Poor erection as well as the inability of ejaculating are 2 of the consequences of the consumption of alcohol.

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