1 Week Pregnant

Most women, especially those who don`t really plan to have a baby, don`t really realize when they are 1 week pregnant. For them the first week of pregnancy passes as every other week.

1 Week Pregnant

Most of the time, the menstruation can vary, so some women can assume that if her period is late, could be because of a temporary hormonal disorder.

There aren`t any clear symptoms during the first few weeks of pregnancy, but still, there are a few signs that could led the woman to the thought she might be pregnant, such as fatigue, morning sickness, frequent urination, loss of appetite or mood changes. Even so, most women think these signs can be related to the monthly menstrual cycle than to a pregnancy. – Visit this page!

The menstrual cycle lasts for around 28 days, but in some cases it can be shorter, of only 24 days, or longer, of more than 35 days. The period, as is more commonly known, starts when an egg exits from the ovary and passes through the fallopian tubes, where it encounters sperm and it`s fertilized. From here, the fertilized egg travels through the fallopian tubes and then it implants itself in the uterus. This is also the main reason for which there are so many pregnancies undetected during the first week.

Your Baby when Being 1 Week Pregnant

There isn`t any major development of the fetus during the first pregnancy week. Actually, the egg passes through the fallopian tubes into the uterus. A woman isn`t truly pregnant at this moment because the conception itself doesn`t happen until around 2 weeks after the menstruation ends. Still, this first week is included in the pregnancy calendar to help the doctor calculate the first day of the last monthly menstrual cycle. The period of 9 months (or 40 weeks in medical terms) starts since this day. At this point, the estimated date of birth can be calculated as well.

After the egg was fertilized, the cells start to divide in the next 7 to 10 days. During the first week, the fetus is known as a “blastocyst.” The blastocyst has 2 parts:

  • The exterior part which will become the placenta
  • The interior part which will become the embryo, starting with the 2nd week of pregnancy

If there are released and fertilized more eggs, it can be formed 2 or even more zygotes. The zygotes have 46 chromosomes, an equal number from each parent, and the chromosomes contain genetic material that determines the child`s gender, the color of his hair, skin, eyes, his height and a few other physical characteristics.

Pregnancy Symptoms 1 Week

There isn`t a physical change that is worth mentioned in this first week, even though in the woman`s organism takes place several important changes. The most common symptoms of pregnancy at 1 week include the digestive issues (constipation, gas), sensitive breasts, fatigue, morning sickness, or mood and hormonal changes. These signs can vary a lot from one woman to another, and most women won`t even feel them until the 2nd week of pregnancy.

Additional Advice for the First Pregnancy Week

  1. If you plan to become pregnant, your first week of pregnancy will be one filled with joy. If you have measured your temperature in the morning, you`ll noticed that this will remain at high levels during the 16th day of the luteal phase. This is the first sign that you are pregnant. You should take advantage of this 1st week to make an appointment with your doctor and see if it`s necessary to make any changes in your diet or lifestyle.
  2. If you take any medicine or other types of herbal tea, it`s essential to talk to your doctor immediately after you found out you are pregnant so you can have the confirmation that these won`t affect your pregnancy. If it will be necessary, your doctor will prescribe new medications or you can stop taking any medication or drink your usual tea that can be risky for your baby.
  3. If you don`t already take any minerals or vitamins, it`s time that you do. For example, taking 400mg of folic acid is highly recommended during pregnancy.
  4. It`s never too late to quit smoking. This can affect the fertility of a woman quite a lot, not to say the fetus, which is developing at this stage.
  5. Try to stop consuming coffee immediately after you found out you are pregnant.
  6. If you are used to consume alcohol, it`s extremely important to stop. There are a lot of evidence that alcohol has a series of negative effects towards pregnancy and the development of the fetus. However, doctors recommend one glass of wine every once in a while.
  7. Include in your diet foods rich in vitamin B because:
  • Vitamin B1 deficiency is associated with difficulties of ovulation and implantation
  • Vitamin B2 deficiency is associated with infertility and miscarriage
  • Vitamin B5 deficiency is essential for conception and an harmonious fetal development
  • Vitamin B6 is essential for the formation and functioning of sexual hormones
  • Vitamin B12, meaning the folic acid, is essential for the development of the fetus (brain, spine, etc)

In Conclusion

Every woman is different in her own way. It`s the same thing with pregnancies. If a woman is 1 week pregnant, that doesn`t mean she should experience all the symptoms that other women do. While some women get through a large variety of pregnancy signs, other ones could go through an absolute serenity through all the 9 months.

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