10 Weeks Pregnant

Until the 10th week, your pregnancy has been confirmed. During the last 2 ½ months, the future mother has already lost 2 menstrual cycles and it`s about to lose her third one.

10 Weeks Pregnant

Soon after the pregnancy has been detected and confirmed is important for the pregnant woman to start taking more care of her because the first trimester of pregnancy is essential for the development of the baby. The fetus is growing very rapidly, and the future mother needs to be very careful during this period.

Although until now the mother has been more preoccupied of the pregnancy and birth, she needs to take into consideration other aspects that are extremely important such as her situation from her working place, her carrier for the future or finding a babysitter.

The future mother needs to prepare herself physically as well as mentally so she can increase her chances in having a good pregnancy and a healthy baby. In case of any medical issues, such as fertility, genetic abnormalities, pregnancy at an older age, medical issues that are related to a pregnancy in the past, it`s recommended to contact the doctor immediately to receive proper treatment.

Once the pregnancy has been confirmed, the pregnant woman needs to change her habits by choosing a healthier diet and doing physical workout on a regular basis. If she used to smoke or drink alcohol, she needs to stop immediately.

The Development of the Baby during the 10th Week of Pregnancy

During this period of development, the baby has grown until the size of a large grain of beans, evolving quite a lot in the last 9 weeks. Although now he only weighs 5g, the fetus begins to gain more and more weight.

From all stages of pregnancy, the 10th week of pregnancy represents a milestone. Since now, the general physiology of the baby is formed and he`ll continue his development until the ending of the 9 months. Also, during this week, the embryonic tale will disappear completely, if it didn`t already. His fingers and toes are now completely separate and his teeth already start to form. The brain is developing amazingly fast and you may be surprised to find out that every minute there are around 250.000 neurons that are being produced.

During this period his heart reaches full development. The external genital organs hasn`t appeared yet, but they may become visible starting with the 11th week. If the fetus is a boy, then the testicles have already started to produce testosterone (the male hormone).

Changes in the Woman`s Body during this Week

Starting this period, your body will start to experience some significant changes. The most obvious one is the increased level of progesterone and estrogen. This increased secretion of hormones will make your breasts bigger and more sensitive. Actually, most pregnancy symptoms are very similar to the ones of the premenstrual syndrome. Also, some women may feel their breasts heavier and stronger during touch. Other important signs that announces the first period of pregnancy are fatigue and exhaustion. You may start to experience abdominal pains and cramps, but also small bleeding caused by the implantation of the embryo in the uterus.

A frequent symptom noticed at most pregnant women is morning sickness. The pregnant woman who is experiencing this sign of pregnancy will feel sick and have a sensation of vomiting. Also, some women are sensitive to smells or different flavors which can generate various reactions. Some women will have an increased appetite, while others will experience nausea. All these signs are extremely visible during the first trimester of pregnancy. Some pregnant women will always feel sleepy, while others won`t be able to sleep at all. Among others signs experienced during this period are constipation, dizziness, mood changes or headaches.

Each pregnancy is rather unique in its own way and any pregnant woman can experience different symptoms. There are even women who don`t experience any sign at all during the entire 9 months, obviously besides the missing menstrual cycles.

What to Expect when Being Pregnant in 10 Weeks

There are certain changes that will appear in your life as soon as you became pregnant, so it`s best to be prepared for them. Becoming a mother is perhaps the best period during the life of any woman. But you need to be very careful, you`ll need a new lifestyle, a new diet full of fresh fruits, vegetables, Calcium and supplements that include iron. You also need to follow a regular workout schedule that include daily walking and easy exercises. Breathing exercises can help a lot to overcome the stress generated at birth. Besides all this, you need to keep a positive way of thinking so you can enjoy your pregnancy and your baby. – Read this!

Schedule regular visits to your doctor! Avoid any doubt you may have by asking any question for which you need answers so you can get rid of all your concerns. Get plenty of rest because this is beneficial for both you and the baby. Take your medication on time. Enjoy your pregnancy and your baby.

Image courtesy of thepregnancyadvisor.com

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