11 Weeks Pregnant

The 11th week of pregnancy represents almost the ending of the first trimester of pregnancy, period in which you start to gain more weight and you may not experience any morning sickness at all.

11 Weeks Pregnant

Most pregnant women start to feel better since the 11th week and some of them may even start to make vacation plans to forget about the unpleasantries from the first months of pregnancy without actually thinking that once their pregnancy develops, they need to spend more time around the house.

During the first months of pregnancy you didn`t gain too much weight, which is something rather normal and for which there isn`t any reason for concern.

The best period for a small vacation or a trip is the 2nd trimester of pregnancy because the morning sickness will pass and you didn`t yet reached the 3rd trimester when you`ll start to feel more tired. Starting now your belly will start to grow as your uterus will increase. If until now you didn`t notice any increase in your belly, you`ll soon notice this change and you`ll soon start gaining weight. Your partner has no way of noticing these changes for now and it`s best if you`ll share with him what you feel to involve him in the responsibility.

The Development of the Baby during the 11th Week of Pregnancy

During this week the baby is well developed, but still fragile. His head covers almost half of the body`s length, and his fingers and toes are now completely separated. His bones start to harden, and his skin is still thin and rather transparent. Actually, the baby has become pretty active at this point, although you might not feel it yet. The fetus is capable to swallow, and his urinary system is fully developed and functional. The baby is swallowing amniotic liquid which then he`s urinating it, liquid which is continuously recirculated. His essential organs are already fully developed and function normally, and in the near future they`ll become more and more active. The development of the baby takes place amazingly fast, and during the next 3 weeks the fetus will double his length.

With the development of the baby, the vascularization in the placenta will also grow, helping with the increase of the level of oxygen and nutrients the baby needs to develop. The fetus`s ears will “migrate” from the neck`s area to both sides of the head. The intestines will start to develop in the baby`s abdomen which because of their sizes can penetrate the area of the umbilical cord. However, they`ll return 2 weeks later.

There`s another first thing happening during the 11th week which is the appearance of the baby`s first teeth. Also, this is when the baby will start to open and close his fists, and he`ll have a new activity which is to start kicking and moving from time to time.

While the baby`s diaphragm will develop, he may start hiccupping, but it`s unlikely that the mother will be able to feel this.

Changes in the Mother`s Body during this Week

During this week there`ll be visible changes in the mother`s body shape. Obviously, depending on the woman at first these aren`t noticeable, but in time the increased belly and the weight gain will be more and more visible. Some of the women may notice changes in their hair and nails from their arms and legs, which tend to grow faster now. This is a normal phenomenon and takes place due to hormonal changes from the woman`s organism and of her rapid blood circulation.

The uterus has increased in size along with the baby and it`s now as large as the pelvis. You are now able to feel your uterus in the lower abdomen above the middle area of the pubic bone. Most pregnant women already believe that they now start to feel the baby`s movements, but almost always these are fake signals caused by digestive disorders.

The amount of blood pumped throughout the organism has increased now and that`s why you may feel you are hot. You also shouldn`t overlook the sensations of drooling or thirst in excess, but overall these are normal things to happen at this point. Also don`t be alarmed if by now you didn`t gain too much weight because it will probably happen soon. – Click here!

What to Expect when Being Pregnant in 11 Weeks

At the end of the 1st trimester you can expect for your morning sickness to disappear gradually during the 11th and 12th weeks of pregnancy. From now on your body will begin to show pregnancy signs while you`ll start to gain weight little by little.

After this week, you`ll be able to make an ultrasound. This test can be made until the 20th week and can offer information about the age and sex of the baby, as well as their number if you should have twins or triplets. And for the safety of the pregnancy is required to make at least 1 ultrasound between the 11th and 20th weeks of pregnancy, because there might be anomalies detected.

It`s best if you`ll contact your doctor to find out about your diet during pregnancy, most of the doctors advising pregnant women to consume a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Obviously, smoking and consuming alcohol is strictly forbidden during pregnancy.

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