12 Weeks Pregnant

This is the last week of the 1st trimester of pregnancy which lasts for about 3 months. Until now the pregnancy has evolved quite significantly and this is the moment when future mothers announce their family and friends the big news.

12 Weeks Pregnant

Some women might have already gained some weight up this point, having at times their faces swollen due to water retention; still, changes aren`t that significant. On the other hand, inside the woman`s body there are a lot of major changes happening, and the fetus is now fully developed, from this point predominant being his increase in weight and length.

It can be noted the fact that at this point the mental state of the future mother is a lot better as the nerves caused by the hormonal changes happening within her body have calmed down, and the sensations of nausea and fatigue start to disappear. The level of energy is improving and this would be a good moment to start a routine that includes physical exercises, either swimming or walking. These easy exercises can ensure the health of both the mother and baby during pregnancy, but also a rapid recovery after giving birth.

The Development of the Baby during the 12th Week of Pregnancy

The baby continues to grow rapidly during this week. The fetus`s brain start to produce hormones, and the nerve cells will be multiplied incredibly fast. The baby will continue to grow in weight and length. Muscles start to respond to impulses coming from the brain, which isn`t fully developed to coordinate the movements completely.

It`s interesting to notice that the parallel development of the brain and muscles will lead to the apparition of some natural movements of the baby`s body such as folding his arms, rotating his wrists or closing and opening his fists. Also, the characteristics of the face will become more and more pronounced, even the eyebrows starting to appear. The placenta is already functional, and the umbilical cord starts to help with the circulation of the blood.

Theoretically speaking, the child is developing a lot faster than the previous week, while the eyes and ears are approaching more and more of their final place. At this point the reflex movements are starting to develop as well.

Changes with the Mother`s Body during this Week

The uterus starts to weigh more while the baby is developing, and during this week, the uterus will appear above the pubic bone. The uterus is continuing to grow in size, causing the increase in weight in the mother`s body compared with the period before the pregnancy.

You`ll notice a change in the skin`s pigmentation around the areolas. There`s a vertical dark line that may appear at some pregnant women, a line which will disappear at some point after pregnancy. Other noticeable pregnancy symptoms are also the spots that can appear on the face or around the décolletage`s area in some cases.

During pregnancy, future mothers can use sunscreen lotions or wrinkle creams to protect their sensible skin, but it`s preferable to choose only organic brands. However, please pay attention that a high level of vitamin A can harm the fetus leading to various issues that during pregnancy should be avoided.

During this week of pregnancy, burns around the heart`s area, neck or abdomen may appear at some point due to an increase of the progesterone hormone. This rather unpleasant discomfort can be diminished by serving regular meals and having a healthy diet that is rich in fibers. If there are no vaginal bleedings, morning sickness, abnormal blood pressure or other specific symptoms, then the pregnancy can be considered healthy and safe after the 12th week.

What to Expect when Being Pregnancy in 12 Weeks

The good news is that if you reached this 12th week without issues, from this moment the risk of miscarriage will diminish considerably. Morning sickness, fatigue or nausea will start to disappear and you`ll start to feel a lot better both mentally and physically, your hormonal balance being restored in its normal limits.

There will be visible changes on your body shape caused by the increase of your uterus, and if a pregnancy with twins is involved, the increase can be even bigger. During this period the skin becomes quite sensitive when ultraviolet rays are involved, and they might even lead to dark spots. Some sensations of burns around the chest, neck or abdomen area can increase in intensity at this point, but their effect can be reduced by following a healthy lifestyle and diet. Also, the burning around the heart`s area can disappear by drinking a lot of water and serving healthy meals at regular intervals. The body eliminates necessary hormones, such as hCG, and the development of the placenta and uterus are right on schedule. The baby`s heart beats can be heard now and there`ll be some reflex movements due to the development of the baby`s muscles as well. Until the end of the 12th week of pregnancy you need to make all the necessary changes in your diet and lifestyle. Unhealthy habits, such as smoking, drinking alcohol or taking strong medications, should have been eliminated since long ago.

You can sign up with a prenatal course to get in contact with other pregnant women, but also to find out more about your pregnancy. If you are still working, now would be the right time to ask for some time off because you`ll needed. Also, if there might be other persons who should find out about your news and you didn`t told them yet, now would be the proper time to do it.

Image courtesy of yourbabylibrary.com

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