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14 Weeks Pregnant

This is a period of relaxation given that the body has already adjusted to the internal changes which have been taken place lately.

14 Weeks Pregnant

Your waist is increasing along with the growing uterus, and your belly will be more and more visible. The baby is already developed and has all of his organs in their place, and the placenta is fully functional.

14 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

The baby will start to grow more and more; still, if you`ll be making visits to ultrasound every now and then, you won`t really notice the changes that will be happening. However, you shouldn`t exaggerate with too many ultrasounds if you don`t have any issues with your pregnancy. If you didn`t felt your baby moving by now, you don`t really need to worry because the fetus is still pretty small and the movements that he is making cannot always be felt until he will grow a bit more.

Now, the increase of the baby within your body and the weight you gain at the exterior will be happening pretty rapidly. You`ll need to continue having a healthy diet and lifestyle until you give birth.

Some good news when it comes to women who have a history of miscarriages is that the chances of experiencing another miscarriage from now on are very slim.

14 Pregnancy Weeks: The Development of the Baby

You are now at the beginning of the 2nd trimester of pregnancy. The baby is already completely developed, and from now on he`ll be growing in both weight and size. His organs are well developed and his heart is beating twice the speed of your heart. His arms are also evolving, and at ultrasound it can already be noticed how he is closing or opening his fists. His dimensions are now 85mm in length and 110g in weight.

Although the fetus is moving for a while now, you`ll most likely start to feel his movements in the following weeks when the baby will grow a little more. His external sexual organs are now more pronounced and you can already find out if your baby will be a boy or a girl.

Your little one is already capable to suck his thump, smile or frown. His liver is starting to produce bile and his spleen will start producing red blood cells.

The Changes within your Body

Your body has started to gain weight and your waist will also start to increase. From now on, the internal and external changes that you`ll be experiencing will be just as rapid. While your baby will grow, the same thing will happen with your belly as well. Still, now isn`t the right time to start thinking at following a diet because this might have a negative impact on your pregnancy. Inside your baby is growing and he needs all the nutrients he can get; that`s why is very important for you to maintain a healthy diet and physical workout. More than this, it`s advised to add to your diet all the vitamins and minerals that you need along with Calcium and supplements.

You`ll experience changes in your breasts and they could secrete a liquid known as colostrum, a substance that protects the baby and increases his immunity. Not all women will experience changes in their breasts, but they may experience breast tenderness. You could notice the appearance of dark spots or moles on your skin. Mood changes are rather often during this period and you may start to question yourself if you`ll have a healthy pregnancy or you`ll be able to be a good parent. If you may start to feel anxious, you can talk to your doctor, follow a prenatal course or do your own research on the matter to start feeling better.

What to Expect

You may start to notice an increase in your appetite, so it`s not the right moment to start thinking at a weight loss diet. A healthy routine in your lifestyle and diet can insure a healthy pregnancy and the possibility of giving birth without any issues for you or your baby.

A healthy diet needs to have the right combination of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables is very important for avoiding any nutritional deficiencies which often can be encountered during a pregnancy. Among the supplements that contain iron and Calcium prescribed by your doctor, you also need to have an increased consumption of natural food which should be healthy enough for both you and your baby. And obviously a healthy diet is also an essential factor for a quick recovery after giving birth.

During this stage, the baby is well formed and needs a healthy diet to help him grow. Also, a healthy diet will help in increasing the immunity of both the mother and baby because it has an important role on this matter, and if you have neglected this, now it`s time to make a change.

You could even start to plan a vacation since travels are considered safe during the 2nd trimester of pregnancy. The best ways to travel are by air or by water, although you could even choose to travel by train or by car.

During your trip is mandatory to avoid lifting heavy stuff, and when it comes to food consumption, the healthiest possible food is the one made at home. This is very important as you can avoid any infections that could lead to taking any medication that isn`t recommended during a pregnancy.

During this week of pregnancy, it`s possible for you to start acknowledging more that you are really pregnant and that in a few months you`ll become a mother.

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