15 Weeks Pregnant

The 2nd trimester of pregnancy is a relatively pleasant period. Sensations of fatigue and morning sickness have almost disappeared completely. The pains of the last trimester have not appeared yet, and your body is growing slowly, enough for you to acknowledge that you are pregnant. The 15th Week of PregnancyHowever, the rhythm in which your body grows in size can`t even be compared with the rhythm that your baby is growing given that his internal organs are already completely developed. Still, some organs, such as heart and kidneys, are still in the process of development.

You have probably already gained a few pounds, but this is different from one woman to another. The increased levels of estrogen can lead to the inflammation of the nasal mucosa, so if you often feel a stuffy nose you shouldn`t be too surprised. A pregnancy can also affect the immune system which may become more vulnerable during this period. You may experience colds or flu, so it`s recommended to avoid irritant substances, aerosols or cigarettes. To calm yourself in such situations, it`s best if you use a humidifier and drink a lot of liquids.

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15 Weeks Pregnant: The Baby`s Development

The baby has grown in both size and weight. On his red and wrinkled skin has started to appear some small pieces of hair named lanugo hair, but here also things may start different from one baby to another. These small pieces of hair that help the baby maintain his temperature constant and then disappear almost entirely until birth. The baby is able now to swallow food and has even the ability to hear both you and the sounds around you.

It`s possible to feel the movements of your baby, followed by pauses depending on how he moves, kicks, sleeps or eats. At this point he`s able to yawn, make a grimace with his face, frown or suck its own thumb. His skin is very thin and his blood vessels are still visible. His legs are now longer than his arms, and his body has recovered the difference in length compared with his head. The nails from his hands and legs have started to grow, and where his eyebrows should be, he now has small pieces of hair. – Check this out!

The baby has now taste buds and every now and then he`s experiencing hiccups. The 3 small bones from the internal ear start to harden, but the center of hearing from the baby`s brain doesn`t develop so rapidly, so it may be possible for the fetus to not be able to understand what he hears although his hearing is already starting to develop. In this regard, the amniotic liquid carries the exterior sounds towards the baby, while in the interior the baby hears the sound of this mother`s heart, stomach and voice.

Changes in Your Body during this Week

Most women have already gained a few pounds which is not at all a lot compared with the weight before the pregnancy. It doesn`t really matter how much extra weight you gain now, especially that this particular aspect is closely related to the mother`s physical aspect. Still, if the weight gain or loss will become too pronounced, it`s better if you`ll get in touch with a doctor so you can talk about these aspects and about your diet. He`ll be able to explain to you what food you need to add or exclude from your diet.

You can feel the superior part of your uterus just below the navel. If you`ll contact your doctor, he`ll be able to carry out some measurements that are specific for the prenatal period, and in the larger clinics there will even be made a chart with the evolution of your pregnancy. This particular aspect can give you information about the positioning of your baby. You may feel your ligaments stretching around your stomach area while the uterus continues to grow, and this may lead to cramps and unpleasant sensations on one or both sides of your abdomen. However, these sensations can be reduced by taking a warm bath. – Read this!


There are a number of bacterial infections that may occur during a pregnancy, such as infections of the urinary tract or bacterial vaginosis, this last one increasing the risks of premature birth. Such infections can be treated with antibiotics, but such treatment isn`t recommended during pregnancy. You can reduce the risks of getting an infection by wearing clean clothes and avoiding tight clothing while your pregnancy evolves. Also, avoid getting baths for long periods of time and don`t swim in dirty pools. You should also avoid scented soaps and sprays, don`t abstain when you feel the need to urinate and drink 8 or 9 glasses of water on a daily basis.

What to Expect

It`s recommended that you try to sleep in the proper positions to avoid any issues appearing later when your pregnancy evolves. Although your belly is pretty small and you don`t find it difficult to sleep on it, you should still exercise sleeping on your back. However, sleeping on your left side is considered the best position to sleep during pregnancy. Sleeping on your back causes the uterus to put pressure on the aorta and inferior vena cava which transfers blood to your inferior side of your body and to the baby. Sleeping on your abdomen is not recommended during pregnancy because it adds pressure on the uterus and on your entire abdomen. Some extra pillows could help to offer some additional comfort for your legs and entire body. From now on the baby can hear, so this would be the perfect moment to start listening to music and create a relaxing atmosphere, or you can even start talking to him. It may sound strange, but it`s believed that this would strengthen the bound between the mother and the baby.

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