2 Weeks Pregnant

When you are 2 weeks pregnant you may already start to feel something different about you. Because it already passed 2 weeks from conception, the levels of hormones are increasing and it might be wised if you`ll take into consideration a pregnancy test.

During this second week, one of the follicles will develop more than the others, becoming the dominant follicle, stopping the development of the other ones and determining the secretion of the hormones that favorite the elimination of the egg.

The ovarian follicle will loosen and produce the elimination of the egg near the fallopian tube. The phenomenon is known as the ovulation and is usually produced under normal conditions, in the 14th day of the sexual cycle. Then, the fertilization of the egg will occur during the next 5 days when it will pass from the ovary through the fallopian tube until it reaches the uterus. The endometrium is now ready to protect and feed the blastocyst under the influence of the secreted hormones and enriched vascularization.

Most women associate ovulation with a small pain in the lower abdomen, this in fact being easily noticeable. In case that the captured sperm presents the Y chromosome, the future baby will be a boy, while if it presents the X chromosome, the baby will be a girl.

When the blastocyst is implanted, it can be noticed a small bleeding or a vaginal secretion of yellow color. The bleeding can be easily mistaken with the usual monthly menstrual bleedings.

At this point the future baby is in development, although in this second week is extremely small and it doesn`t yet show the shapes of a human being. The amniotic cavity will ensure the protection and nutrition of the fetus during the formation of the placenta, which will finalize its development during the 8th week of pregnancy. Although it isn`t fully developed, the umbilical cord starts to partially function, and the gestational sac starts to be noticed in ultrasound even from the first pregnancy weeks.

The egg has at this point some precise details, such as the color of the eyes, hair and other physical characteristics. Immediately after the fertilization of the egg, it will unfold into 2 cores and will start to divide rapidly, doubling its volume in a matter of 12 hours. Then it will start its way towards the uterine cavity where it will remain for the duration of 40 weeks.

In case that the zygote will split in 2, there will be identical twins, and if it will split in 3, there will be triplets, and so on. Identical twins have their own umbilical cord and they can develop in the same amniotic sac. They`ll have the same sex, color of eyes and hair, as well as the same blood type.

Fraternal twins (also known as twins that aren`t identical) are formed when multiple eggs come from the same ovary or from different ovaries, each of them being fertilized by a different sperm. These twins can have the same sex and can be very similar or completely different just like other brothers/sisters that aren`t twins.

2 Weeks Pregnant – How It All Works?

At 2 weeks after conception, the blastocyst is subject to the following changes:

  • The cells of the embryonic button will differentiate in 2 distinct layers: endoblast and ectoblast. These 2 foils will form the embryonic disc.
  • The space between the trophoblast and the embryonic button is occupied by the mesenchymal tissue in which it will form the cavity of the external celom. The amniotic cavity will develop between the ectoblast and trophoblast. On the deep side of the endoblast it will form the Heuser`s membrane which will delineate the primitive yolk cavity.
  • In the interior of the syncytiotrophoblast, there`ll be isolated spaces in which there`ll be deposited the maternal blood in the capillaries and secretion from the eroded glands.
  • In the 10th day, the egg is completely incorporated in the endometrium. Epithelium is recovering and the implanted egg will determine a small deformation in the uterine cavity.

At the end of the 2nd week of pregnancy, from the proliferation of the cytotrophoblast in the syncytiotrophoblast`s interior will constitute the primary chorionic villi.

Changes Experienced During the 2nd Pregnancy Week

After the completion of the last menstrual cycle, the estrogen level will increase considerably, and the pregnant woman will gain more energy. During the second pregnancy week, in the uterus will be formed a new endometrial layer which has the role to shelter and feed the embryo.

If you feel pains in the abdominal area, these may occur because of the new pregnancy, although not all women are aware of this fact so soon.

In this second 2nd week of pregnancy, the woman`s body will suffer some minor changes, but her organism is already preparing for the big change. The pregnancy starts with the birth of the egg, meaning in the first day from the last menstruation and not in the moment when the egg is fertilized by the sperm.

It`s essential to have your family`s medical history because 75% from the complications of a pregnancy can be identified and prevented if you are aware of such information. From the second pregnancy week, the future parents can calculate with approximation the date of birth and can start planning the next pregnancy months in detail.

In case that this pregnancy was planned, there are a series of things to consider for this second week among which is also choosing a doctor to assist you during your pregnancy. Once the pregnancy signs appear, the advices of your doctor can be of big help. All you need to take into consideration when choosing a doctor is if it will be a man or a woman, if you`ll prefer a midwife or an obstetrician, and if you want to sign to a prenatal education group.

First Signs that You Are Pregnant

Even though you aren`t 3 weeks pregnant yet, your organism starts to secrete large values of human chorionic gonadotropin, which will offer a positive result if a pregnancy test is made. During the following period there`ll be a series of new pregnancy symptoms that will start to appear. Women may or not be aware that a pregnancy has been installed, but they`ll most likely feel some new signs that will lead them to the belief that they might be pregnant, such as the absence of menstruation, sensation of metallic taste, sense of weakness, sense of dizziness, mood changes or loss of concentration.2 weeks pregnant ultrasound

It could be possible during this week to feel a small fatigue and nausea, some increase in your breasts and sensitiveness when they are touched, frequent urination, and intolerance for the strong smells. To be prepared for these new changes, it`s recommended that you get enough rest, feed properly and to avoid strong smells that could lead to vomits.


Tips that You Should Follow

  • Pay as much attention to their baby as you can, use cellulite and stretch marks creams, eat healthy and do some physical workout.
  • If this should be the case for you, give up smoking, consuming alcohol as well as any other types of drugs.
  • Consume fresh vegetables and fruits, and avoid foods with high fat content.
  • Complete isolation isn`t recommended. Pregnant women should not give up their social lifestyle, being even advisable for them to sign in into a prenatal education group where they can talk with other pregnant women and exchange information.
  • Being optimistic and taking pleasure in every moment during pregnancy is essential.

Women need to start a healthy lifestyle even if they are only 2 weeks pregnant. This will mean taking a diet rich in nutrients and vitamins, making a schedule for physical workout, preferably outdoors and avoiding or reducing as much as possible stress. If this didn`t happened already, it`s recommended to start the administration of prenatal supplements prescribed by the doctor.

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