23 Weeks Pregnant

When you are 23 weeks pregnant, you are at the second part of the second trimester. For the moment you are in the “quiet period” of the pregnancy when the initial symptoms have mostly passed and you no longer experience vomiting or nausea. Now you are starting to gain weight constantly, your belly is increasing visibly and the baby starts to gain weight as well.

What to Do?

The future mother needs to visit her doctor regularly for prenatal exams. This way she can check the evolution of her baby along the pregnancy as well as her health. There are lots of complications that can be avoided through early treatment.

Prenatal courses can be of big help because the future mother gets to know other future mothers and share opinions and information.

The future mother needs to follow a well balanced diet to ensure a good development of her baby. Regular exercises and daily walking will also help a lot. The mother needs to take supplements of iron and calcium as well, because she needs to ensure the health of the baby`s teeth and bones.

23 Week Fetus

During the 23rd week of pregnancy, the baby is developing in a stable pace. The little one has now around 29cm, but of course, the approximation varies from one child to another because every child develops differently. The fetus has already shapes of a human being with features that are similar to a newborn, but his sizes are still miniaturized.

The deposition of fat happens rapidly, but the baby`s skin is still red and wrinkled because it started to lose its transparency, forming its pigment. He starts to make strong movements and kicks in the uterus`s walls. Also, he will touch the umbilical cord and other parts of his body, including sucking his thumb.

The fetus continues to swallow amniotic fluid and recirculate it through urination. Through this operation, the baby takes sugars and liquids from the amniotic liquid, as a supplement to what gets through the placenta. Also, now his sense of hearing is pretty much developed.

The baby`s pancreas has developed quite a lot and already started to produce insulin. His lungs grow and develop preparing themselves for breathing, while in the meantime all the other organs, muscles and bones grow constantly.

23 Weeks Pregnant: Changes in the Mother`s Body

At the 23rd week, the uterus is almost 2 fingers above the navel, and it might swell due to the stretching of the abdominal muscles.

You can already say that you gained quite a lot of weight, your stomach has extended, and your pregnancy has become more and more visible.

By this period, most women have passed over the initial pregnancy symptoms. These symptoms can include morning sickness, vomiting, abdominal cramps, pelvic discomfort, irritability, drowsiness, mood changes, bleeding or food cravings.

These symptoms can vary from one pregnancy to another and some women can experience them stronger, while others can barely feel them. Because there is an increase of blood volume on the inferior part of the body, pregnant women feel an increased need to urinate.

During this week, some women can have hemorrhoids with anal bleeding and muscle cramps to their feet. Another case may be related to the Braxton Hicks contractions – they aren`t painful and they help the body to prepare for birth. In some cases, some future mothers can experience gum bleeding.23 weeks pregnant video

What to Expect?

There`ll be lots of physical and psychological changes during the entire pregnancy. These changes are only temporary and you`ll return to normal after birth. Learn how to deal with these changes in a positive way and you`ll most certainly manage eventually. Try to adopt a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet, regular exercises and cheerful mood.

It`s good to discuss your plans, hopes and expectations with your life partner. Don`t forget that if you have a problem, you can always ask for advice from your friends, family or doctor. This way you`ll eliminate possible doubts.

At this stage, it`s recommended to take prenatal courses where you can learn more about how to deal with your pregnancy. Search throughout your city and you`ll most likely find a few from where to choose the best one.

Keep a good hygiene throughout your pregnancy. Go to all your regular prenatal examinations to be sure that the fetus will develop and grow healthy. Always treat medical problems such as anemia, hemorrhoids, increased blood pressure in a timely manner. Rest and sleep as much as you need because this will be quite beneficial for your baby`s health.

Even since being 23 weeks pregnant, don`t forget to enjoy your pregnancy because it`s one of the most beautiful experiences throughout your life. To become a mother is something sublime, so be optimistic and take care of your pregnancy.

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