24 Things To Avoid During Pregnancy!

The 9 month-period of pregnancy is important from a lot of points of view and that`s why you should know what is best and what isn`t best to eat or do during pregnancy.

Things To Avoid During Pregnancy

Some things should definitely be avoided during pregnancy because they might harm the unborn baby or may lead to birth defects.

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Smoking, Alcohol & Caffeine

Smoking is the first forbidden thing on the list. Even if you used to smoke, you should give up smoking during pregnancy. Studies showed that even passive smoking is harmful while pregnant, maybe even more harmful than active smoking. Therefore, try to also avoid places where people smoke.

It`s been said about alcohol that is related to many side effects to an unborn child. If the mother consumes alcohol during pregnancy, she may expose the child to various types of birth defects, dysfunctions of the nervous system or mental retardation.

Avoiding caffeine consumption doesn`t only mean avoid coffee. Caffeine is also present in green tea, soft drinks, Coca-Cola or black tea.


It`s not recommend to make radiographs while pregnant. Try to postpone them if you can. If you cannot wait until birth, you can try to wait at least for your first trimester of pregnancy to pass.


You should avoid coming in contact with pesticides under any form. Chemicals are extremely harmful. Try to avoid them as much as you can as even a small quantity may lead eventually to learning issues for your baby. – Learn more!


Avoid stress as much as possible! Try to do some breathing exercises, which will help you calm down and be more relaxed.

Medication, Especially without Prescription

Try to avoid consumption of drugs during pregnancy. You should even avoid medication for cold, flu, headache or other common diseases without the prior doctor approval.

Salty Foods

Even if pregnancy may affect the sensation of taste, it doesn`t mean that you have to put too much salt on your food. Doctors tell us to avoid salt as it may lead to water retention, which may cause your kidneys or spleen to no longer work properly. From here you get inflamed legs, constipation, hypertension or urinary infections.


Raw fish might contain dangerous parasites, like tonsils, which will deprive your bay of essential nutrients required for him to develop healthy. Sushi may be contaminated with listeria, a bacterium which causes a strong and high-risk infection known as listeriosis. Pregnant women are 20 times more at risk of this illness than other adults.

  1. coli (escherichia coli) and salmonella bacteria can be contacted from contaminated and unspoiled vegetables and fruits, cheeses, unpasteurized milk and eggs.

Soft Cheeses

Pregnant women tend to develop an increased appetite that isn`t always healthy, but not any type of food is recommended during pregnancy. Stay away from soft cheeses and delicacies based on meat. They contain a bacterium – listeria – which can prove to be extremely harmful. Be careful to eat fresh and not reheat foods.


Don`t consume liver regularly if you are pregnant. You may consume occasionally, but it`s safer to avoid frequent consumption of liver because if consumed too often, it may lead to birth defects.


The allergies caused by hazelnuts are extremely widespread in the entire world. If you know yourself to be allergic to them or have allergic reactions during the first trimester of pregnancy, your child is likely to inherit your medical condition. If you already know you have an allergy detected in the past, you should avoid any sort of contact with its source. – Visit this!

Artificial Sweeteners

Don`t consume artificial sweeteners if you expect a baby.

Keep in mind that when you are pregnant it`s your responsibility to bring the baby into this world healthy. If a member of your family smokes, talk to him about the risks to which he exposes you and your unborn child. All members of the family should be concerned about your pregnancy and the welfare of your future baby. They should all support you morally, emotionally and mentally.

Sleeping on your Back

Sleep isn`t always restful when you are expecting a baby, and besides this, we have more news: if you were used to sleep on your back or belly before being pregnant, it`s recommended to change your position to avoid hurting your baby. Sleep on one side, preferably your left side, to ensure your baby gets enough blood. Sleeping on the back will bring you back and waist pains, digestive problems, low blood pressure, slow breathing and other issues.


The sauna`s high temperature may cause an incorrect development of the spine and fetal brain function. Pregnant women are also more predisposed to miscarriages.

Hot Baths

Even if it sounds relaxing and quite tempting, it`s not advisable to make hot baths while pregnant. They may lead to hyperthermia, meaning that your body temperature will increase too much and too fast, causing a negative impact on your baby`s health. Too much time spent in a bathtub with too warm water may have the same effect of a strong fever.

Amusement Parks

Extreme sensations in an amusement park aren`t exactly beneficial for your condition, especially from the point of view of the hormonal explosion in the body, which may contribute to overworking heart function. Any kind of trauma will quickly reflect on your baby`s development, so it`s recommended to focus more on your own safety.


Moderate movement is even recommended during pregnancy, but demanding sports not really. Any minor accident may affect your baby`s development, especially during the first 3 months of pregnancy when the risk of abortion is quite high.

Jumping from a Trampoline

Even if it may look like a nice sporty form, don`t practice this during pregnancy. Sudden movements or jumps may affect your baby, and a possible fall is extremely dangerous at this point. When you are expecting, your center of balance changes, so you aren`t able to move the same kind of movements so easily as you did before being pregnant. It`s maybe best to give birth to your healthy baby first and then return to such passions.


Although the exact causes of the phenomenon wasn`t exactly identified, the number of miscarriages occurred after diving are pretty high. Deprivation of oxygen is a big drawback for your baby.

Massage with Aromatherapy

At the beginning of pregnancy, when your physical condition is very delicate, you may suffer from the essential oils used during massage with aromatherapy. Your more sensitive smell won`t probably tolerate those scents now.

Beauty Salons

All hair and body treatments contain harmful chemicals and substances which may be absorbed into the body through the scalp. You should avoid beauty salons, especially during the first trimester of pregnancy, when your baby`s development is at its most vulnerable stage.

Electrical Blanket

Even if you want to warm up, don`t use this type of blankets, as electricity will most certainly influence negatively the development of your baby at this point. The electromagnetic field emanating when you are wrapped will affect your baby, so don`t risk and purchase normal, thick blankets, because they are just as helpful in these situations.

Cleaning the Oven

It`s not probably recommended to let all the cleaning and chores around the house to your husband, but it`s advisable to avoid certain parts of house cleaning like the inside of an oven and other such areas that aren`t airy enough. Don`t use the usual chemicals to clean, paint or expose yourself to dangerous substances which may harm your future baby. Make certain each room of your house is well ventilated.

Cleaning the Cat`s Litter

Cat`s feces contain dangerous toxins, such as toxoplasmosis. This might hurt your pregnancies in ways you cannot imagine, so it`s recommended to stay away from the cat`s litter. If you want to make certain you don`t get in any danger in this regard, try to avoid too much contact with your cat; even if it`s not feces, a cat might carry these toxins around the house without you knowing. – Click here!

High Heels

Even if it`s not that unusual nowadays to see a pregnant woman with high heels on the street, this doesn`t mean you should do the same. Like mentioned earlier, the center of gravity changes during pregnancy and, no matter how friendly you may be with high heels, there`s a risk of losing your balance and falling, so it`s best to stay away from them for a while. For the 9 months while you are pregnant, you can turn to other stylish footwear – the shops are full of them!

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