27 Weeks Pregnant

Being 27 weeks pregnant marks the end of the second trimester of pregnancy. If you didn`t registered for a Lamaze course yet, now it`s the best time to do it, especially because you`ll be able to finish it a month before reaching the 9 months of pregnancy. So, if the delivery will start before the due date, you`ll be ready.

The courses from such a course will be useful for learning breathing and relaxation exercises which will be beneficial especially during labor and birth. Also, it`s best to improve your diet and avoid as much as possible unhealthy food, such as fried heavy foods. On the other hand, it`s recommended to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as balanced combinations of foods rich in proteins and calcium, especially for avoiding complications during the recovery period after birth.

It`s possible for the chores around the house to become more tiring, so don`t hesitate to ask for help when you need it, especially because it`s best to void risky chores, such as climbing on a chair or lifting heavy stuff, because this will put pressure on your baby or it`s possible to fall.

27 Week Fetus

The skin of your baby is now full or wrinkles due to the fact that he stays in liquid, but the skin will stretch little by little after birth. Now, there are a few layers of retina developing which later will help him see correctly. It`s about those layers which receive light and images and then send them further towards the brain to be interpreted. The membrane which covers the eyes of your baby will split in two to form eyelids. The eyes of your baby are now blue, but only after birth will recover their permanent color.

Bear in mind that the little one will develop a sleeping cycle which may not be the same as yours. Some experts consider babies start dreaming since being 28 weeks pregnant, but no one really knows what they are dreaming. However, the fact is that by now the brain is permanently active as it starts to show typical growths along with the development of more layers of cerebral tissue.

27 Weeks Pregnant: Changes in your Body

Your body will need an additional of 300 – 350 calories per day and you`ll be gaining weight until weeks 36 – 37. This isn`t the right time to start using diets, but it`s recommended to only consume healthy foods because a proper diet will help you gain only the weight you need, when you need it. For this aspect you should contact the doctor who keeps your pregnancy under observation.

While the uterus is growing, it will put pressure on the chest and will prevent the lungs for functioning properly which may cause a sensation of lack of air, but this is something perfectly normal.

As you approach the third trimester of pregnancy, you need to start taking into consideration a possible premature birth, which is common during summer due to dehydration of which some women suffer. So be careful to consume enough liquids during the last months of pregnancy.

Regarding premature birth, there are specific signs: vaginal bleeding, sudden watery discharge, intense pain in the pelvic area, dull lower back pain, contractions that last for more than an hour, swollen hands and face, pain during urination and prolonged abdominal pain.

27 Weeks Pregnancy: What to Expect?

From now, if it didn`t happened by now, you`ll start feeling the baby movements, hiccups and kicks. A lot of women consider this as a positive sign, evidence of a good development of pregnancy, but also as a strong link between the mother and baby. Still, if there are no such signs yet, it`s not really a reason for concern as your abdomen may have some layers of fat or abdominal muscles which aren`t well developed, so the baby`s movements may be unnoticeable. Still, if you felt your baby by now and now you don`t, you should get in touch with the doctor.

Also, you`ll most likely be experiencing some specific symptoms for this period: round ligament pain, constipation, frequent urination, back pain or leg cramps. Still, if when you visit your doctor he`ll discover an increased tension or hypertension, this may be a sign of preeclampsia, which can also be detected by urine sample and which may show an increased level of proteins. It isn`t yet known why this happens, but it`s a sure fact that the placenta cannot develop enough blood vessels to sustain the pregnancy. This phenomenon occurs at around 5% of all pregnancies and may vary from easy cases to severe cases which may cause death or serious injury to the mother and child. There are other symptoms besides the ones already mentioned above: sudden weight gain, swollen hands and legs, severe headache, sight problems, abdominal pain, breathing problems or a decreased necessity of urinating. Depending on how serious the case is, this problem might be treated with the proper medication and after birth the symptoms will disappear. If you`ve been diagnosed with a negative Rh, you`ll be checked for anti Rh antibodies and you may need to receive an anti D vaccine, which will be repeated in the week 36 to combat this incompatibility.

Advices for an Easier Pregnancy

You probably already heard that fish is a major source of Omega 3 fat acids, which are essential for the development of the baby`s eyes and brain. Also, fish is rich in saturated fats and proteins, vitamin D and other nutritional substances which are essential for the baby`s development and a healthy pregnancy.

On the other hand, you probably have heard that certain types of fish contain certain harmful substances, such as mercury. This metal is very dangerous in high doses for the baby`s nervous system and brain. Most experts agree with the fact that a pregnant woman needs to eat only a specific quantity of fish. Some medical societies and guides recommend that a pregnant woman needs to eat up to 340g of fish per week, around 2 medium portions.

You can eat a large variety of fish which contains a reduced amount of mercury and which is rich in Omega 3, such as:

  • Salmon
  • Herring
  • Sardine
  • Anchovies
  • Trout
  • Atlantic mackerel

Other safe choices can be shrimp, canned tuna and catfish. Still, it`s best to limit the consumption of white tuna at 170g per week.27 weeks pregnant weight gain

What fish needs to be avoided during pregnancy?

  • Shark
  • Sword-fish
  • King mackerel

What it`s best to remember:

  • Avoid big fish and predators. To reduce your exposure to mercury, don`t eat shark, sword-fish and mackerel.
  • Avoid the consumption of shellfish and uncooked fish. To prevent the digestion of bacteria or dangerous viruses, also try to avoid consuming sushi, sashimi, smoked fish and frozen uncooked seafood.
  • Seafood and fish needs to be cooked properly. Fish needs to be cooked until an internal temperature of 63°C. It`s considered the fish is made when it can be separated into pieces and has a opaque look all over. Cook shrimp, lobster and scallops until they turn milky-white. Cook clams, mussels and oysters until their shell opens and don`t eat those that didn`t open.

Tips for Dads

While you`re life partner lives these last weeks of pregnancy, there are most definitely certain chores around the house that become more difficult or even dangerous. Offer yourself to help when she needs to arrange certain things on the above shelves or when the toilet or bathtub needs to be cleaned. This small gestures will be very important for her and she`ll most likely appreciate it.

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