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28 Weeks Pregnant

You are now 28 weeks pregnant, which means you are at less than 3 months of your due date. From now on your visits to the doctor will become regular. If you registered to a Lamaze course, you`ll discover what are your options for birth, but also what advantages has breastfeeding your baby versus bottle feeding.

28 Weeks Pregnant

You may think that there`s a lot of time until birth. Still, it`s recommended to start making some preparations, such as having the room of your baby ready, buy him some clothing items or even a few toys for later times. Now it`s also the right time for other kind of preparations, like buying a new painting to go with the new change in your family, getting a car seat for a safe transport of your baby in your car, as well as what other things you think your baby may need considering that you still find it rather easy to move around.

Also, you may gather all the necessary products that your baby might need (diapers, wipes, etc) and decorate the baby`s room the way you like it, although it`s known that most mothers like to do this after their baby is born.

It would be best to also think for a baby name if you didn`t decided already, but also at the list of family members and close friends that you want to first notify about details related to your birth. More than this, you can even prepare a party to welcome your baby into this world.

Also, you should continue with your healthy diet and physical exercises, especially if you already felt the positive changes during your pregnancy.

28 Weeks Fetus

Your baby`s skin is still wrinkled, but under it there are layers of fat already developing. A thin layer of hair known as lanugo and vernix, a protective layer, covers the baby outside. He already opened his eyes, and eyebrows and eyelids are already formed.

The doctor has taste buds well formed and has already started to suck his thumb. Now also develops the system of enzymes, but also other specific endocrine processes. The fetus moves in the uterus pretty much and stretches frequently. His organs and system are well developed, and in case of premature birth the little one has chances of survival, but only with an intensive care unit.

The last 2 months of pregnancy are vital for the maturation of the baby`s organs and systems, as they help him to be born with problems and adapt himself pretty much the conditions outside the uterus. The lungs are approaching maturity, and the breathing movements are regular and coordinated. If he`s a boy, his testicles will now descend in the scrotum. The baby will gain weight quite significantly while the pregnancy progresses. His brain develops even more becoming a complex organ with specific growths and grooves on its surface. Also, the number of cerebral tissues will increase in the near future. His hair continues to grow, and his eyelids and eyebrows become visible.

28 Weeks Pregnant: Your Body

With every passing week, the uterus continues to grow, its upper part being now located at over 7cm above the navel. The uterus bottom height is defined as the distance from the pubic symphysis to the top of the uterus, measured in centimeters. Frequently, after the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, the value of the uterus bottom height value is equal with the number of pregnancy weeks. For example, during the week 28, the doctor expects as the uterus bottom height to be of 28cm. Still, it`s not normal as the measured value to be higher or lower than the expected value.

You have now entered the third trimester of pregnancy, so you`ll notice that the pregnancy symptoms will change again. Lots of women will experience muscle cramps, constipation, insomnia or hemorrhoids.

Also, now it`s possible to feel Braxton Hicks contractions. This is a natural phenomenon generated by the fact that the organism prepares itself for the real contractions. Usually, the uterus contract itself during the whole life of a woman, but they become noticeable only when it`s “full.”

What to Expect during this Period?

If you didn`t already, from now on you may start to visit your doctor more often for your regular consultations from the last trimester. This week is important for conducting tests such as the one for glucose tolerance, the one for iron and hemoglobin as well as the one for antibodies if you have a negative Rh. The glucose tolerance test checks a possible gestational diabetes, while the one for antibodies checks the compatibility between your blood and the baby`s blood.

It`s possible for the little one to not be in the right position for birth. Still, if the doctor discovers this, it`s not really a reason for concern because the baby still has plenty of time to turn in the right position, and in extreme cases there are also various methods to determine him to turn himself.

It`s also possible to experience of some pregnancy symptoms such as breast tenderness, darker areolas, occasional pain, itching, round ligament pain, indigestion, burning, hemorrhoids and stretch marks in certain areas while your pregnancy progresses.

The extra weight gained during this period varies from woman to woman, but despite the value, it helps protect the baby in taking the necessary nutritional substances. A massage in the lower back can prove to be very useful to relieve back and leg pain, but it may also help in decreasing easy swelling and sensations of itching.

Is there any Risk for my Baby if I do any Dental Treatment during Pregnancy?

Scaling and annual dental examinations aren`t only safe, but are also recommended during pregnancy. The increased levels of hormones lead to swelling, bleeding and withholding food between gums which will accentuate inflammation. Preventive dental consultations during pregnancy are essential for avoiding infections which may lead to premature birth.

In addition, experts recommend brushing your teeth twice per day and use dental floss on a daily basis. – Click this web page!

Advices for the Father

Talk to your life partner about any possible fears that she may have if she won`t be able to get in touch with you when her contractions will start. Establish a certain message for that particular moment and talk about various options which will resolve this matter. Share these fears with other parents who may have already passed through these situations and see what worked in their cases.

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