29 Weeks Pregnant

When being 29 weeks pregnant, you may have some problems with your indigestion due to the increase in weight of your uterus. That`s why you`ll need to eat lots of foods rich in fibers specific to a pregnant woman`s diet, such as fresh fruits, vegetables or whole grains.

Also, it`s recommended to drink a lot of water to avoid constipation, but also dehydration which may lead to premature birth. You can still do easy exercises, like walking in the park or swimming, and if you have a severe form of constipation, you can ask your doctor to diminish your daily dose of iron. Laxatives and mineral oils are forbidden during pregnancy because can also lead to premature birth. At Lamaze courses you`ll receive more information regarding things you need to do in this second week of the third trimester of pregnancy.

Sometimes, the doctor that supervises your pregnancy might ask you to gave up to some activities for a while and also make some tests, such as for blood pressure, glucose, urine, position for the fetus and that for the fetus`s development.

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29 Weeks Fetus

In the week 29, or at 27 weeks from conception, the baby`s bones are fully developed, although they are still soft and pliable. His hair has grown significantly, and if he`s a boy, his testicles have now descended in the scrotum. If she`s a girl, her clitoris is prominent because it isn`t yet covered by small labia. They`ll develop during the last weeks of pregnancy.

The baby`s head is now bigger to allow the brain to develop. Almost all babies can react to sound and light until the end of this week.

The baby is less hyperactive during this period, and no matter how much you eat, he`ll ask for more food, always letting you constantly tired and hungry.

The little one can now open his eyes and turn his head towards a strong light.

His nails grow as well, and under his skin he`ll still have layers of fat which are absolutely necessary once the baby will be born. More than this, now the fetus will be able to suck his thumb and can even cry.

29 Weeks Pregnant: Your Body

So far your breasts have increased almost 1kg. While your due date approaches, colostrum may appear around your nipples, which is a special milk for your baby during his first days of breastfeeding. Produced by the mammary gland during the last part of pregnancy and first days after birth, colostrum is a precursor of milk, more rich in proteins and low on fat and sugar, but with a content of antibodies. Some women might notice that during the last months of pregnancy they`ll start to secrete small quantities of thick yellowish substance, while for other women the discharge may appear a lot sooner or it might not at all.

It`s not really surprising if you`ll experience back pain when you are pregnant because this happens due to the increased uterus and because the center of gravity is now changed on one side, and on the other side because of the hormones which relax the ligaments of the pelvis. Back pain is one of the most frequent pregnancy symptoms and may appear in early pregnancy or can persist or even worsen while the pregnancy progresses. When you sit on a chair, choose one with a back support and place a small pillow between your back and the chair. Wear proper shoes with small heels (not flat) of around 5cm which should provide a good support. Use ice or heat locally when necessary. Also, massage can help a lot.

29 Weeks Pregnancy: What Should You Do this Week?

Your baby can most definitely hear you by now, so from now on you can read to him, talk or sing, depending on the mood.

While your due date approaches, the fear regarding birth is more and more persistent. How much time it will last? Will it hurt? Will I manage? These are only a few questions that may come into mind.

If you didn`t went by now at a prenatal course, take this into consideration because it will help you understand and prepare for birth. It will also help you meet other future mothers and share opinions and concerns about pregnancy. Talk to them about your positive experiences during pregnancy and talk to your obstetrician regarding the methods of relieving pain during labor. Encourage and tell yourself that everything will work out fine in the end and that you`ll manage no matter what. There`s no right or wrong way of giving birth.

Advices for an Easier Pregnancy

Doula is a an average professional personnel trained to offer emotional, physical and informative support to a mother who waits to give birth, is in labor or who just gave birth. Its role is to help the pregnant woman have a safe and memorable experience to which to actively take part.

While the uterus increases, constipation may worsen by the increased uterus which presses on the rectum. The following advices may help you prevent or relieve constipation:

  • Eat foods rich in fibers, such as bread or whole grains, brown rice, beans, fresh fruits and vegetables every day.
  • Drink lots of water – 10-12 glasses/day. A glass of fruit juice, especially plump juice, might also help. At some women may help to drink a glass of warm water immediately after they waken up.
  • Practice regular sport. Walking, swimming, biking or yoga can relieve constipation and can help you feel healthier and in a better physical state.
  • Intestinal movements are much more active after you have eaten, so you should use the toilet. Listen to your body and never postpone the need of using the toilet.
  • If the prenatal supplements contain a high dose of iron (and you don`t have anemia), talk to your obstetrician to choose a different option with a small dose of iron.
  • If all these advices won`t help, ask your doctor to recommend you an easy laxative and supplements with fibers.

It`s Safe to Travel Alone if I`m Pregnant?

Pregnancy isn`t a disease and most women can travel as long as they don`t feel a discomfort. But it isn`t an exact science either – the baby can come into this world unexpectedly, so it`s better to always be ready. Find out what measures of precaution for your and your baby`s safety are required when you travel alone during pregnancy.29 weeks pregnant baby position

Advices for the Father

While your partner makes plans about how everything will be during labor and who`s going to be next to her, now it`s time for both of you to discuss which is the role that you want to have during birth. As a partner, you can be the only person who gives support or you can decide to use the services of a midwife. Still, keep in mind that a midwife won`t replace your role during labor, but she`ll help the birth experience to be a memorable one for both parents.

Think of the following aspects:

  • Are you a person who doesn`t stand pain?
  • Do you want to be the main person who helps your partner during labor?
  • Do you intend to go with your partner at prenatal courses and learn everything there`s need to know to be of a real help?

A mother who is in labor will need to know in advance what`s the plan when the contractions start and what she can expect of you. Talk to her about these things now. Thus, you`ll have plenty of time to plan everything in advance, make certain arrangements if necessary and ensure that both you and the future mother will be prepared for your baby`s birth.

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