3 Weeks Pregnant

When you are 3 weeks pregnant, you`ll be happy to know that your fertilization will start. The egg produced by the ovaries will meet the sperm which survived the 10-hour journey, and along with one of them will form the zygote.3 Weeks Pregnant

What`s Happening Inside Your Body?

At this point, the baby is represented by a tiny ball that includes a large number of cells which will rapidly increase in number. This ball filled with cells, which will be known as the blastocyst, will be implanted in the uterus and from a part of it will be formed the placenta. The placenta will produce the hCG pregnancy hormone, which will be the one leading to a positive result if a pregnancy test is made. The amniotic liquid will surround the blastocyst, becoming in the end the amniotic sac. The amniotic liquid will protect the baby in the following pregnancy months. The blastocyst will receive oxygen and nutrients, and will eliminate waste through the primitive circulatory system, which is formed from microscopic vessels and which will communicate with the blood vessels from the uterine wall. This task won`t be assigned to the placenta because it won`t present a sufficient development until the ending of the 4th week.

Changes Are Inevitable

During this week, there`ll be a series of changes. It`s essential that all pregnant women adopt a very healthy lifestyle and diet during the first weeks of pregnancy, if not during the entire pregnancy.

These weeks may leave some marks on the shape of the woman`s body, especially due to bloating, reason for which you might prefer to avoid measuring your weight.

During this third pregnancy week, some of the women may not know they are pregnant. Also, as this point the baby is as small as a needle point.

During this period of time it can be noticed the apparition of small bleeding. This will be known as “implantation bleeding” and it`s because the zygote will be implanted into the uterine tissue, the process being started after 6 days from the moment of fertilization. These small bleedings aren`t happening to all pregnant women and is sometimes barely noticeable. On the other hand, some of the women might sense the new changes being related with a pregnancy even before taking a pregnancy test.

3 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Pregnancy symptoms at 3 weeks can be experienced as it follows:

  • Your breasts will increase in size and will become more sensitive.
  • You`ll feel more tired because of the increased level of progesterone and required energy for the development of the baby.
  • Some of the odors become unbereable.
  • Some of the foods might lead to nausea.
  • Frequent urination.
  • Vomiting and nausea.
  • The body`s temperature will increase.
  • Some vaginal bleeding may start to appear. A small quantity of blood can be noticed, having a red to a pink color during the period of menstruation. A lot of women that experience this bleeding might consider them to be premenstrual bleeding. In case that the pregnant woman feels pain followed by a vaginal bleeding, it`s recommended to get in touch with a doctor.

Advice for the Father

Even though your wife/girlfriend is the one being 3 weeks pregnant, she may not be the only one experiencing fears and doubts. You could try to be open with her and try to share to each other how you feel. Ask her questions so that she can be aware that you are trying to stay involved in all that is related to her pregnancy. The 9 months that lie ahead can pass so much easier if you`ll go through them together.

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