30 Weeks Pregnant

When being 30 weeks pregnant, you are in the 8th month of pregnancy or in the third trimester of pregnancy. So you have 9 or 10 weeks until the big event. This can be a reason for which you may become a bit nervous at times and may seem that the time will pass very slowly. Now it`s time to be calm and relaxed. You should talk about your future plans with your life partner as well as about the next things that will soon happen and you think it would give you reasons of concern, such as labor, birth or newborn care.

Try to finish any project that is in progress because after your baby will be born, you won`t have time for anything else. You`ll feed him, change him, take care of him, and you probably won`t have time for other things. During the last period of time, you gained some weight and you`ll continue to do so in the following period, a reason for which you may be slower than usually and perhaps feel a bit more clumsier, so it`s very important to relax and rest as much as you can.

A possible solution to feel more energetic and full of life is to perform easy physical exercises. These should be made gradually and it isn`t indicated to make excessive zeal – when you feel tired, you should stop. Daily walking, breathing exercises, easy workout or swimming can make you feel a lot better and will probably help you prepare for any problems related to the last stages of pregnancy or birth.

Braxton Hicks contractions will help you get used with the real contractions during labor. The baby will gain weight and develop in a constant rhythm.

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30 Week Fetus

At 30 weeks of pregnancy, the average weight of the baby is around 1,5kg, and his length varies between 36 and 38cm. The little one has become more sensitive at the environment and is aware of what`s happening around him. The baby has now a regular sleep schedule, and the mother already know him being capable to know when he`s sleeping and when he`s awake. This doesn`t meant the sleep schedule of the mother is the same one as the baby`s. The fetus has now grown so much that he occupies almost all the uterus. The little one moves and plays pretty much now. Now it`s the moment when he starts to position for birth, for the moment putting his head on the mother`s pelvic bones.

The baby`s brain is now developing pretty much. Actually, the brain trains the eyes for sight and the lungs for breathing. The baby`s is now able to see what`s happening in the uterus and can differentiate light for darkness, being also capable to differentiate a source of light and follow it. Since now on, the rate of development slows considerably, the little one having the digestive tract and lungs fully developed.

30 Weeks Pregnant: Your Body!

You`ll begin noticing that during the last part of your pregnancy is much easier. This will happen as often as you need to rest during the night. Try to find out what causes you wake up and poor sleep and reduce the impact of that reason. If you want to use herbal sleeping pills, talk to your doctor about it before starting taking them, no matter if they contain one single plant or a combination of several plants. It`s easy to assume that if they are made from plants, they are safe. If you suffer from insomnia and it aggravated increasingly more, consult your doctor.

Your body produces different hormones which make your joints to loosen, which will make your feet feel bigger, some women noticing they need to wear shoes that are larger even with one number.

While the uterus increases and presses the diaphragm, the muscle located under the lungs, you may start having difficulties with your breathing. This sensation of lack of air will improve before birth, around the week 36 when the baby will descend into the pelvis, which will remove the pressure on the diaphragm and will make breathing become easier. Meanwhile, you should try and maintain a good posture of your body and sleep with the body lifted on a pillow to remove the pressure on the lungs.

What to Do this Week?

There are almost 10 weeks until you`ll give birth and is time to start thinking and discussing with your doctor about various types of birth. If you have any special desires related to how you`ll be giving birth, such as for example water birth, it`s good to know that not all doctor advice towards this type of birth. If you are interested in this method of giving birth, inform yourself as much as you can.

Some women may receive recommendations from their obstetrician which may seem rather strange. These advices can be recommended only to avoid certain activities or can be more “serious” ones, such as complete bed rest. If you don`t understand these advices or you are confused, ask your doctor to better explain you why you should one thing or another. Ask him what is the result that you`ll get if you follow his indications and what`s happening if you decide not to do what he says. Inform yourself about all your options.

Advices for an Easier Pregnancy

During this period of pregnancy, lots of women complain of back pain. This pain occurs on one side because of the increase of the uterus and the change of the body`s gravity center, and no another because of the hormones which loosen the ligaments of the pelvis. Back pain is one of the most common pregnancy symptoms and can appear in early pregnancy and can also persist or even worsen while the pregnancy evolves.

Try not to lift anything heavy because you`ll put pressure on your joints. This can be rather hard if you already have a small child and can also be difficult to explain to him why you cannot hold him in your arms again, but there are other ways to make him feel special.

Also, for the same reason isn`t recommended to wear high heels or limit their usage to special occasions. In their place, wear comfortable shoes which have belts and a large base for support. Moreover, especially during the third trimester of pregnancy, your ankles and feet will swell and wearing shoes with high heels that have belts around the ankles will increase edema even more.

Is Dance Safe during Pregnancy?30 weeks pregnant fetal development

Dancing is a sure way for working out during pregnancy. Moreover, it`s a social activity which makes that much more fun. Try to dance at least 30 minutes per day, no matter that you do this in your living room or in classes. Exercises with reduced impact, which implies keeping one foot on the ground at all times, don`t force the joints and ligaments. Hormonal changes from pregnancy make you more susceptible to accidents if you force or stretch the joint.

Samba, ballroom dancing (without you being lifted from the ground) or salsa is an ideal choice to stay in shape, especially in early pregnancy, but they might become harder to do later in pregnancy. Belly dancing with slow movements is an excellent way for working out during pregnancy.

Advices for the Father

Your partner has started to feel the baby for some time now. Starting with the week 30 you may be able to feel it as well. Make yourself time to be with the mother of your future child and rest your head on her belly so you may be able to feel the movements of your future child. Not only it will help you attach from the little one, but it will also allow you spend quality time with your partner.

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