32 Weeks Pregnant

When being 32 weeks pregnant, you are in the 8th week of pregnancy and you may start to feel mild contractions, which is normal because the organism rehearses for labor. However, you can take certain measures to control these contractions, which after a while tend to become disturbing. One of the uncomfortable things that occur this period is the fact that you need to often change your position. But warm baths have proven their efficiency, as well as a well balanced diet with small meals and a regular consumption of water.

From now on you can start discussing with your family or life partner about what will happen when going into labor, especially because these discussions can prepare you mentally for what`s about to happen.

The symptoms of the third trimester are still persistent, and while the uterus grows along with the baby`s development, you`ll start feeling less comfortable. This will mostly happen due to the respiratory distress, but also because of the way the pregnancy affects your sleep, walking or simply when you just stay and do nothing.

However, you need to be careful for possible fainting, especially because during the last weeks of pregnancy, blood tends to accumulate in the inferior part of the body which may lead to a low pressure. That`s you need to often slowly change the position from time to time to avoid falling or fainting.

The baby`s brain is developing rapidly, and his bones continue to grow and harden, which means you need to continue to make sure your diet is healthy so your baby can benefit of all the necessary nutrients he needs to develop. The wrinkles from the baby`s skin start to disappear and the little one starts to appear more fat due to the layers of fat accumulated under the skin.

Try to be relaxed during this period, especially because the near term to which you need to give birth may cause anxiety. You may already appreciate the value of the information you have received during the Lamaze course.

The Baby`s Development

He continues to grow with every passing day. You should remember that if the little one will be brought into this world during this week, there are 50% – 50% changes from him to survive. It`s possible as during this period, the fetus might change his position to prepare for birth. His skin is still red, but the thin layer of hair that covers his body has started to disappear. However, vernix continues to exist to protect the baby.

The baby`s brain develops significantly during this week, so be careful what you eat to ensure him the necessary nutrients for his development. Anyway, now the baby`s movements won`t happen so often as now he occupies most of the space from the uterus.

Although the rest of his body is well developed, he continues to grow. His eyes are open and already capable of concentrating on a certain image. Also, the baby will now be able to blink.

The umbilical cord is protected by a thin gelatinous substance which protects it from the baby`s movements and kicks., The little one`s skeleton is completely formed, but his bones are still soft and will strengthen later in time. His fingernails and toes are also completely developed. Experts have discovered that among the senses that the baby gets during this period is also the sensitivity to temperature, so if you place a warm cloth on your belly, you may get a little kick as a response.

32 Weeks Pregnant: The Mother`s Body

During the third trimester of pregnancy, the increased uterus may push into the stomach, modifying its normal position, which may lead to burning. To avoid this, you should often eat small portions – around 5 – 6 meals per day and drink liquids between meals. Try to avoid spicy, fat or fried foods, as well as sodas, citrus juices, and wait at least an hour before going to sleep after the last meal of the day. If these burnings aren`t useful, ask your doctor to recommend you a treatment which is safe during pregnancy.

You may find it hard to have a restful sleep during the third trimester without worrying that you may bother your life partner. Talk to him about the best method to feel better the both of you during the night, no matter if it`s about sheets or separate beds. On the other hand, if you feel closer than ever, you might be concern that if you have sex, you might hurt the baby. There`s no reason for concern! For most women it`s alright to have sex until the water breaks.

What to Expect?

It`s good to inform yourself about the first signs of labor. Actually, your body may already pass through periods of contractions more or less regular. They may be weak or strong in intensity, and it`s even possible for some women even not to feel them.

The major difference between the false and real contractions is that the real ones won`t settle down if you change the position or activity that you perform; on the contrary, they`ll increase. When labor starts, the contractions will increase in intensity and length, and will occur more often with time passing.

There are some tests that you are able to do on your own to find out if you really went into labor or not. Sometimes hunger and dehydration can accentuate the intensity of the contractions, that`s why you can drink water and eat something to see if they are reduced. Also, you can change the activity that you are performing and check the rhythm of your contractions. If their pattern isn`t a regular one and the contractions don`t occur more often, then there`s no reason to worry.

You can use certain methods to be more relaxed in anticipation of your delivery: meditations, breathing exercises, aromatherapy, gentle massage, pedicure and manicure, etc.

Advices for an Easier Pregnancy

If you already experience Braxton Hicks contractions, these advices might help:32-weeks-pregnant-in-months

  • Change your position;
  • Make a warm bath for 30 minutes or less;
  • Drink 1 – 2 glasses of water, because Braxton Hicks contractions may appear if you are dehydrated;
  • Drink a glass of milk and warm milk.

If the contractions still bother you, or you experience painful and regular ones, call your obstetrician.

It`s Safe to Use the Seat Belt while Pregnant?

It`s essential to use the seat belt whenever you`re in the car. Actually, it`s dangerous not to use it. Experts claim that the best method of protecting your child is to protect yourself.

Tips for Dads

The fact that the baby will be soon born might make you ask yourself questions about what`s important for you. Start by thinking how things should be at delivery and afterwards! If you want to be present when your baby is born, you probably need to make a plan, especially if you have to travel for work. Once the baby`s born, what can you change in your schedule to ensure you find the necessary time for your baby and life partner? Is there a possibility to work from home? These are only a few from the issues that you and your partner may want to start thinking.

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