33 Weeks Pregnant

This is the beginning of the last trimester of pregnancy and you`ll averagely add an additional weight of 500g every week. Half of your weight is mostly represented by the weight gain of your child. In fact, the baby will gain during the next 7 weeks between 1/3 and ½ from the weight he`ll have at birth, the little one gaining now the necessary weight to be able to survive when passing through the external environment. The fat deposits will make the baby look a bit fat, but also healthy.

Because the baby is relying directly on the nutrients that arrive through the mother`s diet, it`s essential to follow a healthy diet until the end of the pregnancy. If you consume small, regular meals, be careful to diversify your diet and introduce fruits and vegetables, which are so necessary for a healthy development of your child and his immune system.

Burning and indigestion may increase in intensity and it`s recommended to consume healthy snacks and drink fresh fruit juices if you are hungry. Moreover, it`s best to give up any kind of junk food and drinks based on caffeine, even if the temptation if high.

Lots of pregnant women tend to have bleeding gums and experience problems with their teeth due to hormonal changes and variations in blood pressure. On the other hand, teeth can be affected by the type of food you eaten as well. Snacks with cheese and raw vegetables are healthy for your teeth because they increase the level of calcium in the organism. Vitamin C is also essential for dental health, so it`s recommended to eat snacks that include strawberries, lemons, green vegetables or chia seeds.

The Baby`s Development

The layers of fat continue to deposit under the baby`s skin and all the bones harden except the skull, which needs to be more flexible for the moment when baby is born. There`s so much pressure against the baby`s head at birth that some of the little ones are born with slightly conical shape of the head. Actually, the skull won`t harden fully until late teenage allowing the brain and other tissues to grow.

The lungs are almost fully developed, so a baby born at 33 weeks would most likely need to stay in an incubator. The little one is still rather weak, but his general structure is similar to the one at birth. It should be mentioned that if you have triplets, they`ll be born in the week 33. This is a period in which the baby will put himself in a certain position in the uterus. Most babies position with their head down, but if this didn`t happen yet, it may be s time to change his position. One of the most efficient methods is yoga, but if you didn`t practice it by now, it`s better to be careful and consult a specialist.

33 Weeks Pregnant: Your Body

As a result of the increased uterus`s pressure against the veins through which the blood from the legs is transported back to the heart, legs and ankles swelling can become a problem. Also, edema from the legs, arms and hands can push against the nerves, which will lead to a sensation of numbness and tingling. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a frequent condition in pregnancy which appears when the retention of liquids compresses the median nerve in the wrist or carpal tunnel. You may sense pain, numbness and a tingling sensation in your fingers, as well as a muscle weakness of the hand. Also, the retention of liquids and dilatation of blood vessels may cause swelling of the face and eyelids, especially in the morning.

Surprisingly, it will help to drink more water or if you don`t limit it. But if the facial edema persists throughout the day, is severe or associated with headache, visit an obstetrician immediately as these might be symptoms for a medical condition known as preeclampsia. If this is untreated, the disease may lead to serious complications, even death, for the mother and child.

What to Do this Week?

If you decide to give birth at home, you should start preparing. Think about the room in which you`ll be giving birth and check if you need to change the location of your furniture, especially if you`ll be using a small pool for water birth.

Have you discussed with your obstetrician about episiotomy? This is a surgical incision which sometimes is necessary to widen the vaginal canal and ease the birth of the child. Over time, the episiotomy was more and more challenged. Thus, a series of studies have proven that natural perineal tears are less severe, heal just as fast or even faster and have fewer complications compared with the episiotomy incision.

  • Kegel exercises practiced during pregnancy;
  • Perineal massage starting with 5 – 6 weeks before birth;
  • Warm compresses during labor;
  • Effortless expulsion of the child.

What to Expect?33-weeks-pregnant-is-how-many-months

As the baby gains more weight, you can expect to have trouble with your sleeping, walking or sitting. Wear large clothing or you can even tailor some clothes according to the needs of this period. During sleep you can put a few pillows to each of the sides of your body and under your legs to improve your comfort and relieve any cramps due to your weight gain. Also, frequent urination will become an unpleasant habit, especially at night.

Avoid sleeping on your back because this may harm the baby, preventing the blood flow to the little one. That`s why is recommended to sleep on your left side because this is the best position for both you and your baby.

Enjoy as most sleep as you possibly can, because once the baby will be born, you`ll spent many sleepless nights, and if you suffer from insomnia, which is frequently encountered during pregnancy, you need to adopt a proper diet and use relaxation exercises.

Sore feet and legs can also be added to the general discomfort caused by your pregnancy, and that`s why is recommended to do daily walking and increases your sources of calcium (milk, food supplements).

If you sense rhythmic movements in your abdominal area, don`t be afraid because it might only be your baby who hiccups. Even if the little one didn`t turned in the proper position for birth, it`s not too late, though it`s possible for your doctor to want to monitor this now.

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