36 Weeks Pregnant

When being 36 weeks pregnant, your pregnancy has almost come to its end, so a baby born at 36 weeks is definitely a possibility. Moreover, if you count the pregnancy since the moment of conception, you`ll notice it has passed exactly 9 months.

Doctors use another system of calculating the date of your last period. After 36 weeks of pregnancy, the baby has moved and his head is now placed in the inferior side and leans itself on the pelvic bones. It`s possibly to start feeling that the time is barely passing. Now it`s the time when you should be prepared to give birth. If you didn`t already, memorize your partner`s number or write down somewhere, as well as the hospital`s number where you plan to give birth to your baby.

Make sure that your car is always prepared to transport you to the hospital. And if your life partner isn`t always available, talk to a friend to always be ready to take you to the hospital when necessary. Also, have some clothing that you`ll wear at the hospital ready in a bag.

In some cases, the birth may take place somewhere in the following 4 weeks, because a baby born between the weeks 37 and 41 is considered a baby born normally.

36 Weeks Fetus

The little one is almost completely developed and can be considered born at term once the week 36 has ended. The most important change right now is the fact that the baby has changed his position and prepare for birth. In fact, the position with his head down is common for over 95% of cases of birth. Still, the baby can position himself in other positions that are not suited for birth. The doctor will supervise this aspect and keep it under control at your every examination.

The baby now weighs around 2.8kg and stores more fat in his cheeks, knees or elbows, and starts to look rather chubby. Also, his brain develops quite rapidly. The baby blinks, and his gums strengthens along with his muscles which will help with the action of sucking when breastfeeding.

Your baby swallows a certain amount of amniotic liquid that will excrete as urine. In fact, there`s a good balance between the amount of liquid swallowed and the one that is eliminated.

36 Weeks Pregnant: The Mother`s Body

You`ll start feeling an increased pressure in the lower abdomen and you may notice how the baby`s head drops down little by little. This descent of the baby in the pelvic area is known as optimal fetal positioning, and appears around 2 to 4 weeks before birth in the case of women at their first pregnancy.

Along with the descent of the baby, the pressure exerted by the uterus on the diaphragm decreases, the stomach is less compressed and it becomes easier to breath. Unfortunately, these positive aspects are offset by some negative ones, such as cramps in the pelvic and perineal area, reduced mobility or loss of balance (the center of gravity changes again). In addition, you`ll have the tendency to use the toilet more often because the uterus pressures the bladder more. It may help to practice Kegel exercises.

You`ll notice an increase of Braxton Hicks contractions. The real labor will probably follow soon, but to most women it will be said that it has been a false alarm. Although it can be very frustrating, it`s a good practice to exercises how to reach to the hospital fast.

What to Do during this Week?

Now that the birth of your baby is near, how will you know what it actually happens? You should find out more about the signals of real labor which will soon start and how to recognize the real contractions than the false ones.

As already mentioned above, if you`ll go with your personal car to the hospital, make sure it`s ready to use at any time. Now it can also be a good moment to visit your hairdresser because you don`t know when you`ll find the time in the near future.

In the following weeks you could enter into labor at any moment, so it`s best to have all prepared when you reached the 8th month of pregnancy. Find out what items you`ll need for birth and prepare your luggage for maternity.36-weeks-pregnant-signs-of-labour

Advices for an Easier Pregnancy

Before going into labor, most babies will place themselves into a position that will allow them to come into this world with their head first. Still, this won`t always happen. Read about the possible fetal positions at the end of pregnancy and how they can affect birth.

During pregnancy, your body may have changed much more than you originally anticipated, and this change doesn`t stop when your baby is born. After birth, a good healthcare is an essential part of the postnatal care. You should find out more about postpartum care.

Advices for Dads

While for your partner is important to have the luggage for the hospital ready, there are a few things that you may need while she`ll be hospitalized and which is best to have them prepared in advance.

  • Additional clothing;
  • Pajamas;
  • Bathing suit (if she decided to have a water birth);
  • A modern watch which displays seconds as well;
  • Video camera – Make certain it will have enough memory and charged batteries.

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