38 Weeks Pregnant

When a woman becomes 38 weeks pregnant, there are some changes that occur for both the mother and child. Actually, now the baby is fully prepared for birth, with his head in the right position, a reason for which labor can start any time. This may even be the last week of pregnancy, but the baby is in continuous development and he now “rests” on the pelvic bones, being ready for birth to take his first contact with the real world.

In these conditions it`s best to have your hospital luggage ready as it`s possible you may leave in a hurry and it`s more recommended to have everything ready.  In these moments, lots of dads feel the need to offer a gift to their wives to express their appreciation and love, and trying to make from this a memorable moment.

38 Weeks of Pregnancy: Baby Movement

The little one is in constant development and all his internal organs are fully developed. Nevertheless, the lungs and brain will start to function normally when the baby will be born, but they`ll reach maturity as the child will develop.

Already at this time, the pregnant woman will start to imagine how her baby will look once he`s born, and who`s features will inherit. If he`ll have brown eyes, then the child will remain with this color for his entire life, but if he`ll have blue eyes, then there are high chances as during the first months this color will change.

Tear channels are fully developed, while the sexual organs are well developed and the baby`s gender isn`t a mystery for quite some time. In other words, girls will position themselves in a lower location in the uterus than boys, but in both cases the fetus blinks, closes his fists and reacts to sounds. Also, the little one reacts to light and dark, while the layers of fat under his skin will contribute in regulating body heat.

38 Weeks Pregnant: Changes in the Mother`s Body

There are a few changes that occur, both internal and external. External changes can be noticed by others as well, still, the internal ones can only be felt by the pregnant woman. Once you reach your 38 week of pregnancy, you`ll start to feel your legs swollen for longer periods of time, which is normal and represents a sign of the pregnancy ending. Still, if you feel your arms or face swelling, or if you have big pains, then you`ll need to contact your doctor immediately as these may be signs of an medical condition called as pregnancy-induced hypertension, also known as preeclampsia or toxemia. This condition may deprive the placenta from the blood supply it needs and automatically the baby will receive a lower quantity of nutrients and oxygen than he needs. This may prove to be quite dangerous.

While the baby is growing, the woman`s internal organs can be repositioned to make more space for the fetus, which may lead to stomach burning and frequent urination due to more pressure on the bladder. However, this doesn`t mean the consumption of water should be reduced.

What You Should Do this Week?

During this week you`ll have your last prenatal consultation before giving birth, if the pregnancy won`t be prolonged. So, make a list with your last questions that you need to ask your doctor, no matter if it`s about ways of controlling the pain during labor, how much time you`ll need to still be hospitalized after birth or how many weeks you need to wait to come back for a medical consultation.

Are you ready to begin breastfeeding your child? Find out what issues you may now encounter and what it means to correctly feed your newborn.

Advices for an Easier Pregnancy

If your obstetrician considers that the baby is in breech presentation, he`ll recommend performing an ultrasound for confirmation.

The baby is in frank breech presentation when his head is positioned in the upper part of the uterus and his buttocks towards the birth canal with both his legs stretched up in front of the body. This is the most frequent of breech presentation.38 weeks pregnant signs of labor

The baby is in complete breech presentation when he has his head positioned in the upper part of the uterus, and his legs are crossed and bent from the knees, and his feet near the buttocks. Between weeks 32 and 37, the obstetrician may try rotating the baby in the right position by applying a small pressure to the abdomen, as well as pushing and pulling (the external version). Still, if the baby will remain the in breech presentation, it will be recommended a C-section.

Some women may spend their last weeks in the hospital to have the NST performed (the fetal non-stress test). This is a simple, noninvasive test performed during pregnancy after week 26. It`s also known as the test for monitoring fetal heart beats and it involves monitoring the baby`s heart rate as a response to the movements he makes. Healthy babies will react with an increase pulse during these movements, and the pulse will decrease when paused.

Advices for Dads

Did you make your hospital luggage? If not, you shouldn`t postpone it because the baby can be here at any moment.

Lots of fathers think to make a gift to their future boy or girl. It can be a toy, doll, first soccer ball, book or fluffy animal. If you already thought of this, you may probably want to put it in your luggage. Also, you may want to offer a gift to your girlfriend or wife as well. This is a beautiful way to remind her that you love her very much. It doesn`t need to be anything fancy or expensive, just a little something to show her that you care.

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