39 Weeks Pregnant

Now that you are 39 weeks pregnant, you can start preparing to welcome your baby, as from now on you can go into labor at any moment. Moreover, it`s best to pay attention at possible signs that could tell you are going into labor.

39 weeks pregnant

The baby occupies now almost every available space and is prepared to be born and function outside the womb.  Actually, this week a pregnancy is considered at term and the bay can be born without any issues. Due to lack of space, the little one won`t be able to move too much and will want to come out. It`s better to try and relax as in a few days your pregnancy will end and you`ll be able to keep the baby in your arms.

39 Weeks Pregnant: Baby Development

From now on, the baby`s health is good, so he`s prepared to come outside. His lungs are developing even more, just as his entire organism. During this period, the baby should be kept under the doctor`s supervision. You can also keep a journal of the baby`s evolution.

After birth, it may seem that your baby looks different than how you would have expected. Don`t worry, is just a temporary feeling, and after a few days the baby`s features will start to change while his organism will regulate the body temperature.

39 Weeks Pregnancy: The Mother`s Body

You may feel uneasy that your pregnancy has extended beyond due date. Although this date might seem it has a magical significance, it just is an estimation of your baby`s birth date. It`s perfectly normal to give birth with 1 or 2 weeks in advance or after this date. In fact, a pregnancy should last another 2 weeks after this date to receive the official label of stillbirth. Most women give birth between the weeks 37 and 42.

Still, the closer you get to the term, the cervix prepares itself for the birth. After the baby has engaged in the birth canal, he`ll descend gradually until near the cervix, which will start to soften slowly, as well as to become shorter and thinner.  A thinner cervix will be able to dilate easier. Your obstetrician will check the removal of the cervix in the last 2 pregnancy weeks. This removal will be measured in percentages:  the cervix is 25%, 50% or 75% removed. Zero percentage means the cervix has around 3 – 4 cm in length and is very thick. Before birth, the cervix needs to be 100% removed or completely thinned.

What to Expect?

You`ll start imagining with whom will resemble the baby – with you or his father. It isn`t very long until birth as the week 38 has already passed and everything will last for a few more days. Although there isn`t much time, you may still want to monitor the baby`s movements. In other words, you may have already bought a few things for your future baby and it`s time to decide if you want for your life partner to stand by you at birth or you want to be alone. Ultrasounds can tell, if you didn`t find out already, which are the baby`s sizes and gender.

Also, you need to be careful of your baby`s movements and let your doctor know immediately if you feel something is wrong. The same advice is valid for the cases when the water breaks. However, you don`t need to panic because it may pass hours between the first water break and the first contractions.

As already mentioned, during the week 39 of pregnancy, the baby is fully developed and the pregnancy can be considered at term.

What to Do this Week?

Honestly, this week you should relax. Whether is your first child or your third, your life will change significantly once you`ll return home with a new baby, so spend time with your life partner, family and friends, or just you and your thoughts.

If your mother has come to stay with you and help you with your baby, let her spoil you. And let all housework in someone else`s account or just postpone them.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to have a lot of guests who will want to meet the little one, so it`s alright to ask some of them to postpone their visit with 1 or 2 weeks. Or just suggest them to only stop by for just a little time to drink a cup of tea.

During this period, your number one priority should be you and your baby. You`ll need to rest and recover after birth.

Advices for the Father

Talk to your partner about whom you want to come and visit you to the hospital. Do you want to be alone or be surrounded by your friends and family? Depending on what you decide, you`ll have time to make the proper arrangements.

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