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4 Weeks Pregnant

When being 4 weeks pregnant, most women may find out that they are pregnant. The fetus is represented by a small ball full of cells which suffers lots of rapid changes until it will become an embryo. The placenta and umbilical cord are at the beginning of their development.

4 Weeks Pregnant

4 Weeks Pregnant: What`s Happening this Week?

Until this moment it`s possible for you to be pregnant without even knowing. When you are in your 4th week of pregnancy, the gestational age of your baby is of 2 weeks. Your body may start to show signs that you might be pregnant. You may start to notice the lack of menstrual cycle, you may experience frequent urination, your breast may increase in size and might become more sensitive, and you might start to experience morning sickness.

During the 4th pregnancy week, the fertilized egg will move towards the uterus to find a place that will become its home for the next 9 months. The “future baby” will find shelter on the uterine wall, this moment being known as the implantation. The cells will split in two: one group will form the placenta, while the other one will form the embryo. Also, at this moment your baby will develop in what it`s known as the notochord. This is the primitive organ of your future fetus and this where its brain will start to develop. Even from now his brain will be divided in 3 segments:

  • The forebrain
  • The midbrain
  • The posterior brain

The narrow part left after the swelling of the notochord will form the spine and the baby`s nerves, which in time will spread everywhere.

At this point, your “baby” will have between 0.36mm and 1mm in length. It`s not a surprise that you don`t even know that you are pregnant. During your visit to the doctor, it`s possible that he`ll prescribe you some nutritional supplements with folic acid. It`s already common knowledge that folic acid helps the baby to develop and it also prevents the formation of spina bifida, an abnormal development of the baby`s spine. The folic acid is an essential vitamin B which can`t be produced by the mother`s organism and which needs to be taken on a daily basis.

4 Weeks Pregnancy: Symptoms & Signs

During this week, the woman`s body produces higher levels of hCG hormone than the rest of the pregnancy. This hormonal change may produce nausea, headaches, dizziness and even fainting. Other pregnancy symptoms at 4 weeks may include abdominal cramps and pains, most women accusing a higher sensibility around their breasts as well.4 weeks pregnant belly

As you may have already acknowledged, this week of pregnancy is a crucial moment for the development of your baby. That`s why, if you may experience any of the above pregnancy signs, you should contact your doctor immediately.

Changing your Diet & Lifestyle

Don`t forget to eat healthy, drink lots of liquids (especially water), have plenty of rest, don`t consume drugs, smoke or take any medications without your doctor`s knowledge.

A healthy diet based on a diet rich in fiber, a slow chewing when you eat to help your digestion, these are all important aspects to consider during this week of pregnancy. Also, during this period of time you won`t noticed any significant changes with your body, and besides the special cases in which you may be advised by your doctor to change your schedule and take more care of you, you can keep your usual routine without any concern.

When you are 4 weeks pregnant, your pregnancy can already be detected by ultrasound.

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