40 Weeks Pregnant

When you are 40 weeks pregnant it in fact means that you are in the week of ending the pregnancy and, therefore, that`s why you are eager to meet the baby that has developed inside of you for 9 months of pregnancy. It`s a period full of challenges, but also of delight. There`ll be various changes in terms of your body and you`ll also want to do a series of preparations.

However, you should be more careful now because the contractions can start at any time. There are certain techniques and exercises that can be performed during labor. Still, some of them have proven to be ineffective, while others rather dangerous. That`s why, both you and your life partner need to be informed from competent people about the safest and most effective birth methods. If you followed a Lamaze course, you have already learned some of these methods necessary during labor.

40 Weeks Fetus

If you have a boy, you should know that he`ll be born with a bigger weight than if you had a girl. But no matter the gender, the fetus is healthy and sits upside down in the womb.

Except the head bones, the baby has all his bones hardened by now, while his head bones will gradually harden after birth. This is because he needs to have his head a bit flexible to pass through the birth canal. In fact because of this, the heads of children born normally will have a slightly conical shape. The fetus will make a few movements to sit more comfortable, which may cause you pain. Also, the baby is developing his immune system so he can survive the outside environment.

40 Weeks Pregnant: The Mother`s Body

When the cervix is completely dilated at 10cm, it`s time for you to help. It`s time to push! The second stage of labor starts when the dilation is completed. You`ll need to breath actively between contractions and push during contractions. With each contraction, followed by 2 – 3 efforts of pushing, the baby`s head progresses through the birth canal, and you`ll feel a pressure against your bladder and rectum.

The baby`s head will become visible at the vaginal opening, and you`ll then feel a burning and stinging sensation. You`ll be advised not to push, because it will increase the risk of perineal tear and the need of episiotomy.

What to Do this Week?

If you think labor started but you aren’t sure, get in touch with your doctor to ask him for advice. Don`t hesitate to talk if you are worried.

At the last consultation, be prepared to talk about:

  • The possibility of going pass the term;
  • Induction of labor;
  • Caesarean section.

Advices Immediately After Birth40 weeks pregnant

After you gave birth, take care of you and your baby. If you are like most other mothers, you are probably eager not to wear maternity clothing. It can take a while to lose weight after pregnancy, but it`s possible.

Also, it may be the last thing on your mind to do physical exercises after birth, but it`s worth it. In fact, performing physical exercises after birth will most likely help you feel better, which is the best thing you can do for yourself.

When birth is near, you might need to make a few tests. When giving birth, you may have to go through a process of inducing labor or C-section if the doctor considers is necessary, so be prepared. But only accept these interventions if you feel is necessary, because don`t forget: there an instinct of giving birth naturally in every woman, so your body will know best how it needs to behave.

Advices for Dads

You and your partner have heard about the large variety of techniques which can induce labor. Although you are tempted to try some of these methods, it`s important to first talk with the obstetrician about using them. Lots of these methods have proven to be safe, while other are rather dangerous.

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