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5 Weeks Pregnant

Although the symptoms aren`t always present when you are 5 weeks pregnant, a few signs that will help you acknowledge your pregnancy might still appear, such as mood changes or fatigue. Practically, if at this point you are pregnant, you have exactly 1 month of pregnancy.5 Weeks Pregnant

If during the first 5 weeks of pregnancy your menstruation might not appear, this could be a sign that you are pregnant. Still, for your peace of mind, it`s better if you`ll make a pregnancy test, and later another one for confirmation. It`s very important for you to know your ovulation period to avoid any false pregnancy result. Once you found out you are pregnant (through a pregnancy test based on urine samples or on blood samples), you can note down your first day of your last menstruation to be able to calculate the next 9 months as well as the day when you`ll need to give birth.

Once you`ll receive your big news, there are a few things that you need to plan. The most important one is to choose your obstetrician which will be the person that will stay by your side for the next 40 weeks of pregnancy. This is the person who`ll be able to answer any question you might have about your pregnancy and anything related.

Your Baby when Being 5 Weeks Pregnant

In this 5th week, the pregnancy goes through a series of rapid changes, being able to be detected and observed in high resolution transvaginal ultrasound. It will be noticed a small accumulation of fluid in the uterus of around 2mm, while your pregnancy will have around 5 – 6mm at the end of the week. Also, at this point a rudimentary placenta along with the umbilical cord will attach to the uterine wall. With their help, the embryo will be able to receive from the mother all the necessary oxygen and nutrients.

During this week of pregnancy, the embryo can be noticed to the microscope being like a disc formed from 3 layers of cells. The neural tube will be formed from the outer layer of the embryo, which will evolve in various parts of the nervous system: the brain, spine and nervous system. From the middle layer will evolve the heart and circulatory system, while from the inner layer will be formed the digestive system, lungs and urinary system. And yes, at this point his little heart will start to beat!

How your Body Reacts at a 5 Weeks Pregnancy

You might not experience hunger during this week, and the rapid hormonal changes could lead to mood changes which might make you feel frustrated and depressed. Some women might notice more frequent urination, while others may feel their breasts being more sensitive. Most pregnant women will start to feel tired and exhausted during this week. Dizziness and fainting due to a decreased blood pressure are also signs that could be experienced at this point. All these issues might vary from one person to another. There might even be pregnant women who won`t feel any changes during this week.

You might be more agitated or tense now since you`ll becoming a mother. It`s pretty normal, especially this being the first time when you experience these changes. Your body is suffering a lot of important changes in the estrogen and progesterone levels. This can be a cause for sleepiness, vomiting, nausea or disorientation. And let`s not forget of the so well known “cravings.” Along with them, you might also experience nausea for some of the food you eat.

Physically, the first symptoms during the 5th week of pregnancy consist in abdominal pains, cramps and pelvic discomfort. Due to hormonal changes, you might experience sudden mood changes. Other signs of pregnancy happening this week might include bloating, small vaginal bleeding and an increasing of breasts.

Even so, you have nothing to worry about if you show only some or none of these symptoms. Pregnancy is a very personal experience and it cannot be framed by strict rules.

What you need to know for this week, no matter how many changes you experience, is important to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle to protect both you and your baby.

Since now one, you need to go schedule regular visits to the doctor and ask him any question you might have, no matter how small the issue is. He is there exactly for this reason, to offer you the support you need during the 9 months of pregnancy. The same is with your family and friends, who you need to let get close to you.

Chances of Miscarriage at 5 Weeks

If should experience a miscarriage during this week, it`s time to brace yourself. The most frequent miscarriages happen in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. According to more statistics, 85% from all women who experience a miscarriage during their first pregnancy, next time will have a healthy pregnancy.

The signs of a miscarriage at 5 weeks are usually different. Some women may feel they lost their pregnancy before experiencing any physical symptoms. When being 5 weeks pregnant, the symptoms of miscarriage may include cramps, fever, vomiting, back pain or abdominal pains.

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