8 Weeks Pregnant

During the 8th week of pregnancy you`ll need to start filling all the paperwork required by your state to register your baby so a birth certificate can be released after the 9 months will pass.8 Weeks Pregnant

The size of the uterus has now reached the size of a grapefruit and it`s possible your waist to have increased in size as well, although the changes are slow and gradual. Specific pregnancy signs might start to appear, such as burns caused by acidity, or sensation of bloating due to water retention or indigestion. It`s advisable to wear large clothing and comfortable shoes to avoid falling or tripping. Also, remember to consume small daily meals to avoid acidity which can provoke morning sickness.

During this week, some women can experience some of the worst pregnancy symptoms, such as nausea or morning sickness, and if it should happen for them to be correlated with the changes in body shape, they can become extremely uncomfortable and almost unbearable. The only solution is to keep a strict diet mixed with a healthy lifestyle.

8 Weeks Pregnant: The Baby`s Development

The embryo has now all the features of a human being, and now the inner ear will start developing as well. During this period, the development of the bones will begin happening and the muscles may start to easily contract. His nose becomes more visible, and his fingers and toes are still linked to each other, but they now tend to grow a bit longer. While the body of the baby will constantly develop, his embryonic tail will begin to disappear. The baby`s sex can already be confirmed, however, his genital organs aren`t visible yet as they are still in development.

The baby is at the end of his embryonic stage and the beginning of his fetal period. Now his bone structure is formed from cartilage, but starting with the 47th day, the first cells begin to replace the cartilage. The face and maxillary are both well formed with the teeth and the facial muscles in full development. All the vital organs are well placed and they start developing during the next following weeks. The embryo has now almost 2cm and is about the size of a pea, weighing around 3g.

8 Weeks Pregnancy: Changes in the Mother`s Body

At a 8 weeks pregnancy some changes in the body shape finally start to be shown considering that a lot of changes within the organism has already taken place. During this stage, the uterus is the size of a grapefruit, and even it`s not really noticeable, the amount of blood has increased with about 40-50%. The breasts can become more sensitive when they are touched because the body is preparing for lactation. Veins of dark color can be formed around the breasts known as varicose, which is the result of the increased blood circulation. The areolas (the skin surrounding the breast) tend to become darker in color because of the hormonal changes. Some small glands known as “Montgomery tubercles” will start to develop on the areolas, and the nipples tend to increase in size, sometimes eliminating a yellowish liquid that is known as colostrum.

The hormonal level is different from one person to another, is the same thing happening with the hormonal changes that occur during this period. Women with big breasts should now wear a special bra specifically designed with cotton because it offers a good support and prevents the apparition of irritation. You can use an anti stretch marks cream to prevent irritation later during pregnancy. Also, it`s possible at this point for you to experience cramps and lower abdomen pains due to an enlarged uterus. It`s not excluded to also experience contractions of the uterus or occasional pains similar to those provoked by the sciatic nerve.

What to Expect?

Some women who until now they lost weight will start to gain the lost kilos and start adding additional weight. The body has already adapted to the internal changes and that`s why the morning sickness may decrease in intensity in most cases. There are only a few cases in which these symptoms will become stronger, but it all depends on the body`s tolerance level. – Read more!

You are already registered with your own doctor, so it`s about time for your visit. If it`s your first visit, allow yourself more time because you`ll be needing to ask additional details related to your medical history, contraception methods, possible miscarriage or abortion, but also possible treatments or allergies. Also, at this point you`ll receive an examination to check if everything is fine with your pregnancy.

The doctor may prescribe you iron tablets or any other treatments with vitamins if he may see fit. It`s possible for you to also receive an ultrasound examination to see if everything is fine with the fetus. You may be asked to do some other tests such as a CBC (complete blood count), HIV testing, Rh factor, blood group, cystic fibrosis, etc.

Now it`s also the right moment to talk to your doctor about your future diet, workout, possible weight gain, measures to avoid issues with your pregnancy, possible medication or any additional risks. If you have any questions related to any emergency cases, future pregnancy issues, labor or childbirth, you can take this opportunity to ask your doctor everything you want to know.

The records with the visits you made to the doctor are kept within the clinic, but you`ll also receive a copy for informative purposes. You`ll be asked to see the doctor on a monthly basis so any weight gain can be measured or how your pregnancy is developing.

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