9 Weeks Pregnant

During the 9th week of pregnancy, the baby has already passed from being an embryo to being a fetus, and it now measures around 13 to 17mm and weighs around 1g.

9 Weeks Pregnant

If we are talking about a multiple pregnancy, then both babies will have kind of the same length and size.

During this week, the development of the baby is rapid, and he does start to have the shape of a small human being.

Most women during this week of pregnancy experience burns and indigestion due to the fact that their body is in the process of adaptation to the hormonal changes. Starting this period you`ll being gaining weight, and it you should experience loss of weight because of morning sickness, it`s probably best to contact your doctor. You may experience burns around the heart area, mood changes and bloating. Hormonal changes will make you feel tired and you could have trouble sleeping. You could try and create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere around the house and try new positions during sleeping. Try to avoid sleeping on your back or on your belly because you may experience problems with your breathing, digestion or blood circulation.

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9 Weeks Pregnant: The Development of your Baby

Until now, the baby has reached a level of development in which he has the shapes of a real human being, although very, very small. The embryonic tale has disappeared and the baby is ready for a rapid weight gain. The eyelids are still closed, but they are now fully developed and they won`t open until the 28th week of pregnancy. For now, the sex of the child cannot be noticed. His ankles, knees, wrists and elbows are now well developed and flexible, allowing him to move as he pleases in the amniotic liquid. His little heart is also developing, now having 4 chambers with valves.

During this period, the baby`s pulse may be detected at ultrasound, but if this is still not achievable, the doctor will make additional tests to check if everything is in order with the pregnancy. Around now, there are a few things that the baby will for the first time: he`ll start to stick his thumb in his mouth and he`ll start to open his mouth. Although his eyes are formed and ready to function, his eyelids won`t raise yet.

During this week will begin the formation of the salivary glands and vocal cords. The fastest development will be in his arms and legs, while his heart will start beating at 150 beats for minute. His head is still very large compared with his body, and he`s still inclined towards his chest.

9 Weeks Pregnancy: Changes in Mother`s Body

During this week of pregnancy the woman starts to gain weight while her appetite increases. Some women may experience slight bleedings which is nothing serious if the blood isn`t of an intense red color and isn`t followed by pains or cramps. The large levels of progesterone and estrogen will act upon the membrane which may be swelling – this will lead to nose bleedings. Still, this is something beneficial for the cervix. In such cases, you can use a humidifier or vaporizer.

During this period, morning sickness can reach the highest level from the whole pregnancy, a discomfort which will slowly disappear after the 11th week of pregnancy. Besides the cases in which some negative pregnancy symptoms may appear, it`s not really necessary to contact your doctor.

There might be a decrease in your sexual desire because you may experience nausea and always feel tired. On the other hand, some women may experience an increase in their sexual desire due to the increase of their hormones, but this isn`t a reason to panic. Is good to know that the pregnancy can lead to some negative effects to the health of the teeth and a lot of women can get dental caries or infections. A regular wash of the teeth with toothpaste can help in avoiding these issues. Dental infections could lead to premature birth or the baby having a weight under the normal limit. These are the main reasons for which these symptoms need to be treated by a dentist.

What to Expect?

If you are over 35 years old or you have a medical history of genetic diseases in your family, you should talk to your doctor about this so he can guide you in following some prenatal tests. These tests should be made between the 9th and 12th weeks of pregnancy to detect possible chromosome abnormalities or genetic diseases. Unfortunately, these tests don`t offer details on how serious a possible health condition may be. Perhaps you`ll only experience minor health issues such as varices which can appear because of a poor blood circulation or various hereditary factors. This can be avoided through a healthy diet that is rich in fibers and regular workout.

Pelvic floor exercises can be practiced during this period, but swimming or walking can also be good alternatives. Homeopathy, acupuncture, aromatherapy or ayurvedic treatments can also be used because they are safe and they don`t offer side effects for the baby. Try to avoid improper positions while standing or seating, and also avoid staying in the same position for too long. The uterus has increased and the belly has also increased a bit, so you`ll need proper clothing to wear. You may still experience some of the symptoms from the beginning of the pregnancy, such dizziness, nausea or fatigue.

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