Hey, my name is Emma Green. Welcome to my PregWorld wesbite!

I decided to start this website long before I became pregnant. My mother was a doctor, my sister is a nurse, so I come from a “medical” family, so to speak. Why pregnancy? Because I love everything about the idea and I wanted to be prepared for when I`ll become a mother – which I did. Now I`m happy to say I`m the mother of a handsome 2-year old boy and maybe soon God will bless us with a girl too, who knows?

I like to read a lot, and when I find an article about pregnancy, baby care, toddlers, anything related, I cannot go pass it without taking a peak.

I hope you`ll find my site useful as I`m always trying to add quality info on pregnancy and other related subjects. If you are a mom or you want to become one, I hope you`ll find my site helpful in some way.