Is It Safe To Drink Alkaline Water While Pregnant?

Medical related magazines are talking all the time about what future mothers are or aren`t allowed to consume. It is widely known that shellfish or alcohol aren`t really a great idea for soon-to-be mothers; however, there aren`t lots of people addressing whether or not alkaline water is safe to consume.

Alkaline Water While Pregnant

Lots of women aren`t even aware what alkaline water really is, and perhaps have not tested their water`s pH for quite some time either.

What Is Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water, also known as ionized water, is usually referring to water which has a level of pH of over 7. This type of water can be prepared by only making use of a faucet that is based on water ionizer. This particular technique has become more and more popular lately.

According to the way most people think, consuming this kind of water aids in balancing the body`s levels of pH. Consuming processed foods in an increased manner has a tendency of creating an acidic pH within the body, and ionized water could aid neutralizing the body`s acidity, turning the pH to normal values.

Is It Safe to Drink Alkaline Water while Pregnant?

The very first concern you may have is perhaps if this type of water is dangerous for the baby and to your pregnant body. There`s an article written by Judith Tompkins on LiveStrong that “claims” there isn`t yet a scientific research made on whether or not ionized water has any harmful effects to human health.

More than this, the body masters the balance between alkaline and acid levels very well, so it could work to somehow counteract the problem if there may ever be too much alkaline in the system.

Even though a woman`s pregnancy is an amazing period of time in her life, uncomfortable negative effects are quite common in some cases. Here`re a few of those negative effects as well as how alkaline water might be able to aid.

Morning Sickness & Nausea

As you might know already, the “morning sickness” term is quite misleading most of the time, as it can occur just about at any hour of the day. In fact, morning sickness is nothing else than nausea occurring in the early morning. Again, those long-debated hormones are most of the time to blame for any sensations of nausea.

Signs might range from feeling nauseous to literally vomiting a few times per day. The symptom of morning sickness generally dissipates after about 3 months of pregnancy. Still, there`re some pregnant women who experience this sign throughout their entire period of 9 months of pregnancy.

Alkaline water could aid in this matter. According to Sang Whang, a well known scientist and promote of ionized water, if the pregnant woman has a proper alkaline reserve, meaning enough supply of alkaline mineral that should have the form of alkaline buffer in the bloodstream, she wouldn`t even experienced nausea or morning sickness.

In different circumstances, not only that she would experience a serious morning sickness and nausea, but her placenta wouldn`t have sufficient alkaline minerals in order to neutralize the entire acidic discharges from her baby while pregnant.

Heartburn & Indigestion

Over 50% of expecting mothers claim they experience signs of serious heartburn. This pregnancy symptom occurs due to changing levels of hormones. An increased-in-size uterus might crowd the abdomen, pushing the acid of the stomach up as well.

Alkaline water relieves symptoms of indigestion and heartburn by aiding to buffer some of the acids of the stomach.

Fatigue & Reduced Energy

Lots of future mothers tend to feel rather tired and sluggish at times, especially during the 1st and 3rd pregnancy trimesters. This sign of fatigue most of the times occur due to pregnancy hormones as well as the additional work the body needs to do in order to adapt to the new human being developing inside.

It`s essential to try and remain well hydrated. This can aid balance your immunity and boost your levels of energy.


High hormonal levels, pressure on the rectum from the uterus and supplements of iron may all lead to constipation while pregnant. The best methods of relieving this common sign of pregnancy are to consume at least 6 water glasses and increase the intake of fibers on a daily basis.

Is Alkaline Water Safe to Drink while Breastfeeding?

According to Only the Breast, alkaline water is one of the top products when it comes to healthier milk during breastfeeding as well as better production of breast milk. Both mother and baby feel a lot better when drinking ionized water.

  • Increasingly Alkaline – It aids in improving the balance of pH, flushing acidic water and boosting the involved person`s vitality.
  • Strong Antioxidant Effect – Alkaline water produces an abundant supply of strong antioxidants in every glass.
  • More Oxygen – As water gets ionized, it offers a rich source of additional oxygen, which is almost double of what bottled water or tap water offers.
  • Superior Hydration – It offers six times more hydration than other types of water; it is refreshing and silky smooth.
  • Helps with Weight Loss – Every glass aids flush your body of acids and dangerous toxins. This mixed with the fact that it offers more hydration, ionized water represents a wonderful method of losing weight.

Is Alkaline Water Safe for Babies?

Alkaline water might provide lots of health advantages for the mother. However, an important question is also whether or not is safe for the baby.

  • Generally speaking, it`s maybe best to try and avoid offering ionized to the little one since there`s no scientific evidence yet that could confirm its benefits. Keep in mind that the mother`s milk is the best possible type of food when it comes to infants up to 6 months, and it`s a very good idea to begin introducing to the little one whole foods which are unprocessed as well as natural after he manages to cross this crucial milestone in his life.
  • Be certain you get in touch with a pediatrician before deciding to give your baby ionized water. If the doctor decides it`s ok to give him alkaline water, at least don`t give him 30 to 45 minutes before or after his meals. – Read more!
  • It`s perhaps best to look for advice from your doctor before attempting to feed the little one with anything new, especially if he is very little.
  • It`s a good idea to try and avoid using ionized water to combine with formula or other foods. You should perhaps stick to tap water when it comes to mixing water with some of the foods you give your baby.
  • If the little one takes particular drugs, be certain you`ll try to avoid offering him ionized water in order to avoid any potential interactions.
Image courtesy of alkalinewaterplus.com

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