What Is Anorgasmia In Women?

As everyone talks about methods to improve sex life and ways to get orgasms as intense as possible, there are women who have never even reached the heights of pleasure. These are the ones who suffer from anorgasmia.

Anogarsmia In Women

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What Is Anorgasmia in Women?

Anorgasmia is the inability of women to achieve orgasm, regardless if we talk about vaginal stimulation or clitoral stimulation. Practically, the orgasm doesn`t start after the stage of normal excitement when the woman manages to feel pleasure during the act of sexual intercourse. Anorgasmia is something quite common and affects quite a lot of women.

However, this doesn`t mean that the woman is frigid as she shows the desire and feels pleasure to some extent, while cold people suffer from the total absence of pleasure and sexual desire.

Unfortunately, both frigidity and anorgasmia reach almost 10% of women around the world, and 1 in 3 admitted that they had this problem at some point in their lives. – Check this!

Orgasms usually tend to vary as intensity, and women also tend to vary as a frequency of orgasms or amount of stimulation required to trigger their orgasms. Actually, women don`t only experience orgasms through vaginal penetration. In addition, orgasms frequently change with drugs taken, medical problems or age.

If you are satisfied with the orgasms of your sexual activities, there no reason to worry. However, if any lack of orgasm or intensity of orgasms bothers you, you should maybe get in touch with your doctor.

Experts classified anorgasmia in 2 types, depending on how women managed to feel pleasure:

  • Primary anorgasmia is when the woman has never felt any pleasure, either vaginal penetration or masturbation.
  • Secondary anorgasmia is when the woman succeeds in feeling pleasure and orgasm, especially through masturbation.

What Are the Causes?

As any sexual problem, anorgasmia can be triggered by organic, behavioral or psychological causes:

  • Painful sexual intercourse (vaginism, dyspareunia).
  • The inability of the partner to stimulate or even the partner`s brutality.
  • Lack of sexual desire or loss of libido with your current partner.
  • Installing the routine in relationship or the disappearance of the feelings that bind the partners.
  • Traumatic experiences in the past, still undecided (rape, sexual abuse).
  • Bad image to one’s own person and his own body.
  • Education that devalues ​​sexuality.

What Are the Signs?

From the medical condition`s definition, we understand that the major signs of anorgasmia include the long delays in reaching an orgasm or inability to experience it. However, there are several types of anorgasmia in women:

  • Generalized anorgasmia – Meaning you are not able to experience an orgasm with any partner or in any kind of situation.
  • Lifelong anorgasmia – Meaning you have never experienced orgasms. – Visit this online page!
  • Situational anorgasmia – Meaning you can experience an orgasm only in specific circumstances, like oral sex or with particular partners.
  • Acquired anorgasmia – Meaning you once used to experience orgasms, however, not you experience difficulties in experience them.

What Are the Solutions?

Fortunately, there are solutions. If the problem is related to health, she has to talk with the gynecologist, if the problem is psycho-behavioral, psychotherapy gives amazing results in these issues. Of course, if the problem is somewhere in the couple, the woman needs to talk to her partner and find a solution together.

Therapy & Lifestyle Changes

For a lot of women, the main part of treatment will include addressing relationship problems and daily stressors. Trying to understand your own body and attempting distinct types of sexual stimulation may also help a lot.

  • Trying sex therapy. Sex therapists are specialized in treating sexual concerns. You might be somehow nervous or embarrassed about talking to a sex therapist, but they can prove to be quite helpful when dealing with this issue. They often include help with communication skills, behavioral exercises and sex education.
  • Find couple counseling. Disagreements or conflicts in the relationship may affect the ability of reaching an orgasm. A counselor can definitely help in this regard and help you work your disagreements.
  • Increasing sexual stimulation. Women who have never experienced an orgasm might not be getting enough efficient stimulation sexually. Some women require either direct or indirect stimulation of their clitoris to reach an orgasm, but not all of them are aware of this issue.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy. This kind of therapy is attempting to change your negative thoughts. You might receive masturbation exercises to do so you can learn how to reach orgasms by yourself.
  • Understanding your own body better. It`s useful if you succeed in understanding what you like when where you like to be touched. If you think you require a refresher course regarding your genital anatomy, you can talk to your doctor about it. If you aren`t comfortable with exploring your own body, you can try it with your partner.

Medical Treatments

Hormone therapies don`t offer guarantees about fixing anorgasmia. However, they may help to some extent.

  • Testosterone therapy – The hormone of happiness plays an essential role in the sexual function of women, but in lower amounts. Testosterone might help increase their sexual arousal. Still, replacing this hormone in women is somehow controversial and it isn’t approved by FDA. – Read this!
  • Treating underlying medical conditions – If a condition is hindering your own ability of reaching orgasms, attempting to treat the underlying cause might resolve the issue. Changing drugs know for inhibiting orgasms might eliminate the signs as well.
  • Estrogen therapy for women at menopause – Estrogen therapy in a systematic way – by patch, gel or pill – may offer a positive effect on mood factors or brain function which affect sexual activity. Local estrogen therapy includes a slow-releasing suppository or vaginal cream or ring which you put in the vagina, which in turn may increase blood flow to your vagina and aid improve your sexual arousal. In certain situations, the doctor might offer you a prescription of combined progesterone and estrogen.
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