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Back Pain After Period: Why Do I Experience This?

Almost all women may experience back pain after period at some point during their life. Most of them choose to spend those few days locked up in their houses to endure on their own these unpleasant situations.

Back Pain After Period

Back Pain after Period (Sign / Pregnancy?)

Did you asked yourself why do your back hurt during or after your period? Well, these pains are sometimes normal and are caused by the uterine contractions which radiate to the pelvic area.

When the body contracts itself in the attempt of getting rid of the uterine mucosa during menstruation, there may be a pressure put on the blood vessels on that area, which leads to a restriction or loss of oxygen supply of the close by muscles. This leads to these pains that may sometimes last for a few days after your periods ends.

You shouldn`t worry about this being a pregnancy sign as long as you don`t experience other symptoms.

Why Am I Having Cramps after my Period?

Is it normal to have ramps after period? Sometimes, yes! Ovulation is considered to be the main cause for cramps after periods. This happens when the egg exist the ovaries. Generally there isn`t any pain, but some women claim to have pelvic cramps after a period, when ovulation starts. This pain is usually rather different than that experienced during menstruation.

If your period ended but still cramping, there may be several causes for experiencing this:

  • Hormonal imbalance – When a women doesn`t have her hormones in balance, some of the body`s processes evolve rather fast. There are several symptoms of a hormonal imbalance and one of the involve cramps.
  • Uterine cysts – Cysts may form in the uterus and may cause cramps or bleeding after period. – More info!
  • Implantation – Some experience bleeding when implantation occurs. When this happens, the lining of the uterus shed and may cause light bleeding which doesn`t last for more than 1 – 2 days. Sometimes, this might be accompanied by abdominal cramps or sharp pain which usually disappears rapidly.
  • Birth Control – A lot of women who are taking birth control pills may notice bleeding and cramps after the period ends. Again, this may be cause by hormonal changes.

How Do You Get Rid of a Back Cramp?

If you want to get rid of back pains or cramps, contract your abdominal muscles and put your right leg over your left knee in a resting position. Then, take the left thigh with your hands and get your legs towards your body. Keep this position for 30 seconds, and get your legs to your starting position. Repeat the same process on your other side.

What Are the Symptoms of Primary Dysmenorrhea?

Probably the most troubling symptom of dysmenorrheal is pain. This occurs in the lower abdomen during period and might be felt in the thighs, hips or lower back as well. Other signs might include vomiting, general achiness, nausea, diarrhea or lightheadedness. – Click here!

Most women claim that the pain generally starts immediately after or during their period, peaks after 1 day and then disappears gradually after 2 or 3 days. Sometimes pieces or clots of blood tissue from the uterine lining are forced out leading to pain.

Abdominal Pain after Period – Could I Be Pregnant?

A lot of women are worried they may be pregnant if they experience cramps a week after menstruation. But this rarely happens. First and maybe the most important, soon after menstruation a woman won`t ovulate under normal conditions, because is too soon for her body to physically be able to. Even if this would have happened, the implantation process won`t have happened so soon.

Last but not least, sperm might be in the organism and traveling on its way towards the egg, but it`s still too soon for the pregnancy to have happened yet. If this would have happened, the fertilized egg wouldn`t have found its way to the uterus just yet, so we cannot associate this with the idea of pregnancy.

Abdominal cramps after menstruation may just be your organism readjusting out of the menstrual cycle.

Following the menstruation, there may a good chance that an irregularity may be happening when the organism is ovulating too fast. This may allow a pregnancy to develop soon after a period. A very common misunderstanding is that women aren`t able to become pregnant during menstruation, but actually they can – this just happens very rarely.

In most situations, it`s best for a woman to be patient for 1 or 2 days to pass and see if the pain doesn`t disappear. If the pain is still there then, it`s recommended to consult a doctor.

Back Pain after Period (Spotting)

According to most experts, back pain and spotting with 1 week after menstruation may involve uterine polyps. These are usually harmless, benign swelling which develops within the uterus and are connected to hormonal oscillations. Specific infections and birth control pills may cause back pain or spotting as well.

Other experts claim that spotting and back pain after period is a common of sign of mittelschmerz, a medical condition during which most women experience serious pain during ovulation. These are sudden pains accompanied by spotting. If it may happen to also experience nausea or high fever along with back pain or spotting, it`s recommended to get in touch with a doctor as soon as possible, because these signs may indicate an appendicitis.

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