10 Benefits Of Eating Plums During Pregnancy!

Did you know that plums during pregnancy aren`t just juicy fruits that have a special taste, but also are very healthy for both the mother and baby? If you are pregnant and you are searching for some seasonal fruits with multiple benefits, then you`ll be happy to find out which are 10 of the best benefits of eating plums.

Plums During Pregnancy

Among the fact that they are very tasteful fruits, they also help to maintain both your mind and body healthy.

Plums are an important source of vitamin C, A, K, potassium and fibers.

Both plums (fresh plums) and prunes (dried plums) contain 2 phytonutrients, known as neoclorogenic and chlorogenic acid, which have strong antioxidant qualities, destroying free radicals that attack human cells. Also, phenols, other beneficial compounds from plums, protect the natural layer of fat which make up the human brain.

Another advantage that comes from eating plums is the fact that they increase, through vitamin C, the absorption capacity of iron. Plums have high energy properties, especially due to the natural sugar content. In addition, plums are generally praised because they banish tiredness and stress, but also because they are a reliable ally of most intestinal functions.

10 Benefits of Eating Plums during Pregnancy

Is it safe to eat plums during pregnancy? Well, it`s not only safe, but there lots of benefits that come from this. And although the benefits are plenty, we outline here only ten of what we think are the best advantages that come from consuming them.

Boosting Memory

Did you know that if you eat at least 3 plums each day, their strong antioxidants help you eliminate damaged cells that affect your memory?

Ideal for Diets

Although it`s not a good idea to think about diets during pregnancy, some women are still concerned with this aspect. Plums are low in calories which means they are perfect to be included in your diet even if you are pregnant. Each plum contains at least 30 calories, meaning 1.5% from the recommended calories for each day of diet based on 2.000 calories per day. The calories from plums can be burned easily – only 4 – 5 minutes of swimming.

Prevention of Heart Diseases

Plums are low in fats each fruit containing less than 0.2 of fat. Additionally, they don`t contain saturated fats, which can increase the risk of heart attack through the increase of cholesterol.

Full of Good Carbohydrates

If the diet that you are following prohibits the carbohydrate intake, plums can be among the few fruits that are allowed to consume. However, be careful because prunes have a high concentration of carbohydrates which stimulate pancreas to produce insulin, so maybe it`s best only to consume plums if you don`t want to have problems with your blood sugar levels and an increased risk of developing diabetes.

Rich in Vitamin C

Plums are a good source of vitamin C, each fruit containing 7% from the recommended daily intake. Vitamin C is an antioxidant, so plums can protect your cells from possible degradation.

Vitamin C helps in producing carnitine, a product synthesized from the lysine and methionine amino acids which play an important role in the metabolism of living cells, in fat tissue decomposition and its conversion in energy.

Protection against Cancer

A medium-sized plum contains 113mg of potassium, a mineral which keeps blood pressure under control and reduces the risk of brain stroke. If this doesn`t convince you, the reddish-bluish pigment of plums, also known as anthocyanin, can help in preventing various types of cancer.

Beneficial for Bones

Plums contain vitamin A, and a single fruit contains 8% from the daily intake for this vitamin, which is recognized for promoting bone recovery and growth.

Combating Anemia

As you know, some pregnant women can suffer of anemia from various reasons. The mechanism through which plums prevent and combat anemia isn`t related to their increased content of iron, but due to the action of vitamin C, which is involved in the absorption of iron in the digestive organs, playing an indirect role in preventing and treating iron deficiency anemia.

Treating Constipation

Numerous factors favor this problem which was noticed more and more often among adults, especially pregnant women. Some of these factors are: physical inactivity, poor nutrition in fresh fruits and vegetables, eating mostly meat, not practicing any sport, etc. – Read more!

Consumption of plums helps in preventing and treating constipation. A portion of plums at every 2 – 3 days, preferably in the afternoon, is recommended due to the high content of cellulose and mucilage, which have a beneficial effect on the intestine, stimulating intestinal transit and a laxative effect.

Prevention of Diabetes

Diabetes is characterized by impaired glucose metabolism and its variations in the blood. Although they have a moderate content of carbohydrates, plums exhibit control blood sugar and prevent diabetes by stimulating glucose metabolism.

What Else Are They Good for?

As already mentioned, these small fruits are a wonderful source of vitamin C, copper, potassium, dietary fiber, but also vitamin A, K1, the entire group of vitamin B, iron, manganese and magnesium.

  • Consumption of Plums Enhances the Absorption of Iron from Foods – The biggest advantage from consuming fresh plums when you are pregnant is that they offer large amounts of vitamin C, which is already common knowledge that enhances the absorption of iron from foods, preventing anemia. Because vitamin C isn`t stored into the organism, its content should replenished through daily intake from fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C is necessary for the synthesis of collagen in the connective tissue, offering flexibility and stability. At the same time, this vitamin is like a shield against chronic inflammations in the organism, such as chronic otitis, osteoarthritis. Being a good antioxidant and neutralizer of free radicals, the consumption of the vitamin C keeps away hypertension, type 2 of diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. Clinical studies have suggested that consuming fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C reduces the risk of stroke, heart diseases, cancer, etc.
  • Plums Improve Gastrointestinal Tract Functions – Prunes help with constipation. They are a good source of soluble fibers, help in eliminating cholesterol from the organism, encourage the intestinal motor function such as diseases, colon cancer, colitis, Crohn’s disease, etc. Fresh plums, rich in minerals and fibers, also have a moderate laxative effect. Insoluble fibers that are contained by plums are a good food for “friendly” bacteria from the large intestine, contributing to their growth.
  • Plums – Beneficial for Pregnant Women – Plums contain vitamins A, C and K, which are necessary for the cell growth and division, bone and retinal development, according to National Institutes of Health. Vitamin C fights against infections during pregnancy, supports the proper development of the connective fetal tissue, while vitamin K helps in retaining calcium in the organism. In turn, dietary fibers support intestinal transit, which during pregnancy has a tendency of slowing down.
  • Plums Increase the Level of Intelligence – A series of research have shown the advantages of consuming plums, due to phenols which are unique antioxidants in plums. Some of these benefits include the role of protecting lipids on the brain`s tissue from the oxidative stress brain cells. By consuming plums you are improving many functions of the brain.
  • Eliminate Stress & Fatigue – Plums contain natural tranquilizers, which calm nerves and regulate sleep.
  • Their Consumption Fights against Premature Aging – Antioxidants in foods that have an anti-aging effect are in general vitamin A, C, zinc, selenium. Due to antioxidants, by consuming plums you are reducing harmful effects of the free radicals from the atmosphere.
  • Plums Maintain Eyesight – According to Archives of Ophthalmology, the consumption of 3 plums per day reduces the risk of macular degeneration of the retina, which remains the main cause for losing eyesight at older people.
  • Plums against Osteoporosis – Plums contain numerous substances, such as boron, potassium, vitamin K1 and copper, which by acting together they help in the developing and maintaining of the bone system health.A medical study has discovered that women who consume 12 prunes on a daily basis have shown an increase in biomarkers, which indicate bone development.The secret of a healthy body is simple and in handy: eat fresh fruits and vegetables and make exercises as often as you can!

How Many Calories Does a Plum Have?

Plums are recommended during pregnancy and weight loss diets due to their low caloric intake – only 46 calories per 100g – and also because they are rich in fibers and nutrients.

Prunes (dried plums) contain a lot more calories than fresh plums – around 300 calories per 100g – so they must be consumed in moderation.

Plum Nutritional Benefits

Fresh plums offer a wide range of nutrients which are precious for health, in exchange for a reduced number of calories. Thus, 100g of fresh plums have the following nutritional benefits:

  • 46 kcal – Calories
  • 42g – Carbohydrates
  • 70g – Protein
  • 28g – Fat
  • 40g – Fibers
  • 5 – Folate
  • 417mg – Niacin
  • 135mg – Pantothenic Acid
  • 029mg – Pyridoxine
  • 026mg – Riboflavin
  • 028mg – Thiamine
  • 345 IU – Vitamin A
  • 5 mg – Vitamin C
  • 26 mg – Vitamin E
  • 4g – Vitamin K
  • 1mg – Sodium
  • 157mg – Potassium
  • 6mg – Calcium
  • 057mg – Copper
  • 17mg – Iron
  • 7mg – Magnesium
  • 052mg – Manganese
  • 16mg – Phosphorus
  • 0g – Selenium
  • 10mg – Zinc
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