Best Essential Oils For Cuts And Scrapes!

Being the mother of a naughty boy, you may have to face lots of injuries all the time. When your child screams that something red may be flowing, your goal isn`t just to stop him from bleeding, but also to clean and disinfect his wound, as well as reduce any visible scars.

Best Essential Oils For Cuts And Scrapes

The Beginnings of Essential Oils

Let`s be honest! It`s almost common knowledge these days that essential oils as people know them today are rather new in the field of therapies based on plants. Although ancient civilizations did develop crude methods of distillations, the essential oils which have been extracted several centuries ago were a lot less filtered and potent than the pure compounds that we use today are. The same rule applies when it comes to poultices and salves which were extracted from healing herbals. They all included essential oils and, therefore, were quite efficient at managing and even preventing illnesses. Still, they certainly lacked the power of the best essential oils that today are used from the medicinal point of view.

Modern Era of Essential Oils

“Aromatherapy” wasn`t introduced officially until Rene Maurice Gattefosse, a well known French chemist, first coined this phrase 80 years ago. He became interested in the usage of essential oils after an accident that happened in 1910 when he burned his hand quite badly and started using an available salve in his lab: an undiluted compound of lavender oil that eased his pain and healed his injury without him experiencing any scars or infections.

Because of Rene Maurice Gattefosse`s work, dr. Jean Valet was able to use the best possible essential oils in order to treat soldiers who suffered injuries in the World War II, leading to Marguerite Maury being the very first individual to “personally prescribe” the best possible essential oils mixed to a Tibetan method for treating nerve endings along the spinal cord through back massage.

By now, the best possible essential oils when it came to healing have started to become crucial for alternative medicine worldwide.

Best Essential Oils for Cuts and Scrapes

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender oil represents a “first aid” that you should always have around. Add a couple of drops of this oil straight on an injury to stop the bleeding, clean the whole wound and disinfect any bacteria. There`s a study showing that open lashes treated with this particular oil heal a lot more rapidly and with no traces other than those that were treated with a triple antibiotic ointment.

Lavender oil also reduces pain when applied locally on the back, shoulders or feet, as well as those produced by wounds, cancer or arthritis. You can apply a few drops and massage your left and right side of the head when experiencing headaches. It also relieves insect stings.

Chamomile Essential Oil

Chamomile essential oil, produced by the beautiful chamomile flowers, has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that make it efficient when it comes to treating scrapes and wounds. It`s touted for its tender care for more sensitive skin, which include diaper rashes or eczema of babies, so this oil can be used without irritating their skin.

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon oil does not only uplift your entire spirit; it`s amazing when it comes to sterilizing wounds as well. This essential oil is cold pressed from the lemon`s peels and contains powerful bactericidal, antimicrobial and antiseptic properties which make it good for treating scrapes or cuts.

Just inhaling the flavor of this oil offers lots of benefits in calming down your baby who just got a little injury, so use lemon oil to disinfected the wound and notice how it works wonders.

Helichrysum Essential Oil

Also called Everlasting oil, this oil gets extracted from helichrysum flowers, which in fact don`t have any petals; however, they do have translucent dry “bracts,” making them seem always bloom, hence its name.

This is considered among the best possible choices in terms of helping wounds or cuts heal. You are able to use this oil undiluted in small amounts on cuts. For older wounds and new scars, simply dilute the oil to 5% in Rosehip seed oil before applying the mixture. This particular oil is also very powerful for scar tissue regeneration and healing wounds. It`s said that this oil diluted with pure vegetable oil fastens the healing process so much that you can in fact be witness to the entire process with your own eyes. Regardless if this is true or not, this essential oil do offer some amazing healing benefits which are backed by lots of research as well.

Oregano Essential Oil

There are a few studies that proven the benefits on blood count changes, performance, antifungal and antibacterial abilities of oregano oil. In fact, it`s really wonderful – these benefits seem without limit. According to DrEricz.com, oregano is used for various respiratory tract disorders, including croup, bronchitis, coughs or asthma. It`s used for GI disorders as well, which include bloating or heartburn. Others various uses include UTIs, heart conditions or headaches. Oregano oil is taken orally for allergies, cold, flu, fatigue, sinus pain, earaches or intestinal parasites.

Is Coconut Oil Good for Healing Wounds?

There`s a study on laboratory rats that proves coconut essential oil is able to help when it comes to wound healing. The study found evidence that burn lesions treated using this essential oil healed much faster than lesions that were left untreated. Coconut essential oil seems to have antibacterial properties which may aid reduce skin infections as well.

Can You Put Tea Tree Oil on an Open Wound?

Occasionally known as melaleuca oil, tea tree oil comes from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia plant that can be found in Australia or other subtropical areas, such as Portugal or Spain. It`s generally used in treating skin conditions like microbial infections, burns, cuts, stings or bites.

This oil is also very useful as an antimicrobial when it comes to fungal infections, and quite well known as an ingredient in pretty much everything from toothpaste to lotions.

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