What Is The Best Formula For Gas And Constipation?

While pregnant, women are always worried since they are carrying a life inside them and always want to make certain their angels are comfortable inside their bellies. After giving birth, you may think these worries would stop, but this isn`t so at all.

Best Formula For Gas And Constipation

New mothers start to concern themselves even more since their newborns are more prone to getting many health related issues. For example, if the little ones get constipated, it`s the mother`s duty to find out what is the best formula for gas and constipation.

But generally speaking, babies are our blessing, no matter if you planned to have a baby or you were surprised to see the positive result of the pregnancy test. Still, babies can easily get constipated since they don`t have a well developed digestive system just yet.

When talking about a formula for constipation, it`s best to take into consideration that two babies don`t have the same digestive abilities, and because of this you shouldn`t use the same formula that may have worked for the babies of your colleagues from work.

Some babies may have allergic reaction to particular components of a certain formula for constipation. Due to this reason, it`s recommended to get in touch with a pediatrician.

How to Detect Constipation in Babies?

Obviously, babies who experience constipation require special treatment, but how sure can you be that you know that is really bothering your baby?

Before everything else, you have to acknowledge that constipation isn`t about your baby pooping frequently. The little one may be just fine if he has soft stools even at 4 – 5 days. You don`t really have to jump to any conclusions just yet. Here`re a few symptoms of a baby who is constipated:

  • If the little one`s stools have a hard consistency.
  • If he doesn`t pool once in 5 – 10 days.
  • If the baby`s poops are bloody or black.
  • If he doesn`t seem comfortable or he finds it difficult to poop.

Keep in mind that each baby has a different digestion, so it`s completely normal for certain newborns to poop less frequently than other ones. It the little one may seem to have difficulties when trying to go or facing any of the above issues, you should better get in touch with a pediatrician.

A doctor will be able to investigate the little one`s health problem and offer proper advice on what to do next to relief the baby`s constipation.

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When You Should Start Alarming Yourself?

If the little one`s diarrhea tends to be excessive in volume and frequency, or if you start noticing any of the below signs, get in touch with your health care provider or pediatrician:

  • He refuses to eat.
  • Decreased activity.
  • Bloody stools or mucus in his stools.
  • Irritability.
  • Fever.
  • Urine with dark color.
  • Vomiting.
  • Decreased urine.

What Is the Best Formula for Gas and Constipation?

Gas is a frequent issues for little ones, especially if they`re fed with formula. According to Kelly Bonyata, found of KellyMom.com, babies fed with formula usually have more intestinal gas than babies fed by breastfeeding.

Though babies fed with formula usually have the most issues with gas, there`re certain formulas which are produced to aid reduce gas in newborns.

Earth`s Best Organic

This formula is so easy to digest as it contains a low lactose amount and it is gentle as it is mainly made of whey and has lots of carbohydrates which will not upset the little one`s stomach.

An additional bonus is that it is completely natural, so you can feel safe about using this formula. You will not find any type of artificial colors or flavors, steroids, growth hormones or antibiotics in this formula either.

It is totally fine to offer it to babies and can be consumed up to 1 year of age. This formula doesn`t contain iron, but will not lead to constipation or contribute to tummy problems or spitting up.

Enfamil Prosobee

Enfamil Prosobee is an infant formula based on soy which doesn`t have any lactose or cow`s milk. Babies who have gas due to their bodies not being able to digest the proteins of cow`s milk generally benefit from changing to a formula such as Enfamil Prosobee, according to MedicineNet.com.

Engamil Prosobee can aid to reduce intestinal gas in certain newborns, although may not exactly be the right formula for all newborns.

Enfamil Gentlease

Engamil Gentlease is perhaps one of the first formulas recommended by pediatricians, and will work great.

It also has broken down proteins` properties and will help your little one`s tummy, and after around 7 days, you should notice less crying or fussiness as intestinal gases will be gone.

This formula is stacked with all the vitamins and nutrients that aid the baby to develop. Lots of mothers who us this particular formula claim that it decreases spit up as well. These moms also noticed fewer problems with constipation in their babies.

Enfamil Nutramigen with Enflora LGG

Enfamil Nutramigen with Enflora LGG represents a formula produced by the Enfamil company which is free of lactose and doesn`t have any sucrose, which is a sugar that newborns sometimes find it hard to digest.

It contains hydrolyzed proteins, making this formula easy to digest. It also has added probiotic and it`s hypoallergenic and reduce gas in the intestines. According to most medical resources, this formula is great for newborns who aren`t able to tolerate the soy milk protein or the proteins of cow`s milk.

Similac Sensitive

Similac Sensitive Infant Formula is a great product and most fresh mothers love how the brand provides a ready to use formula for overnight or traveling convenience.

Only a heads up! This particular formula is based on milk; however, it doesn`t contain any lactose, which is generally what irritates the belly of a baby. It`s quite easy to “filter” by the little one`s still developing digestive system and the special carbs which are in it are well known for relieving constipation.

Lots of moms are very happy with this particular formula before changing to soy. This rather sensitive formula has everything a baby needs to grow and maintain a healthy life, which include Nucelotides in order to support immunity (making it essential if you are not able to breastfeed).

Similac Isomil Advance

A formula based on soy with no milk protein whatsoever, Similar Isomil Advance is a wonderful option for just about any baby who is sensitive to cow`s milk or with allergic reactions. It can be compared to Enfamil Prosobee somehow.

According to the company, this formula is a wonderful choice to reduce fussiness and intestinal gas in newborns with lactose-related issues.

How to Ease your Baby`s Constipation?

Some of the experts out there advise on adding 1 – 2 ounces of pear, prune or apple juice to breast milk or formula. The sugar that can be found in these particular juices will aid to loosen the baby`s stool.

Exercise the little one`s legs so you can break up those particular stools that are harder in his bowels, or at least massage his stomach gently if signs continue.

Don`t give him OTC stool softeners unless told so by a doctor. Ask about changing to a formula that doesn`t contain palm olein oil.

Other Methods to Help a Baby with Gas

There`re a couple of other ways you can use to feed a baby and also help with alleviating his gases.

  • When combining his formula, be certain you`ll be doing this in a separate recipient and then add it into a bottle for future usage. This will definitely reduce the air amount from the bottle, therefore, reducing gas.
  • When feeding your little one, be certain his head will be positioned upright, above his stomach. This way, the milk will sink to his tummy`s bottom and the air will remain on top, making it a lot easier to burp out afterwards.
  • Burp your little one after each feeding. If you`ll notice he isn`t able to burp, just lay him down for a couple of minutes and then try again!
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