Best Makeup For Women Over 50

When you were young, you may have done things in a different manner. But when you are over 50 years old, you feel you need to take more stuff into consideration. The makeup you have been using when you were at your 30s just won`t cut it anymore.

Best Makeup For Women Over 50

When talking about the eye shadow, eyeliner, lip color, blusher or foundation, you have to be aware of what works best for you.

You may find lots of online resources “claiming” that the age of 50 is seen as a dreaded era when it comes to women worldwide. Not everyone sees things the same way. Due to the fact that wrinkles and fine les represent a natural stage of aging, you should not be concern of them regardless of your age. The main goal should be to love your body and skin, no matter how old you are.

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Best Makeup Tools for 50+ Year Old Women

Do you feel the need to look younger fast? Try and find out why the look that you have now might age you and then begin by making use of a few tweaks from your cosmetic box.


You could turn to a formula based on liquid. Powder might be too drying, and may enhance wrinkles and dullness. Experts say that a liquid foundation which has a luminous finish will offer your skin a look that will seem fresh.

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One of the first things that really matter when talking about the best makeup regarding women of 50+ years old is hydration. It`s essential to find out which works for your necessities and your lifestyle. For maximum attractiveness, apply it before putting your makeup first and at night.


You can also add one layer of primer between your base and moisturizer. It provides immediate gratification, making your skin seem smoother instantly. If the skin lacks of luster, choose a radiance-boosting formula, like maybe Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance (click here!).


Cream blushes are simply wonderful! They`re quite easy to put on and do not seem cakey or lose their appearance after a couple of hours. Instead of having in top of the makeup a powder blush sit, you could use your fingertips to work a bit of cream blush.

Again, you could use the fingers to apply blushes, primers and foundations to warm up the products along with your skin while also stimulating the flow of blood, therefore making for an appealing glow.


You maybe do not look as a raccoon after eating its meal when it will deposit itself under your eyes. However, you also do not want it to seem like little spiders are lining the lower lashes. It`s kind of difficult and sometimes tricky to find the proper one for the right job.

Fiber mascaras are popular at the moment; still, finding one which do not flake could be rather tough as well.

You should begin with your upper lashes at first, then perform a fast swipe on your lower lashes. This way most of your product will get placed as it should.

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Lip Color

There`re so many options! And we don`t talk about color either, but what product. Stain, tint, matte, stick or gloss?

10 Makeup Tips that Should Make all the Difference

Make from your Skin a Priority

Forget great hairstyles or makeup tips. The main consideration when talking about beauty should be your skin`s health. If your skin looks great, you won`t have to use that much makeup. Actually, if you maintain the skin properly exfoliated and hydrated, your regular routine on a daily basis might only include lip balm, under-eye concealer and mascara.

Make from your Fine Lines Less Visible

There`s no potion or lotion that is going to make those wrinkles or fine lines disappear through magic. Still, if you`ll slather with moisturizer before applying concealer and foundation may plump up the skin temporarily and make your fine lines less visible.

Opt for the Right Foundation

Lots of women over 50 still use the very same foundation they were using 5 years ago. Still, the skin changes from year to year and from season to season, so should also the foundation you are using.

During the winter months, you might require a rather creamy formula for more moisture, while during the summer you might find that the skin turn rather oily and you`ll need a tinted moisturizer. Lots of foundations are designed having mature skin in mind.

Secret Lip Plumper

You might find that those lips of yours seem a bit thinner as you age. Some lip gloss will be a great option to plump them up.

First, add some color by simply filling in the lips with 1 or 2 shades of lipstick of darker color than the one that you have naturally or with a lip liner. Then, you should just add on top a dab of gloss. You`ll notice that this is an immediate lip plumber.

Try to Avoid Dark Lipsticks

Unless you have plump lips and dark skin, you might notice it`s best to avoid super dark lipstick, which as you know, ages anyone. Pinks and rosy reds are surely better choices than any shade of brown or deep plumps. – Read this!

You aren`t really certain what color should you choose? Visit a Sephora or department store and try on lots of colors asking for help from a representative of the store. You will figure it out what shades to use to flatter the skin tone right away.

Try Eye Pencils as a Substitute to Liquid Liners

Eye pencils are seen as being softer than liquid liners, which might seem a bit too harsh on eyes that age. In order to soften that line a little more, make use on an angled makeup brush that you can dip in dark shadow or smudge it using your fingers.

You should try and avoid lining your eye`s inside if they are small, as it will make seem even smaller.

Your Eyes Should Be the Center of Attention

Just as a fireplace could be the main attraction of the living room, take into account making your beautiful eyes your center of attraction. This will most certainly grab any attention from your developing turkey wattles and fine lines.

You should attract the eye color using eyeshadow shades which should make those eyes pop. When talking about hazel or brown eyes, browns or golds are great choices, the same as blues.

Blue eyes might look wonderful using gold, blue-gray or coppers, while dark eyes look great using deep rich shades.

Your Primer Should Be your Best Friend

Similar to priming your wall before painting it, makeup primer is a wonderful method of getting perfect makeup. Placing a primer layer between the makeup and skin will most certainly aid the mascara, eyeshadow, and foundation glide one perfectly and even most important – stay in place. – More info!

Primers for the eyes are advisable in case you use shadows and it is a good idea to make use of a primer on the face if you add foundation. You have to layer the primer between the foundation and moisturizer for additional benefits.

The Genius of Illuminators & Highlighters

When illuminating lotions and highlighter pens first became available on the beauty field, many women believed it was just another cool trend which will vanish quickly. This never happened and there is a reason for it: they make miracles.

Highlighters offers a “lift” to the face and gets rid of a couple of years instantly. Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Concealer is a product that is highly recommended; however, there`re lots of different brands available out there which should work just as well. Lots of them are seen as cheaper options as well.

Curling the Lashes

The best possible method to make your eyes pop and open them up is by curling those lashes. For additional benefit, try to warm up your lash curler using a blow dryer for 3 seconds and the curl them. Be certain you`ll be testing the metal on the arm at first, so you can avoid burning the lid. Then, simply try to apply a few sweeps of mascara to the curled lashes that you have just made.

Shu Uemura is seen as the most well known eyelash curler available in the field.

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