Body Changes During Pregnancy Week By Week

If you are pregnant and are interested in your body changes during pregnancy week by week, then you should follow this guide with the main changes that a pregnant woman goes through during the 42 weeks of pregnancy.

Body Changes During Pregnancy Week By Week

Each week of pregnancy, the pregnant woman`s body goes through a series of important changes, especially from a physical point of view. Sometimes, these changes are strongly felt in the organism, but other times they aren`t noticed or they are associated with other causes.

Week 1

For most women, trying to conceive a child also means to make wise changes in their lifestyle, all with the main goal of conceiving the healthiest baby possible. So, now it`s time to think about the necessary changes in your lifestyle that you could make, to ensure that your organism is found in the best possible shape to carry the pregnancy and feed the baby. The most important changes involve getting rid of alcohol and cigarettes, as well as any other recreational drugs. Also, it`s possible for you to need to slow down the consumption of some medication with or without prescription. Therefore, talk to your doctor about the fact that you are trying to conceive a child to be certain all the drugs you are consuming through any treatment you may take are safe.

Week 2

In the second week of pregnancy, the pregnant woman`s organism starts to adapt to the pregnancy and produce more progesterone, the hormone that prepares the uterus for hosting the fertilized egg or zygote.

Week 3

You may experience bleeding when the egg implants itself, which can be easily confused with menstruation. In fact, a mild bleeding, weaker than the normal menstrual flow, is one of the early symptoms of pregnancy. However, talk to your doctor if the bleeding is heavy or experience any abdominal cramps. If they are unusual, these symptoms might indicate an ectopic pregnancy. This happens when the fertilized egg attaches itself in a different location than the uterine wall – usually, the fallopian tubes. The most common causes are: inflammation of the fallopian tubes, infection of the uterus, the fallopian tubes or ovaries.

Week 4

You are tempted to do a pregnancy test because your period is late and you suspect you may be pregnant. When you see the positive result, you have the first confirmation of your pregnancy. It`s possible for other symptoms to occur as well:

  • Breast tenderness.
  • Increased sense of smelling.
  • Nausea or morning sickness.

Week 5

At the end of week 5, you`ll notice that your period is late and you`ll soon be aware of the beautiful journey that lies ahead. As soon as your future baby is implanted into the uterus and the placenta starts to develop, your heart will start beating faster, almost 15 more heart beats per minute. Therefore, until the blood volume is coordinated with the heart beats, you may feel quite tired.

Week 6

If you didn`t yet experienced morning sickness and nausea, you they start to increase in intensity for sure. There even might be some vomiting occurring, but also other new symptoms that you may not have felt by now.

Week 7

You`ve reached week 7! Congrats! If you are one of the lucky ones who experiences morning sickness – which in fact are felt throughout the entire day – all you need to think about is that they won`t last forever and in a few weeks you`ll completely forget about them.

You may not be aware, but migraines are caused by stress, lack of sleep, smoking, cheeses, chocolate, coffee and various hormones. Although you aren`t able to control the hormonal changes that occur in your body, some women consider that a cold towel placed on the head helps to relieve any pain.

Week 8

If you may not have liked pickled cucumbers or ice cream by now, but the cravings during pregnancy might make you to reconsider. Yes, now you feel you can eat for 2, although it`s not always recommended because you only need an additional of 300 kcal per day (or 600 kcal if you have twins), to be able to feed your baby/babies enough. And even if you a chocolate or a bag of chips, try to choose a healthier type of food – for example, a smoothie of 500 g of mango, a cup of cow`s cheese or a large glass of milk. – Read this!

Week 9

Now that you are already at week 9 of pregnancy, it would be in order for you to make a “pregnancy journal” in which to write down all your emotions that you experience during this wonderful period of life, because as soon as you`ll give birth, you may forget of some of these unique pieces of memories.

Even if you may not feel it, your uterus is in a constant development, and now it has the size of a small melon which your baby grows. If you feel you gained weight, it`s possible for this to happen due to the retention of liquids, which will maintain throughout the pregnancy.

Week 10

Now you`ll be brighter than ever – literally. Your skin will look spectacular due to the increased level of progesterone and hCG, 2 hormones that stimulate the secretion of sebaceous glands. Additionally, due to the more blood volume, you may be red in your cheeks, your breasts are bigger and your signs of headache and nausea tend to disappear. You look and feel a bit better than in early pregnancy.

Week 11

You are now entering your second trimester of pregnancy. Being pregnant means to sometimes spoil, but also abstain yourself from time to time. You still have 29 weeks ahead during which you can taste any food you want. Finally, the “My head hurts!” excuse is true now; the hormones that are running around like crazy in your organism will really give you headache, and sex is no longer that exciting. Don`t worry, however; in a few weeks, the migraines will stop and there`s no reason to take painkillers.

Week 12

By now, your uterus has settled into the pelvis. But once it begins to move this week, the pressure exerted on the bladder should drop a bit. This means that there`s room for your belly to extend and offer a less round look. If your world seems a bit blur than usual, don`t be alarmed. It might just be possible that the extra fluid that your body retains during pregnancy to thicken the lens and cornea (the outermost layer of your eyes), and the pressure exerted by the liquid inside the eye might also change. Together, this kind of changes may cause a blurred vision. This should heal on his own in maximum 2 months from birth; still, talk with your doctor about it just to be safe, as this may also be a symptom of hypertension and diabetes.

Week 13

The week 13 is by far a “lucky week” and marks a lot of new changes, both for you and the baby. Find out what to expect in the following weeks and how to stay in shape regardless of the circumference of your belly. Being pregnant is probably the most wonderful period of a woman`s life, so you should enjoy it as much as possible.

If you feel a sudden and acute abdominal pain, this may happen due to the fact that ligaments surrounding the uterus start to expand even further to make room for the baby. In case this is your first pregnancy, you may be a bit alarmed, but there`s no need for concern because the pains won`t last for long.

Week 14

Starting with week 14, you may breathe a little easier, as you are out of the risk of miscarriage. It`s time to truly enjoy the fact that you are pregnant as you are now in the middle of the second trimester, so you probably feel wonderful – you start to become more active, feel more energy and even feel the need for more sex.

Week 15

This week brings with it a lot of new changes for which you need to prepare in advance. You are already well entered in the second trimester, so from now on your belly is more and more obvious because your baby grows as the heroes from the stories we read when we were little. Your uterus will move around 8 cm under your belly button. You are also starting to get used with the idea of being pregnant.

Week 16

Do you feel “butterflies” in the stomach? It may very well be your baby kicking. Most new mommies go through this stage of pregnancy between the weeks 16 and 20, but don`t expect to strong kicks. The first ones are somehow subtle that most of the times are confused with indigestion or gas; some mothers who are expecting a baby for their first time don`t really detect them.

Week 17

From now on, your belly is visible and almost anyone is able to realize that you are expecting. The weight gain is also faster now, even though you don`t take more than a few hundred grams of weight each week.

If you didn`t felt your baby by now, there`s no better time than now for this to happen. You may sometimes experience gas, but actually is the little one trying to make more comfortable in the uterus.

Week 18

This week brings with it mostly changes with your body, but also changes regarding your future baby. Again, If you didn`t felt your baby moving, you`ll now feel him kicking for real, even if this doesn`t occur very often. Now it`s the time when most women become aware of their pregnancy and the fact that there`s a little human being growing inside of them.

It`s best to sleep on the left side to prevent any complications, like compressing the lower cave vein. Now you should also go through ultrasound scanning to check the baby`s development and detect any possible defects.

Week 19

You don`t feel as graceful as you used to be? Don`t concern yourself that you are a bit unstable during these days; the abdomen, which is in a constant development, has changed its center of gravity, which might make you feel a bit clumsy. Eventually, you`ll manage adjusting yourself, and subconsciously, you`l adapt and compensate for your increased belly. But these changes and compensations may change your spinal alignment, triggering back pains. To prevent these pains, keep your back straight as you walk, so your shoulders and hips stay aligned. Also, it may help if when you are lying down, you keep your legs a bit lifted or, when you sleep, so stay on one side.

Week 20

You are half way there! If you don`t think it`s worth celebrating, think that the 20 weeks are the same as a semester at college or more than some of the relationships you had until then. Now you`ll find out for sure if it`s a boy or a girl. Open a bottle of champagne (with no alcohol) and be happy! No matter the gender of the baby, he`s yours and only yours! – More details!

Stretch marks start to become more obvious, but you can alleviate them with various creams. And due to hormones, you may fight with acne, different skin eczema and excessive hairiness.

Week 21

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Appealing curves? It`s unlikely to feel too great regarding your body. Each pregnant woman feels at least one such moment: “God, what`s happening with me?” But you should think that you aren`t fat – you are just pregnant! These 9 months are just a period in your life and pretty soon you`ll regain your original shapes. Meanwhile, appreciate how voluptuous you are now. Show your belly with a t-shirt instead of hiding it. And it`s nothing bad in wearing décolleté clothes.

Week 22

Dizziness from early pregnancy may come back, but this time these signs aren`t caused by hormonal changes, but rather low blood pressure, which is often encountered during this period in pregnant women. Now, pregnancy hormones have positive effects against your beauty: your skin and hair are brighter, the nails are more resistant, etc.

Week 23

Your baby will surely need more nutrients, and while he uses a lot of vitamins and minerals that circulate through your body, you`ll feel the need for extra doses. This is why doctors recommend iron supplements in addition to prenatal vitamins during the second trimester. The additional impulse may help reduce the risk of anemia, a medical condition in which the organism doesn`t get the 30 mcg of iron necessary on a daily basis to produce enough red blood cells. – More info!

Week 24

The only thing that will shrink at this point is your libido; so, any appetite you may have for French fries or whatever, it`s absolutely normal. A lot of women claim they feel their libido “all over” during pregnancy. But especially now when the abdomen is constantly developing, it offers a sense of fatigue and pain; sex can also become less desired while the pregnancy continues. But other women have reported that sex is a necessity for them, experiencing an increased desire for sexual intercourse. – Click this link!

Week 25

Be prepared because from now on your belly will increase even more. Now it`s already the size of a soccer ball, and it continues to grow; the upper side is now between your breasts and belly button and soon it will become even larger. The baby will pass the weight of a kilo, so you`ll need to make room in your belly. Also, it possible for you to experience Carpal Tunnel syndrome, causing numbness and tingling in your fingers.

Week 26

You`ve reached the week 26 of pregnancy, so don`t be worry that you pass from one mood to another: you are not crazy!

Be careful for any signs of rapid hypertension, including excessive swelling of your face or hands, headache, upper abdominal pain, blurred vision or spotting. Talk to your doctor about all these symptoms so he can monitor your weight and tension at each visit.

Week 27

You` ve reached the 27th week of pregnancy, and the light at the end of the tunnel is getting stronger.

Your uterus is now about 7.1 cm from your belly button, and you start to feel less and less graceful. If at early pregnancy you felt full of energy, now things have changed completely.

Week 28

Starting with this week, your uterus will move at 7.6 cm from your belly button and you start to gain weight a lot faster than you`ve done so far. If you already did the test and you know your Rh is negative, you probably already know you need to be infected with a substance known as RhoGAM. Its purpose is to protect you and your baby until you`ll give birth.

Week 29

During pregnancy, you`ll experience several surprising signs, and one of them, which may appear during the third trimester, is the mammary leakage. The yellow, thin fluid is colostrum, this being the precursor of breast milk. Usually, you`ll only notice a 1-2 drops, but of the leakage becomes heavier, you may use cotton swabs inside the bra to control the situation. The fluid contains antibodies which help fight infections and develop resistance to a lot of diseases that may occur during the first few days of the baby`s life.

Week 30

You`ll come back to your original mood changes that started during the first week of the second trimester, and if you didn`t already bought a pregnancy pillow, it`s time to do it. The level of hormones will visibly increase, which make your legs not fit your old shoes. Some women return to their original shoe sizes, while others suffer joint changes and will experience permanent changes.

Week 31

You might suffer more pain in your hips and lower back because your pregnancy hormones relax the ligaments and tendons in the pelvic area, so the bones can spread and make room for the baby when will be born. The developing uterus will also put pressure on the sciatic nerve, which runs from the lower back to the buttocks and on the back of every leg, triggering chronic tingling or numbness along it – a medical condition known as sciatica. – Read more!

If you aren`t used to moving around too much and you didn`t find a way to relieve stress, it`s maybe best to give a change to meditation.

Week 32

During the week 32 of pregnancy, the baby already weighs more than 1.5 kg. You now already have more than 50% blood in your body, a sign that all your blood vessels as well as your baby`s are well irrigated. In case you thought you cannot gain more weight, we have some bad news: it`s possible to gain at least half of kilo more.

Week 33

From now on, you may gain more weight faster due to the increased rhythm of growth the little one. Regarding the physical discomfort, it may increase even more and upset you with the little things that you didn`t noticed by now, like switching from cold to hot and vice-versa. If the pregnancy catches you during the summer season, it will be that much difficult for you.

Week 34

Fortunately, the weight gain stops here and even diminish during this week. That being said, you may not be able to see your slippers, and for the first time in your life, you may notice it`s more comfortable to sleep with a bra. Keep in mind that you`ll return to being the person you used to be before being pregnant in no time.

Week 35

It`s already the week 35 of your pregnancy? The day you`ll meet your son or daughter is approaching, so it`s best to focus on that moment.

This week doesn`t come with too many changes regarding your body. Besides the fact that your uterus has moved 15 cm from the belly button and that it`s possible to have gained almost 16 kg, there isn`t a lot to mention.

Week 36

At this point, you may feel your belly a bit easier. This is common around this week while your bay sets down in the pelvis and prepare for birth. For women at their first pregnancy, the baby usually drops around 2 to 4 weeks before birth. Also, now breast milk glands expand and fill with colostrum due to an increase of oxytocin levels.

Week 37

It`s time to take a deep breath because you can enter into labor any moment now. Although this will mean the beginning of the last stage of your pregnancy, it`s also terrifying, amazing and overwhelming at the same time.

It`s possible for you to notice that your belly doesn’t grow anymore, but this isn`t so for every woman, because every baby has his own rhythm of development. You won`t only stop gaining weight, but it`s also possible to lose 0.5 kg – 1 kg.

Week 38

Sex may be the last thing you think about now, but experts believe that is beneficial and most of them agree that is harmless. At this point, the cervix is full of blood and may be a bit sensitive, so it`s possible to bleed at little after sexual contact. If you notice a more abundant bleeding or an intense red discharge, visit your doctor immediately.

Week 39

Less than 5% of women are born on the due date said by the doctor, meaning your baby will come in a few hours or weeks from now on. Labor may start in a lot of ways: weak cramps, water breaking or on your way to the hospital.

Week 40

This week you feel that you are about to explode, but don`t worry – this won`t happen. You are probably incredible hard to move and do even the most minor chores. You are tired and passing through various mood changes – now you are happy and in the next moment rather sad.

Week 41

Are you still pregnant? No need to worry. Children are born on term between weeks 38 and 42 of pregnancy. The week 40 only marks the middle of this period. If the birth is planned during this week, you`ll be hospitalized and prepared for a Caesarean birth, or if you`ll give birth naturally, you may be given a medication to induce labor.

Week 42

You are about to recover parts of your original shapes in a very short while. The difference is that you`ll also have a baby, maybe even a girl that in the next few years will be able to wear your shoes around the house.

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