Can Birth Control Affect A Pregnancy Test?

When it comes to pregnancy, timing is very essential. It`s vital to gather more knowledge about when it`s the proper time to take a pregnancy test, or you`re likely to get false results. It`s also essential to follow the guidelines of any pregnant test you use accordingly.Can Birth Control Affect A Pregnancy Test

You also can learn to read the signals of your body more carefully. For instance, if your period is late for 2 months in a row, you might very well expect a child.

Now, there`s a question that arises when taking pregnancy tests while being on birth control: “Can birth control affect a pregnancy test?”

How Birth Control Pills Work?

Birth control pills are of various types. Every one of them has a distinct mechanism of functioning.

Some of the birth control pills out there are designed to prevent ovulation, which is the egg`s release from the woman`s ovaries each and every month. If such a pills do not allow the egg to be released, the woman isn`t able to become pregnant!

Birth control pills changes the mucus`s quality. The woman`s vaginal discharge will now have a thick consistency. They might even alter the vagina`s pH. These pills allow spermatozoids to travel to the woman`s egg. In such a case, the woman will get her period each month. If a woman misses her period, then she requires a pregnancy test even if she is on birth control.

There are birth control pills that don`t allow the lining of the uterus to form. Each month, the wall of the uterus gets lots of blood vessels and thickens in order to receive the fertilized egg. The uterine lining is shed off during menstruation, if fertilization doesn`t happen.

The woman doesn`t get her period if she takes this type of birth control pill. Here, birth control and spotting might be involved. In such a case, you can`t really determine a pregnancy because of the period`s absence. However, if you still feel pregnancy signs, you should take a pregnancy test.

How to Take the Birth Control Pill Properly?

In order for a woman to be considered she takes her pills properly, this will require for her to take the pill every day at the same hour without being late or skipping the dose. This is also known as “perfect use.” If are taken the right way, these pills provide an accuracy of 99% in preventing a pregnancy. Still, lots of women don`t take them properly.

“Typical use” is related to the way most women out there take their pill. This will mean a woman may be a few hours late or miss 1 or 2 doses every once in a while. In these situations, birth control pills offer an effectiveness of only 91%. – More info!

Obviously, you should aim for perfect use in order to increase this method`s efficiency. Once it becomes a habit, you just need to maintain the routine, which isn`t that big of an issue. This routine will involve taking all the pills from the pack, the placebo pills included.

In most packs, placebo pills have almost no effect due to their lack of active ingredients. Maintaining a routine every day will also make sure you do not forget to start the next pack from accident.

If it happens for you to miss a specific dose, you should play it safe and use another method of protection, like a condom, for around a week. If you went for more than 1 or 2 days without taking your dose, it may be safer to turn to the alternative method of protection for around a month.

Can Birth Control Affect a Pregnancy Test?

In theory, yes! There`s no contraceptive method that is 100% efficient, so it`s recommended to take the test if you consider you may be expecting, no matter the contraception type.

Hormonal contraception methods, like injections, contraceptive pills and contraceptive implants, contain the progesterone or estrogen hormones. They generally function by changing the hormonal balance of a woman.

Still, this type of hormones won`t affect a pregnancy test result because they aren`t used to measure the fact that you are pregnant or not.

Can Birth Control Pills Lead to a Positive Pregnancy Test?

Because these pills contain involve working with hormones, which exist in the body of every woman all the time and pregnancy tests detect the hCG hormone which is specific to pregnancy, these pills can`t lead to a false positive pregnancy result.

According to NIH, the chemical specificity as well as design of a pregnancy test makes almost impossible for these pills to lead to such a pregnancy result.

When I Can Test for Pregnancy?

You can and should take a pregnancy test every time you may be suspicious of a pregnancy. Still, the chances for getting a false negative pregnancy result may be lower if you wait until the first day of your missed period.

If you`ll take the pregnancy test before this particular day, it may offer you a positive pregnancy result if you are pregnant. However, you might also receive a false negative pregnancy result if you haven`t had sufficient time between the moment of conception and the moment you are taking the test. You need the pregnancy hormone to build up to levels that can be detected by the test.

If you are on the pill, you`ll find out from the pack when your period may come. Still, some pills limit their number during an entire year. If you may suspect a pregnancy while being on the pill, take the pregnancy test 12 – 14 days after the suspected moment of conception and you can be confident that you`ll get a reliable positive or negative pregnancy result.

Should I Take Birth Control Pills after Taking a Pregnancy Test?

You may already know the answer to this question, but you may not know it yet.

  • If you want to avoid getting pregnancy, keep on taking the pill. And stop taking it if you want to conceive.
  • If you get a positive pregnancy result, you should stop taking birth control pills. Some of these pills have various side effects, leading to a miscarriage being one of them.

Becoming a mother and giving birth to a baby is a choice that you have to make after careful consideration. You`ll need to nurture this new life and you should definitely be up to the task.

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